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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimed! *cries* You happy now!?

Cristin: So yet another chapter! :)

Kagome: (turns on i-pod)

Cristin: So Sango how have you been?

Sango: Good! :)

Miroku: She's been better than good! She's been naughty.

Cristin: O.O You don't mean....!?

Sango: EWWW NO!

Miroku: Kidding, kidding!

Cristin: So what do you mean?

Sango: (mumbles)

Cristin: Yes Sango?

Sango: I... stoleoneofyourcookies!!!

Cristin: (eye twitch).........NAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNIIIIII!?!?!?!? (what)

Shippou: Now you guys are in for it... You’re a bunch of idiots...

Miroku: Shippou that hurts! (puts hands on heart) right here!

Cristin: HEY! (punches Miroku) You stole my signature!

Miroku: Mary had a little lamb.... (faints)

Cristin: Again with the manly fainting!?

Kagome: (random singing) I NEED A MIRACLE! I WANNA BE YOUR......

Cristin: AHHHH! (covers ears) MY EARS!

Kagome: (turns off i-pod) Woops....

Inuyasha: Yah. Woops.


Everyone but Shippou and Kagome: NO PLEASE DON'T!!!

Kagome: Okay... (walks away)

Cristin: We're screwed

Miroku: What makes you say that?

Cristin: She's gonna get pissed and come back. -_-" And then kick our asses!

Sango: (gulps)

Miroku: (clears throat)

Inuyasha: (looks away)

Cristin: Ano... ANYWAYS I figured that the next charrie conversation will be: Kikyou and the seven hells!

Kikyou: Wait! What!?

Cristin: (maniacal laughter) Oh and remember people I neither love nor hate Kikyou!

Kikyou: You better not hate me!

Cristin: But I love Inuyasha! If I didn't why would I wake up at 5:30 or 5:00 in the morning to watch it?

Inuyasha: Love which? The show or me?

Cristin: (smiles sweetly) Both!

Miroku: (eye twitch)

Sano: O.O

Shippou: (falls on ground in laughter)

Cristin: Truth be told I could die a happy woman if I had a laptop with DSL and a lock of that hair.

Inuyasha: (gulps as random scissors dance into the room)

Kagome: I didn't know scissors could dance!

Cristin: (shifty eyes) Me either... (moves hand, making scissors do the can-can)

Inuyasha: That's it. I'm locking my bedroom door from now on

Cristin: (makes scissors break-dance) Soon your hair will be mine puppy boy!

Inuyasha: (runs)


Shippou: Okay then... (reads script) Yay! I'm in this one!

Cristin: (continues to chase Inuyasha)

Inuyasha: (falls)

Cristin: (maniacal laughter) You're mine! (pins inu to the ground)

Inuyasha: GET OFF!

Cristin: Make me! (jumps up and down on inus' back)

Inuyasha: OW! STOP IT!

Everyone: >.<"

(Total randomness. Sorry if I scared any of you)


Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.... Does that mean I can't own Miroku too? (ducks as law book is thrown at head) Okay... what about Kagome?

Chapter 13: Shipps Ahoy!

Sorry for the long wait!



"Stupid little kitsune brat! Show some respect for the Elementary Basketball Team!" said a young boy. His lighter brown hair was close cut and he had lighter brown eyes to match. A few other boys surrounded him, all wearing the same black and red uniforms. A girl or two stood behind them all, telling them to stop, but there were to many boys for the girls to handle.

From the hand of the leader of the group of boys dangled a small kitsune, who was being held up by his tail. He hated when anyone did that, especially the care takers. "Put me down!"

He shook him "What was that!?" he demanded. The boy had the number '3' on his uniform, and he wore a pare of brand-new sketchers. The kitsune glared and wriggled under his hold, teal colored eyes filled with hatred.

"I said... LET GO!" he said as he disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. The children looked around, bewildered (accept for the girls).



"Kaede?" the kitsune squeaked. An old woman looked out from her place at a small kitchen, sympathy filling her eyes by the look on his face. The poor baby was about to cry.

