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[AU] Kagome lives a happy life - but she's looking for more in the love department. Hoping for something better, will she get more than she bargained for? {Kagome x ???}

Rated: NC-17
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Published: 15 Sep 2007 Updated: 14 Feb 2009
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Kagome thinks she has a decent life, eager to be a doctor. But she lacks in the love department. After meeting three very elegible bachelors, she's going to have some Choices to make...

1. Prologue : Life as a Med Student by PitaBread [Reviews - 5] (3361 words)


A/N: Please don't ask what the shipping will be. You may think you have an idea by the end of the chapter, but it may not be what you think ;) . Yes, this is an AU fic, so if you don't like them, bugger off. But I suggest you give AU's a try. You may find that you like them. Thanks in advance to everyone who reviews/comments. I love ALL of my readers! ^_^Also, I had to do a LOT of research for this story. A lot of the names of places, Doctors, classes, etc. are accurate. But there were some aspects that were not only totally confusing, but utterly impossible to follow. THAT is why I am not a med student. So please don't knock any of my names or whatever, `cause it was a lot of hard work. Thanks!P.S. I don't own InuYasha and co. I wish I did, cuz I'd be rich, but I don't… T-TI DO however, own the characters Nikki, Jason, and Sayuri! ^_^

2. A Proposal by PitaBread [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1955 words)
^_^  I love this story.  Again, please, no requests asking what the shipping will be!

3. A Chance Encounter by PitaBread [Reviews - 0] (1374 words)


 Kagome can't help but to stare. The guitarist is so cute. When she gets into a tangle at the bar, it is that same guitarist that helps her. But they can't seem to talk very much...

4. Goodbys and Hellos by PitaBread [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8363 words)


A/N: Thanks to all the people who have sent me such great comments/reviews and emails! And to those of you who don't say anything but continue to read, I thank you as well. After such a short chapter last time, I don't know whether to say “sorry” or “you're welcome” for this behemoth of a chapter… I hope everyone continues to enjoy this story as much as I enjoy writing it! Also, I hope everyone has a happy Holiday Season! I don't know when I'll update again, so I just wanted to say that beforehand, just in case. Let me add that if anyone has any questions (besides who she winds up with), don't hesitate to ask! I really don't mind questions! So, on with the show!

5. Two Enticing Offers by PitaBread [Reviews - 1] (6798 words)


 A/N: So I know this has been a long time in the making, but I really had no choice. I had gotten a new computer, but unfortunately it didn't really come with any text programs, other than WordPad, or NotePad, which both suck – infinitely. But I finally downloaded the fabulous OpenOffice (www. Openoffice . Org). So now I can type again! The good news is that I have still been working on the story, so I 'm a bit ahead of myself. That's a good thing. So hopefully I'll be able to update sooner now, and get back on track with my beloved story. I hope you all continue to enjoy this story! Thanks to all of you that patiently waited for the next chapter to come out! BIG thanks to luvtodraw, who not only encouraged me, but drew a little fanart for me! You can find it on both my page and hers on deviantArt. (For the mm, ff, IYFF and pd readers - If you would like more info on how to find it, let me know and I'll send you the info). And I'm sorry if the parking lot scene is long – I just had a lot of tension I wanted to convey! Actually, the whole chapter seemed long, and it took so long to type it up, but it's finally here. See you next chapter! Long live the smut! <3, Pita

P.S. I do not own the copyright to Cocoa Puffs, XD

6. Chapter 5: Music Soothes the Savage Beast by PitaBread [Reviews - 0] (6969 words)



 Kagome finally has a day to herself... and has no idea how to spend it! What kind of trouble will she get herself into?

7. Chapter 6: Restraint by PitaBread [Reviews - 0] (9731 words)


  Inuyasha waits for Miroku and Sango to arrive, and later... A twist, involving Kagome's roomate!


