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Cristin: Okay! As promised Kikyou go bye-bye now! *Evil smile*


Cristin: Nope. Now this-! *Pulls out big red button w/ skull and crossbones* Is what you get for trying to kill Kagome! *Clicks button*

Kikyou: -_- Oh- *trap door appears and Kikyou falls in* CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!

Cristin: *maniacal laughter* Bye Kikyou!


Miroku: Wow... I can’t believe you did that...

Kagome: *maniacal laughter w/ Cristin*

Shippou: ME next! It looks fun!

Inuyasha: Now there’s something I could enjoy!


Inuyasha: What’re you gonna do? Sit me? You can’t, only Kagome can... But it appears she’s drunk or on crack...

Kagome: *continues maniacal laughter*

Cristin: Inu... PUT. SHIPPOU. DOWN!

Inuyasha: Make me!

Cristin: Don’t tempt me!

Sesshomaru: You should listen little brother.

Sango: When did he get here!?

Kirara: Mew

Inuyasha: Whatever... I’m still throwing him in!



Inuyasha: *rosary glows* What the-!? *slams to ground on back* OWWW! *starts to roll around* GAH! I CAN’T STOP!

Cristin: Back to Kikyou matters.

Kikyou: This is... The first level of hell? It’s not so bad. A little warm but-...

Cristin: *wicked smile* *pushes button*

Kikyou: *looks down at trapped door* Uh-oh.... *Fall* DARNIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!

Kagome: *rolls on floor in laughter*

Miroku: *mumbles* I hope they don’t get to close... It wouldn’t be pretty...

Cristin: Who get close and why?

Miroku: Inu and Kag...

Cristin: O.O I think I know what you meant by that...

Shippou: I don’t think I want to know...

Cristin: Hey look! Barney’s in hell too!

Barney: Please?


Barney: ....... Please?

Kikyou: *yells as falls again*

Kagome: This is great! Barney’s down there too!

Sango: Why Barney!?!?! WHY!?! *Runs off crying*

Cristin: *calls out* BECAUSE HE CUSSED ON LIVE TV!!!

Miroku: And then caught on fire... Oh boy...

Cristin: This is getting boring...

Kagome: You said it.

Shippou: Is Inuyasha okay?

Miroku: Yah he’s just twitching, he’ll be fine. Juuuuust fine.

Cristin: You guys want a pizza? My treat!

Miroku: Alright!

Shippou: Yay!

Kagome: Sure.

Sesshomaru: *silence and follows*


Kikyou: *stands up as telatubbies come closer* WAIT!? YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE ME DOWN HERE! *Telatubbies come closer and grab arms* I DON’T EVEN LIKE ANCHOVIES!!! *Cries*

Cristin: Poor Kikyou

Miroku: Mhm

Shippou: *nods*

Sesshy: *more silence*

Cristin: You guys want ice cream too?

Everyone (even Sesshy): Yah!

Cristin: Alright everyone! Enjoy the chappie!

Everyone: Bye! *Waves*

Random Smiling Monkey #2: Remember Cristin-Chan doesn’t own Inuyasha, nor does she claim to!

Chapter 14: What Was In That Glass Again?

“Kagome!” Sango called from the other side of the road “Is he okay?”

“Yeah! He’s fine!” She called back, looking at the unconscious little kitsune in her arms. He had called her ‘mama’. Why? She didn’t know, or care. Right now they needed to get the car off the rode and get this little guy somewhere safe... “Sango!” She called.

“What is it?” She called back as Miroku climbed out of the car.

“I need you t-” A car practically flew by as she tried to finish her sentence, not even caring about the wrecked car. She waited for a moment as another six cars passed. “CALL INUYASHA!” Sango gave her a thumbs up and made a mad dash back for the car while Kagome watched the road. No more cars. Quickly looking left, right, then left again she darted across the now-empty pavement. Coming to a stop she heard Sango start to talk and Miroku was checking the car to make sure there was no damage. She looked down at the little boy in her arms, which was starting to stir. She lied him down in the back seat, and took her sports jacket off. Then she picked him up and held him in her arms, covered by the warm coat. It was still pretty early in the morning. The sun had somewhat made its way into the sky, but a faint moon could still be seen- along with a few stars. The chill hung on to the air, and a thin layer of fog carpeted the grass.

“All right. Thanks. See you soon... Bye.” Click “Alright he’s on his way over.” Sang said as she came over to see the little kitsune boy.

“He’s starting to wake up.” Kagome said slightly above a whisper. The boy’s eyes started to part a little and he was beginning to move a bit in her arms. She winced as one of his legs caught her wound, but ignored it. Right now he was the only thing that mattered. After a moment his eyes shot open and he stared around, confused. After a moment his eyes focused and he took in his surroundings. Trying to sit up he wiped his eyes. He lifted his gaze to Kagome, who had been watching him with a small smile.