"Come Shippou," she said kindly as she crouched, arms spread open to catch the small kitsune. Shippou ran into her embrace and started to cry. He was the only one here, along with the care taker, Kaede, at the orphanage. He had lived here for years, and had only been adopted once. His adoptive mother was single, but she had been murdered in a hold-up at a bank. The poor orange haired boy was all alone in the world, and both human and youkai alike looked down on him for being weak and unprotected.

Time and time again the government attacked the orphanage, who could not pay. The small building was in great debt, debt that was only held up by Kaedes' retirement funding from her old job. She refused to let the orphanage go bankrupt until she was able to give Shippou a home. She heard a sniffle and a few muffled sobs. She looked down to see him wiping a few stray tears from his cheeks. "Better now?" she asked smoothly as silk. A small nod came from the kitsune as he looked up.

"Kaede, do you think I'll ever have a home?"

"I would never doubt it for a moment child." Kaede said as she stroked his silky ginger-colored hair. He gave her a tremendous smile and leapt from her arms. He ran over to the door of the small building.

“I'll be back later!” he called as he leapt from the doorway and onto the concrete. Kaede watched him go until she could no longer see his small light ginger colored tail among the crowd. She sighed and shook her head.

“He’s such a nice child. It is a shame that he has to live his life like this.”


“Well alright than Miss Higurashi! I’m letting you go home, but I warn you do not over exert yourself!”

“I won’t Dr. Saito.” Kagome promised. She took a small box the doctor had handed her.

“Good. Now remember take two of the red for infection and one of the blue for pain.” the brown haired woman said. She picked up a small piece of paper, scribbled her signature, and then handed it to Kagome. “You also need to pick up this prescription.”

Kagome took the small piece of pink paper and blinked in confusion. “What’s it for?”

Dr. Saito pushed her large round glasses up to the bridge of her nose and opened her leaf colored eyes. “It’s to keep your blood flow regular.”

Kagome gave a bright smile to the young woman. “Thanks Dr. Saito!” The young doctor bowed slightly and opened the door for the teenager. After Kagome left the small room she walked outside of the hospital. Last night she had done nothing but stare out her window at the quarter moon. It was September now, and that night it had rained hard. The morning air outside the large white building was crisp and a little chilly, which made Kagome shiver and pull up the hood on her white sports jacket. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Mirokus’ number. The phone rung for a few moments, until the young black-haired man answered.


“Hey Miroku!” Kagome said cheerily “Guess who just got out of the clink!”

She heard a laugh “Now you’re comparing the hospital to prison?” she heard another laugh “Well I’m glad you’re feeling better, Kagome.”

“Thankies!” Kagome joked. She giggled slightly “Anyways can Sango and yourself pick me up? I haven’t been able to get a hold of Inu. I think he turned his cell off.”

“No problem!” said Miroku “We’ll be right over!”

“Thanks! I owe you one!”



Ending the call she clicked a few buttons until coming to her main screen. It was one of her favorite pictures. It was of herself, Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku holding up Buyo as though he were Simba from “The Lion King”. She giggled at how funny it looked. Buyo was bug-eyed (wide eyed) and was staring down at the floor as though he were going to fall. Miroku had one hand underneath the cats front leg, Kagome had a hold of the other, and Inuyasha and Sango were supporting his back legs. Souta had taken to picture.

She remembered that day too. After they had posed Buyo had jumped out of their arms and landed on Sangos’ head, making her fall to the floor. After picture taking they had the urge to watch all three. The Lion King, The Lion King 2, and The Lion King 1/2 even though they were little kids movies. Kagome had dared Miroku to hit Inuyasha over the head after the scene with the Rafiki and Simba. Sango had caught a picture of the event, before and after and Kagome had recorded it on her cell phone.

“That’s right I still have it!” Kagome giggled out. She clicked a few more of the buttons until she reached her video list. “Where is it...?” she whispered. Finally she found what she was looking for: It was titled “Miroku as Rafiki”:

“Miroku,” Kagome whispered “I dare you to hit Inu over the head!”

“What!?” he whispered back.