A/N: Please be patient, folks. I have many projects. Not only do I have Choices, but my newest story, That's the Way Love Goes. I also have a new story that I haven't been able to submit at all because I have so much going on. On top of all that, I've got my challenge… BUT - since my friend Lilliane threatened me (j/k, well, maybe not, lol) to get the next chapter out, here it is. I thank her for pushing me. I probably would have put this story on the backburner if not for her. Speaking of which - At deviantART, I want to thank luvtodraw, no1sangel, and yesbutnotwithyou. At InuYashaFanFiction, I want to thank thehotty. At FanFiction I want to thank snow cat demon, duckies rox my sox, psycho-sango, inuyashaloverforever1, firegodess372, and littlefoxdemon. I have answered all of your reviews, and I love you guys. For my MediaMiner fans: Christinne - Thank you so much! Yes, I'm sorry you'll all be guessing about the pairing. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint some of you, since she can't wind up with all 3 guys. But that's why this story is called Choices! LOL Kokoronagomu - I'm glad you like! Yes, yes, details will be revealed in time. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I'm writing another story, plus have another I'm going to start, so… Foxtale3 - Thanks! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reviews like yours! THANK YOU for being like me. I totally agree. We shall see what happens, won't we?! Muahahaha!!! Reviews = Love!!!p.s. - very minor citrus in this chapter. ; )Without further ado -

8. Chapter 7: Control by PitaBread [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (13186 words)

A/N:  This chapter is not a full lemon, but it IS graphic.  Semi-lemony, if you ask me.  If you are reading at the following sites: The Red Curtain, MediaMiner, or Inuyasha FanFiction, then you will see the un-edited version.  If you would like to read the toned-down, edited version, please look this story up at: deviantART or FanFiction.  Don’t say you weren’t warned. ;)  BTW – I’m sorry for making a good portion of this so Sesshoumaru-heavy again.  I know there’s been a lot of him lately, but I can’t help it.  Those of you that know me know I’m a SessKag addict.  So I dedicate this chappie to all my fellow SessKag fans. 

Thanks: deviantART – my number one fan, luvtodraw, also no1sangel and doggurlAt InuyashaFanFictionAnimefreak.  At FanFiction – firegoddess372 and littlefoxdemon.


Very personal Author’s note: Everyone, I can’t know that you like the story unless you review/ comment.  Even if you fave or subscribe/whatever, I prefer comments.  So please remember to leave your mark!


9. Chapter 8: No Regrets by PitaBread [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (7161 words)



Kagome is convinced Kouga is crazy.  Can he convince her otherwise?




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At MediaMiner: kokoronagomu – Yes, the whole point was to keep people guessing.  I didn’t want anyone to read a few chapters and say, “Oh, she’s going to be with so-and-so…”.  I know this means that some people are going to be disappointed, because everyone has their fave, whether it’s Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, or Kouga.  But I hope everyone will be pleased with the ending.  I’m pleased that you are rooting for Inuyasha- I actually do keep track of who everyone wants to end up with Kagome (although the final decision has already been made – no one can change my mind at this point) and each guy deserves his loyal followers.  But if you’re in suspense, that means I’m doing my job, and that makes me happy.  Thanks for reading!  foxtale3 – Your review made ME squeal in delight!  I’m so glad to have a fellow Kouga fan!  I don’t know if you know, but I have a finished Kouga/Kagome story, and I don’t have as many fans for that one because there aren’t too many people that are fond of that relationship.  But I always daydream about those two.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving anything away.  BUT I do think Kouga needs his just desserts.  And, because you are a fellow Kouga fan, and you’re rooting for him, I dedicate this chapter to you, my friend.  I hope you like it!  buzzk97 – You make me blush!  I’m so happy, I could cry.  I’m so glad you like this story so much!  And thank you so, SO very much for reading ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’ as well.  It really means a lot to me.  And that was really what I was going for – to surprise you all at least every other chapter or so.  I meant for this to be kind of like a soap opera – where everyone is sleeping around (well, at least some are) and there are murders and lost relatives and harsh childhoods…  If you think about it, Inuyasha (the manga) is already like that, but you can only do so much, since it’s set in the Feudal Era.   AU is so much more fun… *evil grin*  I’m so glad to have Kouga fans!  Yay!  Perhaps you should check out my story, Always, since it involves Kouga…  Anyhow, I ALSO dedicate this chapter to you.  I hope you like.  May the smut live on.


At AdultFanFiction:  swasdiva – God I just love your reviews.  This chapter is also dedicated to you, you wolf-lover, you.  I know how you feel.  I have always thought to myself, “SessKag is ‘the sex’, and of COURSE InuKags is canon, but poor Kouga…  Is the girl blind?!”  Personally, even though Inuyasha is hot in his own way, I think that I wouldn’t have been able to put up with the whole Kikyou thing – that’s just me.  I’d still be friends with Inuyasha, but I would probably have to go with Kouga.  BTW, the soul-mizzle thing is cute.  I know what it is – we’re kinda ghetto down here.  Maybe I can fit it in somewhere…  Thanks again, and thank you SO MUCH for reading TWLG as well.  It really means a lot to me.  TheMikoShivae – Thank you so much!  I hope to keep seeing you around!