“Wh-where am I?” He asked, a little afraid “And who are you?”

Kagome hugged him “Thank God you’re okay!” She said as tears brimmed her eyes. Sango joined in the hug while Miroku found one of the water bottles that had been in the car.

‘What the heck is going on?’ the boy thought.

Kagome then pulled away and gave another smile, small tears sparkling in the early light “You’re here with us.” She said “On the East Side of Birch Rd.”

“Birch...?” He repeated. He blinked in confusion as he glanced around. “What happened?”

“You were in the middle of the road,” Miroku said as he came up behind them with the water bottle. “You fainted when the car swerved and barely missed you.” His gaze softened “You’re lucky you didn’t get hurt.”

“Now I remember!” He said as he sat stiff in Kagome’s arms. He winced and held his head. Miroku handed him he water.

“Drink this,” He said. He pulled out a small plastic container “How old are you?”

The boy didn’t know how to count yet, although Kaede had tried countless (a/n: Get it? ‘Countless’?.... Cause he can’t count? *Clears throat* Well I thought it was funny...) times to teach him. He pondered and pondered, and puzzled and puzzled until his puzzler was sore. (A/n: Anyone know what that’s from? Guess right and you get a cookie! :D) Finally after a few moments he held up his two hands. His left hand held two fingers up, while his right had all. “You’re seven?” Kagome asked. The boy nodded and Miroku took out two Tylenol from the bottle and handed them to him.

“Just swallow them with the water. Your head will stop hurting.” The boy took them warily; sniffing at them until he figured they were safe and swallowed them with the water.

“Miroku,” Sango said “Shouldn’t you be calling someone to get your car out of this ditch?” Miroku sweat dropped and gave a ‘Be right back!’ sign by holding up his index finger (a/n: To many fingers! *cries and runs away*) then, ran back to his car where his cell phone resided. Sango sighed while Kagome sat down in the back seat of the car with the kitsune.

“So what’s your name?” She asked as she let the kitsune down.

“Shippou.” He said in a cheery tone.

“Well, Shippou, My name is Kagome.”

Shippou turned as the sound of a large engine came up. There, coming down the road, was Inuyasha’s pick-up truck. And of course, it was his favorite color, red. Kagome seemed to notice this, as she looked too, and practically leapt for joy as she realized who it was. The red pick-up started to slow and then pulled over about ten feet away and above the car. Inuyasha turned off the truck and swung open the door, stepping out and running down the hill, Kagome came to meet him.

“Inuyasha!” She cried out like a happy child. She leapt into his arms and he twirled her around.

“Are you all alright?” He asked after he had let her to her feet. She gave a nod and he a relieved sigh. She gave him a small peck on the cheek and grabbed his hand, leading him back to the others while he pushed a button on his key chain to lock his truck.

They must be future mates... Shippou thought as he watched and scented their emotions. They looked so happy together... Just as his parents had been before the murder. Then he remembered! He had called Kagome his mother! Why had he done that though? They had the same eyes... And that same kind smile. Hell even a similar voice! But everything else was different. What was it about this girl that made him think so much about his mother? Maybe he was just suffering from the loss still.

But just seeing the two so happy together made him think of the family they were destined to have. He was to deep in thought to notice that Inuyasha and Kagome had appeared before him. Inuyasha cocked an eyebrow, waiting for the kitsune to say something. But when he didn’t Kagome nudged him. “Hey Shippou, say ‘Hi’ to Inuyasha.” Kagome said in a sweet tone of voice. Shippou slightly gulped.

This guy looked tough, and rough and... Something else that rhymes! He looked up at the expectant hanyou and said in a very small voice “Hi... Inuyasha...”

He just smiled. “Hello to you too Shippou.” He said as he gave the kitsune a pat on the head. (a/n: What! No punching!? Weird...)

“Can we keep him?” Kagome joked.

“Sure, but you’re cleaning the litter box!” Sango joked as she came over to them. Shippou just made a pouty face at the teenagers and turned around. They all laughed a little at Sango’s joke, and then Inuyasha and Miroku set to work- making sure that the car was in good shape. Kagome and Sango just sat for a while, playing games on their cell phones, and letting Shippou play too. After a few long minutes Inuyasha slammed the hood of the black mustang and smiled.

“Okay!” He said “We’re all set to go!”

Miroku just stretched and leaned against the car. Looking at his watch he mumbled “The tow truck should be here any minute...” He scowled “My dad is going to kill me!”