“Like Rafiki! Just do it!” she reached slowly behind the recliner behind her and pulled out a thick yard stick. “When Rafiki hits Simba- Hit Inuyasha! Sango you watching?” Her answer was a nod.

Miroku stood and mouthed to Kagome “If I die... I blame YOU!” She chucked the yard stick at him, letting him catch it. He rolled his eyes and lifted the piece of wood over his head and waited for the scene. Sango picked up her phone and....


“WHAT THE HELL MIROKU!?!?!?” Inuyasha yelled. As he balled his hands into fists. He jumped up and Miroku ran, a giggling Kagome video still video recording.

“Sango get a good shot!” she said around laughter as her friend pulled out a camera. The camera clicked and sent out flashes of light.


“Oh so it’s my fault huh?” she called from the basement hallway.

Inuyasha turned around “So what if it is?”

“I’LL! Well... Do something...” she answered uncertainly.

“Like what?” Sango said from behind her.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Kagome complained. She looked around for the yard stick Miroku had dropped. Spotting it she put down her phone. She picked it up. “DO THIS!” she yelled out as she ran up the stairs. She wasn’t visible from the screen. Sango picked the phone up and pointed it toward her face.

“In a world where stupidity reigns my home, Kagome attacks her boyfriend with a yard stick.” she began in a deep voice over voice.




They came into the screen shot, running down the stairs. They ran past the screen a few times and then Kagome struck. A few more times past the screen until Kagome tripped. “Hold her down!” Sango yelled. Sango and Miroku held down her arms and Inuyasha began ruthlessly tickling her. However... they forgot to hold her legs down her legs.


The video stopped. Kagome gave a muffled giggle from her shirt sleeve. “Well that was a good five minutes of stupidity.” Kagome said. She looked up a black mustang crept up the small slope of a driveway. That was Miroku’s car. Sango opened the passenger’s window and stuck her head out.

“Hey Kagome!” she called “Need a ride?”

“Yes! Thank you!” she replied as she ran down the paved walk way towards the car. She opened the door behind Sango and hopped inside. She winced as she hit a sore spot while buckling herself in, and Miroku started to drive away while Sango fumbled with the radio.

Sango stopped on a particular station “Hey Kagome. Does the song Someday ring a bell?”

“By Celtic Woman?” her eyes got big “That song we sang at the talent show... In sixth grade!?”

Miroku slammed his head against the steering wheel. “C’mon! You guys seriously can’t like that song!”

“Well we do so nah!” Kagome replied as she stuck out her toung.

“Ew, no thanks I use toilet paper.”


“Miroku you are such a child!” Sango yelled. Kagome was making a barfing motion in the back seat. Sango rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and turned the music up...

Someday, life will be fairer

Need will be rarer

And greed will not pay

Godspeed, this bright millennia

“So where’s Inuyasha?” Sango asked.

Kagome shrugged “Dun know,” she said “I haven’t talked to him since last night.” She stared out the window.

Someday when we are wiser

When the whole world is older

When we have learned

And Godspeed this bright millennium

“OH MY GOD MIROKU! LOOK OUT!!!” Sango yelled as she pushed her foot onto the break and steered the wheel hard to the left. There in the middle of the unused road was a small boy, holding a soccer ball. His eyes were wide as the black mustang spun to the side of the rode and ended in a...


“Oh my... Gosh...” Sango whispered.

“It’s a miracle we didn’t... Hit him...” Miroku said.

“It’s a blessing we’re okay!” Kagome croaked. The three friends panted heavily and looked outside to see the boy fall down in shock. Kagome gasped and wiggled free from her seat belt, opening the door and running out. She stopped and kneeled down by him. “Hey,” she said as she picked him up and shook him slightly. She looked around and stood up, running to the other side of the road by the car. She shook him again “Hey! Wake up.” she said as she gently shook his shoulders.

“Uh...” his big eyes cracked open slightly as she held him. He gave a tired look of shock as he whispered “Mama?” and fell back into a deep sleep.

Chapter End Notes:

BUMBUMBAAAAAA! Sorry for the long update! When you have parents who give you a curfew and homework EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.... Well life just gets in the way... Anyways reviews? Thankies! :D


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