10. Chapter 9: Things of the Past by PitaBread [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (6844 words)

FanFiction: LittleFoxDemon

InuyashaFanFiction: Animefreak

deviantART: no1sangel, luvtodraw, daddyslilangel01, Katevan, and Cali2007.

And a HUGE thank you to Quimera-chan.  I don’t know where you read my stories (you didn’t say!) but I thank you for all the support and compliments!  Thank you so much for taking the time to email me! 

Replies:  MediaMiner: buzzk97 – Thank you so much, my friend!  To be honest, I’m just glad you read that part – most people skip over it and don’t even know I said something about them, lol.  I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter!  I thought it was time that Kouga got, well, something.  He’s so great, despite his idiocy.  LOL, yeah, I dunno how she missed it either *blush*.  Well, I can’t promise that Kouga WON’T get his heart broken, but we’ll see what happens…  unistar – Yep!  And they will get even more complicated!  Fwee!!!  I will update as soon as I am capable!  Thank you, and a Happy New Year to you as well!!!  :D  OreoGirl96 – I will try to update more quickly!!!


A/N:  (***)  Will denote a flashback scene.  Sorry if you all hate me for it, but it needed to be done.  LOTS of important character background info in there.  Some of you asked what Inuyasha’s ringtone is on Kagome’s phone – believe it or not, the ringtones on everyone’s phone will go along with the character’s and how they feel, so I’m not going to reveal it, unless you guess.  But you’ll find out soon enough.  ^_^  Sorry this chappie is a little shorter than usual, but it needed to stop here…   -.-;


This chapter is dedicated to my lovely friend on deviantART, Miko-Amarante.  She drew me the loveliest picture, and I want her to know that I appreciate her as a fan, a friend, and an artist.  ^_^


11. Of Things Lost by PitaBread [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8932 words)

“Take 'em off, throw 'em down;
Come here and let me feel what's in front of me.
The outside world is of no concern,
Just let our bodies and the candles in the room burn,
With feverish passion uncontained…”
-Boyz II Men, ’50 Candles’


Thanks:  FanFictionLittleFoxDemon; deviantART no1sangel, C2t2, Miko-Amarante, luvtodraw, hlw2008, MaraJade116, hottyruby; InuyashaFanFictionAnimefreak



MediaMiner: unistar – Thanks so much!  Yes, it just gets more and more complicated.  Thanks for reviewing!

buzzk97 – I hope you like this chapter.  It answers a few of your questions ;)  Thank you so much!  I’m glad you’ve been enjoying yourself.  Ahaha, I can imagine you dancing around… “Lalala… Choices was updated… Lalala…”  XD  Ack!  I don’t want to be blamed for unfinished lesson plans…  I hope to hear from you again soon.  *dramatic actor’s voice* Next time, on Choices, Choices…

MaraJade116 – XD  I Love your reviews.  I’m so glad you like my Sesshoumaru.  I think you’re going to like this chapter…  BTW, I LOVE long reviews.  Don’t apologize! J

foxtale3 – Well, I’m not giving anything away, but don’t count Kouga out just yet.  Kagome still has many choices to make. ;)  I’m glad you’re enjoying the story, and look forward to more reviews from you!

Inkotoma- LOL  Glad you’re enjoying. 

handypup – Ah, you’re the toughest of all critics!  Therefore, it makes me super-happy that you like it.  I hope you stick around to keep enjoying it. 

Oreogirl96 – Thanks!

theblackangels – XD  Yes, lots of drama…


A/N:  WARNING!!!  Citrus will ensue!  Happy Valentines Day, all!  I got you ALL something – a LEMON!  YAY! *does a happy dance*  I should say a few lemons, but it’s more like one long ass lemon.  Again, if you WANT to read the full version and are reading at one of the ‘no mature content’ sites (i.e.: FanFiction, deviantART, PaperDemon) please visit one of my mature accounts at MediaMiner, The Red Curtain, and InuyashaFanFiction.  And yes, the Rusty Pelican really is a restaurant on the water in Miami.  I was actually there for Christmas.  ^_^ 


Dedicated to my friend, Cali2007 @ deviantART for drawing me some lovely fanart.  Please check them out in her gallery – she drew Inuyasha singing at the Jazz Club in Ch 5, a comic featuring Kouga’s phone-spying(ch 8), and a pic of Kouga with his shorter hair!!!!  Go to www.cali2007.deviantart.com  Thanks, hun! *huggles*


12. Chapter 11: New Friends by PitaBread [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (12817 words)

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deviantART: no1sangel, luvtodraw, Cali2007, inusessy, hottyruby, Ailionora, dinjzie.