Sango perked up. “When? I’ll need a video camera! I’ll want to watch that moment forever and ever and ever!”

Miroku gave a fake glare. “Thanks Sango. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

She clapped her hands together over her chest. “Your welcome!”

Kagome and Inuyasha rolled their eyes. Suddenly Inuyasha’s cell phone went off. Kagome and Sango rolled their eyes at the ring tone. (Guess what it is and... Next chapter is dedicated to you! Hint: It’s not ’I like big butts’ for all you wondering! ^^) He simply gave a nervous laugh as he pulled it out his phone and answered it.


‘Inuyasha! Long time, no hear from!’

“Azami!?” Inuyasha said, “You still have my number after all this time?”

Wellll, not reeeally...’ She replied. A nervous laughter was heard on Inuyasha’s end. ‘Michiko had it. I just stole her phone book.’

“Oh,” he said in return “Well hurry it up. Miroku crashed his car.”


“Again,” he answered, making a face. “But seriously what do you want?”

‘Two quick things. One- Sesshy and Michiko are engaged!’

“W-WHAT!? When did this happen?”

There was a slight pause on the other end. ‘About... Hmmm... Two days ago or so.’

“And you’re assuming I give a rat’s ass?”

‘Inuyasha! Such language!’

“Whatever... But what was the second thing?”

There was silence... And then: ‘I was snooping around Michiko’s room while they went out on a ‘date’ so to speak, and found something of Sesshomaru’s you might find useful.’ There was the sound of a yelling that could be heard and large, heavy, angry footsteps. There was a slight screech from Azami. ‘I got to go! Meet me at uhm... Party Mixx at eleven O’clock okay?’

“Okay I guess,” said Inuyasha. Isn’t Party Mixx that club downtown?


There was a click and then her voice was gone. He sighed and shook his head. Azami was one of his best friends. They had dated once, but out of spite, Kikyou had broken them up. It wouldn’t have worked out anyways, seeing as how Michiko was her sister and her relationship with Sesshomaru was extremely intimate. But they barely talked anymore, which was a pity. They had been childhood friends... And Kikyou had destroyed that. Suddenly the hanyou was broken from his trance by a loud roaring sound and the sound of Sango’s cheering.

“Tow truck! Tow truck!”


“Alright, we’re in,” Inuyasha said to his companions. He had already explained the situation to his friends, and they had already dropped Shippou back to Kaede, who had been worried sick. Funny though, Kagome felt a little empty after seeing the kitsune’s sad face when they left. She would sigh every once in a while if she thought about him... Which annoyed Inuyasha to no end.

Inuyasha was wearing his usual red t-shirt and black, baggy jeans. Miroku was wearing a black hooded shirt with lighter blue jeans and a few leather wristbands. Sango and Kagome though... They looked like a prize to be won. Sango was in VERY tight blue jeans and a tight, almost see through magenta top with a small picture of a cartoon rabbit on it. The rabbit was tied up in rope, it’s eyes were large Xs and the shirt read in big, black, bolded words “Bad Aim”. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail that reach to about her shoulder blades while her make-up a was simple pink eye shadow. She also wore leather high healed-boots.

Kagome looked like something between a vixen and a cat. Her hair was too up, but her hair reached to her shoulders. Her make-up included navy colored eye shadow, nothing more. Her ears had large, shiny, blue and silver earrings while she wore a blue and silver bracelet on each wrist. She wore black leather high-heal shoes and a gold chain anklet with a small blue heart. Her apparel consisted of a small denim mini skirt that reached about six inches above her knees and a tight navy blue top with the words “I’m Bringing Sassy Back Baby!” written over her chest area. She also wore fish net leggings.

“Wow...” Kagome said as she glanced around “There sure are a lot of people here.”

“Never been here before have you?” Sango asked with a hint of amusement in her voice. Kagome only shook her head.

But just as Inuyasha had suspected, Party Mixx was a popular club in the Downtown area. It was known for it’s lights, music, clubbers, alcohol and great food. Music played loudly as the group entered the small building, looking around furtively. Lights of blue, green, pink, red, yellow and more flashed through the crowds of dancing teenagers, some drunk some not.

“Ew,” Kagome said as she passed a few females making out. Sango made a face and Miroku looked about ready to join the ‘lovely ladies’ but ceased at the death glare Sango gave him. Inuyasha didn’t seem to be paying attention to the others, he was searching for Azami.

Finally spotting her among the crowd, he told his companions to wait for him as he crossed the river of people. Azami was dressed in a small black leather mini skirt and a neon green spaghetti strap tank top with white lace on the v-neck. Her nails were painted black, and her bottom lip had black lipstick, while the top had green. She also wore forest green eye shadow and black mascara. Around her arms were a few leather bracelets and on her fingers were black stoned rings. Azami wore seven different gold anklets, three around her left and four on her right.

