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All was silent. The moon was half way into the sky, and the stars shone brightly. Sango was in her living room- reading a book by the firelight, while Kohaku was in his bed upstairs sleeping.

'Graystripe stared at him, his eyes clouded with releif and gratitude.' Sango read in her mind. Sango rubbed an eye and yawned. It had been a big day for her. And now, sitting on a comfy couch in a warm room in some comfy Hello Kitty pajamas, life. Was. Good. 'Above them, the snow-heavy gorse offered them breif shelter from the storm that raged over their heads.' "The End." Sango said tieredly. She yawned once again, and rested her head in her hands. She reached for the remote and turned on the TV. "Heh, looks like Kohaku was watchin Cartoon Network." sighed Sango. "But looks like Adult Swim's on... Oh Squibillies! I love this show!" she put the remote down and watched.


Kohaku slept soundly. His blankets were spralled out and he was curled up from the slight little chill the breeze brought from the window. A shadowy figure stood in the tall oak outside of his window- maroon eyes watching the boy for a moment. Yes- he would do nicely. He reached into his pocket and found what he was looking for, lighter fluid. He quickly srayed the stuff all over Kohakus' room. He made a trail out of his door and down the stairs, and scowled when he saw a soft light glowing in the living room. Silently he crept down the stairs and stopped at the last step. Good, the bitch is asleep he thought and silently walked through the room. He sprayed more of the fluid through the house and smirked when he saw the fire. Carefully he made a trail to it, making sure he was nowhere near it he watched as the trail caught fire. He ran silently up the stairs, the fire followed closely behind. Clothes, furniture and curtains caught ablaze as the fire made its way through out the house.

Quickly he grabbed up the sleeping boy and threw him over his shoulder. Kohakus' eyes shot open as he felt himself being thrown up in the air "Let me go! Sango! SANGO HELP! LET GO!" he kicked and yelled but fell silent as he saw that the house was on fire. Naraku lept though the window and started to jump tree to tree. Kohaku knew his sister was still inside "Sango! Sango! SANGOOOOO!"


Miroku opened his eyes slightly as his phone rang. Without a word he put it on speaker "Yah." he said sleepily.

"Miroku!" it was Kagome "Turn on your TV! Quickly! Channel 6! Move it!"

Quickly he sat up, reached for his remote and turned the television on.

And now a breaking news flash!

"At 2:45 am this morning a fire caught at 11603 Coral Drive. Only one was found in the fire, Sango Taijiya. She was found unconcous in the homes' living room. Minor burns were found but she is alive and currently at Paulownia Hospital. Experts say that the fire was started manually, there for, it was set ablaze by an outside force. If you have any information on who could have started the fire please call 1-496..."

"Sango!" he yelled as he rocketed forth from his bed.

"Yes! But she's alright. I figured I'd tell you first. Inuyasha and I will meet you there." came Kagomes' voice. She sounded as worried as Miroku looked, her voice thick with concern.

"Alright. See you there." they said their good-bye's and hung up. Miroku grabbed his keys and rushed outside. At least she's alright, he thought. He jumped into his car Hang on Sango! We're coming!


"She will see you now." the nurse said to the three friends "But please be quiet, she cracked her skull when she fell." she led them to a room with the number 274. She carefully opened the door "Miss Taijiya," she called softly "You have visitors."

Sango turned to face her "Thanks. Send them in." she had a bandage wrapped around her head and she had many around her arms, covering her burns. Her eyes were glazed over in pain, but she managed. The three friends came into the room, Miroku ahead of them. He walked silently over and grasped he hands in his.

"Oh Sango." he wispered. He freed a hand and carressed her cheek "Are you alright?"

She nodded slowly "Yes Miroku I'm fine." she gave him a peck on the hand.

"They couldn't find Kohaku.." Inuyasha stated sadly. He was flustered. Who could have done this?

"They said that I was the only one in there." Sango said confusedly "When I asked thm about Kohaku they said that they hadn't found another person or body in there... Wait!" she exclaimed "Where's Kirara!?"

"Calm down Sango." Miroku wispered soothily "I asked and they said she's being looked over by a specialist."

"Oh what a releif!" sighed Sango. Her tied-back hair came loose and covered her face. Miroku took her hair and retied it. Sango blinked gratefully as she settled back down into her pillow. "Miroku, can you get me some water?" she asked after a moment of silence.

"Sure." he stood up and went out the door. Looking back to make sure she was alright one last time he left for a fountain.

"They said my house was burned to the ground." Sango stated quietly. She saw Inuyasha and Kagome nod "Yeah... Inuyasha?"


"You have to find Kohaku for me." she pleaded. She could feel her eyes well-up with tears "Please! Please at least try!"

"I don't know Sango-" he said starkly. He scowled "His scent was probably burned away."

"That's why I have this..." she said quietly. She pulled out a pillow case "Before I passed out I ran up into his room and took it. I thought if I had something with his scent on it, you could find him." her eyes were pleading.


"Please Inuyasha?" Kagome took his hand "Do it for Sango...?"

"Alright." he said giving her hand a sqeeze. "But I think I have an idea on who did this..."

"Who?" the girls both asked.

Inuyashas' face was grim "Naraku."

They gasped.


Yeah I know... Short chapy right? Oh wellz! I'd like to thank my readers for well... reading! ^_^ The story is about half over for all who are wondering. Reviews? Thanks ye kindly!


Chapter End Notes:

For all of you who don't know what book Sango's reading- it's Fire And Ice from the WarriorS series by Erin Hunter. Just thought I'd let ya'll know! :)

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