FanFiction: LittleFoxDemon


Replies – MediaMiner:

unistar- yes, Kagome and Sesshoumaru make a great match!  But you are correct, it is Inuyasha’s turn!  He’s had some stuff going on and feels bad that he hadn’t seen her in so long.  I’m glad you like the story… And I’m so happy that you comment so often!  ^_^

Iceberg60- LOL  You’re right, in a way.  I didn’t mean for Sesshoumaru to come off so ruthless, because we know he has compassion.  But I did make him a tad bit mean.  He’s actually good for Kagome – he makes her try new things.  But so are the others.  Yes, unfortunately, I’m a fan of all three shippings (although SessKag is my fave), so it’s hard for me to write her feelings sometimes, and often I feel bad for the other 2 guys when I’m writing her with one of them, lol.  Thank you so much for the lovely compliments!  I will keep writing as long as you all comment and spread the news about this story!

xcuteanimegurlx- Thanks so much!  Oh, I’m so glad you found it!  XD  Yeah, I like that she’s more modern than in other stories.  But don’t get me wrong, she’s not a player, because she doesn’t intend on hurting anyone!  She’s just testing the waters, to see who she’s most compatible with.  Yay!  A Kouga/Kags fan!  ^_^  Kouga deserves more love, lol.  I’m glad you’re enjoying, see you next chapter!

buzzk97-  XD  You always crack me up!  Please… DON’T refrain from dancing!  I know how you feel – I do the same thing when either one of my fave stories is updated or a new volume of one of the manga I read comes out!  So I’m just as much a dork.  ^_^  Thanks for the birthday wishes – I didn’t get a lot, but my husband got me a TOMTOM (a navigation unit for my car), and that was great!  I always wanted one!  Ooh, I’m glad you liked the chappie, but I’m even more happy that you’re starting to come to the dark side (Sesshoumaru’s, that is, lol).  I’ll make you forget all about that flea-bag…  Oh, sorry – I was channeling Inuyasha for a second  -.-;  MUAHAHAHA!!!!!  I dunno…  you’ll just have to see, won’t you?  Oh, please, no weeping.  The threats, bribes, and psychotic laughing, I can handle.  But no weeping.

theblackangels- Thanks for the birthday wishes!  Haha, Inuyasha is always getting himself in trouble, huh?

foxtale3- Thank you so much!  I think so, too.  I hate when people assume he’s this heartless, ruthless creature.  He just prefers not to flaunt his weaknesses (although what good does it do?  Naraku keeps abducting Rin…) like Inuyasha does.  Thanks so much!  Wow, I’m so flattered!  I have a few I watch for as well, but I subscribe to them, otherwise I’ll forget to check up on them, lol.  I’m glad you’re enjoying, and continue to enjoy.  I know you’re putting a lot of time into this, despite the fact that there is no guarantee who she winds up with.  So, thanks for reading!  I hope you’re ok with this chapter, even though there’s no Kouga in it, LOL.




13. Chapter 12: Confrontations by PitaBread [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (9809 words)

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Replies @ MediaMiner:

unistar – I’m so glad you enjoyed the dinner with Kohaku, Sango, and Miroku!  I hope you answered some of your questions with this chapter… there’s lots of InuKag in this one. ;) 

buzzk97 – Haha…  I’m glad you liked the chapter.  Yes, I tried to make Sesshoumaru adorable in that helpless-around-the-kitchen way.  And yes – you are SO right – boxer-briefs are so hot – on the right guy, of course.  And yeah, I really try hard to make the characters similar to what they’re supposed to be – otherwise, it’s just the name that is the same.  I have the feeling that you’re really going to like this chapter.  Ehehe, well… it looks like we’re in the same boat.  I LOVE my TOMTOM.  I wonder what it would be like to have a BETHBETH, lol.

handypup – Thanks so much!  I’m really happy you like the story.  It’s what I was going for, making everyone guess who she’ll end up with.  I hope you like this one just as much!  ^_^

theblackangels – Haha, your Sessh is so mean!  And poor Inuyasha…  Now I feel bad for him!