He couldn’t help but smirk at the text on the front of her shirt that read: “I Know What You’re Thinking,” and then as she turned away from him, on her back it said: “You should be ashamed.” He hated that at this club you had to wear some pretty inappropriate clothing. The girls had to look like prostitutes! And the guys had to have at least six pack abs, everyone else was rejected. This club was also one of the scankiest, dirtiest, ugliest places. Some girls came here to have their virginity broken too!

That’s why Inuyasha never came. Some people had even said stuff to him like: “C’mon dude! You have to go! The drugs are good, but the sex is even better!” Also the scents of ‘that’ certain activity still clung in the air. He puked practically anytime he walked into this building. But seeing his old friend their, sitting with her sister chugging down a beer, was enough to make him swallow his lunch for a second time that day. Slowly he approached them and cleared his throat in indication. Akako looked up. She was in a small red dress the shown her stripes easily, but it looked like she didn’t care.

She cleared her throat too, and pointed up to Inuyasha. Azami turned around, and after a moment, smiled up at the hanyou. Quickly she stood up and chucked the bottle to the bar tender while motioning for her sister to stand up too. “C’mon Inuyasha, it’s in my car,” she said as she led them out the door as quickly as possible.


“Hey Kagome,” Sango said as she handed her a small glass “Try this stuff... It’s like... CRAZY INCREDIBLE!!!” Her voice sounded slurred and off a little bit.

“S-Sango are you okay?” Kagome asked, putting her hand on her shoulder. Sango nodded and shoved the small glass at her. Taking it she glanced up at Miroku who shrugged and tried to make Sango sit up straight instead of leaning up against the counter top.

“I drank that stuff- didn’t bother me any,” he thought for a moment “Maybe her head is still having a little trouble.”

The teenage girl just shrugged it off and took a sip. It was bitter, and very strong. She felt like spitting it out and wiping her mouth on the ground, but the look Sango gave her made her keep it in her mouth. So she took another sip- another, another and another still until she started to feel a little lightheaded.

“K-Kagome?” Miroku asked as she and Sango started to sway a little bit.

The girls giggled and stood up, starting to sing. Miroku had to plug his ears to keep out the sound of their drunken voices. Good thing the music drowned it out to the other guests, even though he was sure everyone was drunk enough to not hear it.

“Gets’em every time...” The bar tender muttered as he wiped a small glass clean. When Miroku gave him a blank look he said “Men get it to knock ‘em up a lot. Look, I don’t own the joint, I just sell the drinks to get my money.”

Miroku looked back horrified at the girls, seeing they had started some sort of drunken line dance with the other members. He just sighed and made his way over, praying to dear God above that he could get them out of this one.




“Okay, hold on...” Azami said as she fumbled with a drawstring bag “It’s in here... I just-... Gotta find the fucking thing-!”

“And you call me a potty mouth,” Inuyasha mumbled. He folded his arms and leaned against Azami’s white Porche car. Akako glanced nervously at the road as more and more people pulled in the parking lot. Finally Azami managed to grab a manila envelope from the bag and handed it to the hanyou.

“There’s a bunch of records on Naraku in there,” she said. At the shocked and confused look Inuyasha gave her she sighed. This time though, Akako spoke.

“Our father is a Police Officer and my mother was a member of the FBI. Azami’s mom was also a Police Officer and Michiko’s mother was a undercover specialist.”

“Oooooooh,” he said. Inuyasha fingered the envelope, staring down at it. Why was Azami letting him have this though? He looked back up to see the girls were already back in the car. Quickly as the engine came to life he sprang away, and Azami began to back up her car. Just as she came backed the car beside him, she rolled the window down.

“I’d check up on your friends if I were you Yash,” Akako said out the window “It sounds like Miroku is having some trouble with the girls.” He simply nodded and ran off back inside.

“I pray they stay safe,” Azami whispered “May God let them be safe.” Akako nodded solemnly and clutched the cross necklace she wore.



Inuyasha drove off with is companions in his truck. Miroku was riding in the back with Sango, taking advantage of her drunken state by making out with her, which was a rare event. Inuyasha was busy driving. He had to admit though, what he saw in that club was pretty hilarious. The whole place was in a conga line and hollering something similar to “I want a pickle!”

Miroku had actually been on the floor crying... He was just to freaked out for his own good. Poor guy.

Inuyasha sighed and looked down to see Kagome’s head resting on his shoulder. She had just fallen asleep without a warning. He had shrugged it off. She was just to damn cute to move! He smiled slightly, continuing to watch as she smiled in her sleep.

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