Michael22 – Thank you so much!  I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and it makes me happy to hear that you think it’s well written.  Enjoy!

Keetonie – Oh, wow!  I’m flattered!  You have to let me know who you are on dA!  I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.  That’s great that you’re writing too.  Good Luck!

14. Chapter 13: The Best of You by PitaBread [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (7357 words)

Thanks!:  Drakague, Daddyslilgirl01, hottyruby, luvtodraw, Cali2007, no1sangel on deviantART; LittleFoxDemon, Kitten the Vixen, knifethrower, girlhanyoulover, firegoddess372 on FanFiction;  sisi on PaperDemon; mnemosyne, Animefreak, KogasWoman on InuyashaFanFiction.  Thank you all so much for the great reviews.  I appreciate it!  :3


A/N:    (***) = dream/flashback plzkthanx.  BIG OL’ Author’s note – *laughs*Guys, I understand your wanting Inuyasha to tell Kagome he’s a hanyou.  Really, I do.  But it’s still to early.  TRUST ME.  When it happens, it’ll be even better.  :D

This chapter is dedicated to my dear friend, RighteousRed on deviantART.  She won’t read this, but I just want her to know how awesome she is.  She’s a great artist, has an awesome sense of humor, and is pervy(like me) as well as an all-around righteous friend.  Plus, she’s a SangoMiroku-lover, which makes her ok in my book.  And since we see our favorite monk/pianist and demonslayer/bountyhunter in this one, this chapter is for her.  ^_^


I’d like to tell you all a little something:  I have a poll up in my journal on my page at dA (www.inuyashasesshomaru.deviantart.com) about the shippings in this story.  For those that voted, I thank you!  You can still vote if you like (you can only vote once!).  The surprising results???  SessKag is the leader!!!  (YAY!!!)  InuKag is a close second, and KouKag is way behind.  And some just wanted me to update, lol.  And even more just wanted more lemons.  Yay!  People after my own heart!  LMAO  Just thought you might like to know what your peers are thinking.  <3


Since updating this, the results have changed...  InuKag is now the leader!!!!


15. Chapter 14: The Vacation, Part One by PitaBread [Reviews - 2] (10709 words)

I'm really sorry, but it's giving me problems again.  So I'm not able to put in the 'thought italics'.  Please forgive me.  When I have more time, I'll fix it...


And please read my End Notes...  -Pita

16. Chapter 15: Interlude by PitaBread [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4540 words)
A/N: This is both a songfic-oneshot for a contest AND a tiny interlude-chapter from my story Choices, Choices… I hope you all like the idea. ;) I tried to write it in a way that you wouldn't have to read my whole story to understand this. Disclaimer: “Addicted” by Saving Abel belongs to them and Jared Weeks, not me. I can't write lyrics for the life of me. I used the radio edit for the song because it fit the story better, even though I prefer the album version, lol. Interlude: a relatively short period of time between two longer periods, during which something happens that is different from what has happened before and what follows; a short play, piece of music, or other entertainment performed during a break in the performance of a long work. =3 (***) = dream/flashback plzkthanx And For those of you unfamiliar with Choices, YES, the flashbacks are real excerpts from the story.

17. Chapter 16: The Vacation, Part Two by PitaBread [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (16042 words)

A/N:  HI again my little wallabies!  Thank you all for being so patient.  I’m going to have some facts about this chapter in my End Notes, so stick around if you’re interested.  There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for me being tardy with this, except that I hadn’t felt much in the way of writing and was sick for a spell, but fear not!  My lemony muses are back.  That and I found out that Pocky is fuel for writing.  XD  Hence…  Biggest.  Chapter.  EVAR.   I almost made this a three-parter, but I wanted it to be experienced as a single chapter, so here it is, in all its’ glory.  All 16,000 words of it.  (Usually, my chapters are about 9,000 words.)


‘More Than Words’ © Extreme

 Dedicated to the best fans in the FanFiction world – MINE.  Thanks for being patient. 

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Special thanks to my fellow Inuyasha-FanFiction readers:  Siva, BlueBloodedGrl0500, dirtydogs57, KogasWoman


MediaMiner responses:

Sam-34 – Thanks for the great comments!  I’m glad you feel that way: I pride myself on making the characters real.  catbaker – I know exactly how you feel.  I’ve been completely obsessed with a few good stories.  Damn those plot bunnies!  They take over at the most unseemly times…  Ah, yes.  I see you have fallen into my trap.  Believe me, I know how you feel; I know who she’s going to end up with and I keep changing my mind over whom I would LIKE for her to end up with, haha.  Another vote for Inuyasha!  Thanks for the compliments, and thanks for being obsessed!  Um, by the way… You don’t ACTUALLY bake cats, do you?  I hope not…  unistar – Yes, Inuyasha is indeed busy.  And WILL she find out?  You’ll see in the next chapter…  buzzk97 – As usual, I enjoy your comments the most.  Will ye build a shrine to me?  Haha!  And let’s not forget that Sesshoumaru is not just any male, so being that they’re inu’s, this is most DEFINITELY a pissing contest.  I’m so glad you liked the interlude.  I was really worried that my readers would be all ‘WTF?’  It sucks that we didn’t get to meet up while you were in my neck of the woods.  Funny that you went to Sea World!  I hope you enjoyed yourself.  I think it’s my favorite park…  And you are quite welcome!  You guys are (for the most part) my fuel.  If not for reviewers like you, I would have given up long ago.  sammy56 – Thanks so much!  I’m glad you like it.  Michael22 – Thanks!  It’s awesome that you’re enjoying my writing.  I appreciate the comments.  Sovereignty – Thanks so much!  Ah, the ever-popular ‘undecided’ category.  I feel ya.  As for Kouga…  Well, I’m not giving anything away.  Timmy77 – Thanks, and please – don’t fall off your chair!  I’m sorry I’m leaving you on that edge again at the end of the chapter…

18. Chapter 17: Truth Be Told by PitaBread [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (8730 words)

A/N:  Wow.  Do you realize I started this story almost two years ago?  I can't believe you all have stuck with me for this long.  Indeed, I am truly, truly grateful.   And how do I repay you?  With a cliffhanger...  *sigh*  Sorry about that.  Anyhoo, I hope you all like this chapter - after all, it's what most of you have been begging for.



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MediaMiner: Timmy77 - I'm really glad you're enjoying the story; I'm sorry you're on the edge of your seat, though!  I hope you don't fall off by the end of this chapter!  Haha...  Thank you for reading, and of course, commenting.  :)


"What if I say I'm not like the others?

What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?  You're the pretender.

What if I say I will never surrender?"  - The Pretender, Foo Fighters

19. Chapter 18: Revelations by PitaBread [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstar (10103 words)

A/N:  I know, I know.  Sorry.  I was on a roll with my other story.  So you know what?  Those of you that like this story have some ass to kiss.  I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for xbitternessx, AKA oxrosesthornxo (deviantART) and her story, Savvy.  She has this uncomplicated way of writing that is so easy, that you just don't want to stop reading.  May I mention that that story inspired Choices?  That's right - I never DREAMED of writing an AU until I read my favorite AU InuKag story EVER, ‘Savvy'.  I recently reread it, and I was blazing to get back to Choices.  So y'all have her to thank.

This chapter is a late birthday present to my friend Lilli (luvtodraw).  Are you happy now, wench?


This is by my (yeah, right, I wish) husband, Rob Pattinson.  The song isn't for everyone, but I think the acoustic guitar set is beautiful enough that you can really feel the emotion in the song. I adore the song and his sad voice.   This song goes perfectly with Inuyasha and Kagome's fight - I recommend listening to it as a ‘soundtrack' for that part.

"You'll learn to hate me,

But still call me baby.

Oh, love.

So call me by my name,

And save your soul.

Save your soul.

Before you're too far gone,

Before nothing can be done."  -  Never Think, Rob Pattinson



20. Chapter 19: Experience by PitaBread [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (8876 words)

A/N:  Woo hoo!  Another one!  Well, this has some of the stuff I had wanted to put in the last chapter but couldn't because it would be too long.  By the way, have I mentioned that I LOVE to write for Inuyasha, no matter which story it is?  Because I get to swear like a sailor.  Actually, I swear a LOT in real life, so usually, when I write for Inuyasha, I pretty much say what I would say.  Of course, I love Sesshoumaru's cold, sarcastic attitude, too.  But I don't think Sesshoumaru would ever swear, lol.