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Kagome stood behind a tree and she gripped the bark with her nails. She didn’t understand, She had poured her heart to him and now he was with Kikyo. Kagome stepped into view and she felt her bottom lip begin to quiver at what she saw. Inuyasha stood holding Kikyo tightly to him almost as if his life depended on it. Kagome went to step back and when she did she tripped and fell backwards. Inuyasha turned around and his eyes went wide, "Kagome…How long have you been here?" Kagome stood and she brushed the dirt of off her skirt, "Long enough to know that I’m holding onto a dream that will never come true." She turned and she ran off into the forest leaving a heartbroken Inuyasha behind. When Kagome made it back to the camp she wasn’t surprised to see Sango and Miroku fighting once more.

"How Many more slaps to the face is it going to take before you stop asking young women to bare you a son!" Miroku stood in complete shock, "My Dear Sango, Please hear me out." Sango backed up and she let out a growl that would have made Inuyasha proud, "Don’t you Dear Sango me, I’m through Miroku. My heart can’t take any more pain," Sango then ran into the forest with Kilala right behind her. Kagome knelt down and flung her bag over her shoulder. She picked up Shippo and she ran after Sango. "Sango please…wait for me" Sango stopped and she turned around, "I can’t do it any more Kagome, This group was all I had and now, I don’t even want to stay with it. I might as well just go back to my village and wait for a demon to slay me." Kagome frowned and she leaned into a tree, "Hey Sango, I’m going home and I don’t think I’m coming back, Come with me. You can live with us and you can be my sister." Sango thought for a moment and she nodded, "I would love to." Shippo looked up at Kagome with teary eyes, "What about me Kagome?" Kagome smiled, "Well, You can come to Shippo, if you want to, I’m Sure Souta would be happy to have a playmate, And I can adopt you as my son."

Shippo smiled and he jumped onto Kagome’s shoulder. Kilala transformed and the small group climbed onto her back. Kilala took off in the direction of the well. When they arrived Kilala jumped into Sango’s arms. They jumped into the well and Kagome smiled when the light engulfed them. When they landed on the other side, Kagome was shocked to find them standing in water, She groaned, "it must be raining." By the time they climbed out they were drenched. Annie Higurashi stood outside trying to find the cat, When Kagome walked up with Sango and Shippo she was slightly shocked, "Kagome dear, We weren’t expecting you back for at least a month." Kagome put her arm around Sango and she walked past her mother, "Ill explain everything later."

Kagome took Sango inside and she led her into the room, Sango sat on the bed while Kagome went through her closet. Kagome pulled out a nightgown and she handed it to Sango. She then showed Sango how to work the shower and she left Sango alone. Kagome walked downstairs to find her mother sitting in the kitchen with two cups of tea. Kagome sat down and she sighed, Annie frowned when she watched her daughter put her head down. "Kagome tell me what happened."

Kagome looked at her hands, afraid that if she looked at her mother she was start crying. "I finally told Inuyasha, That I loved him. I poured my heart out to him, and not even twenty minutes later, I found him with Kikyo. I just couldn’t do it any more Mama." Annie frowned and she let out a sigh, "so what’s Sango’s story and Shippo’s?" Kagome kept her head down as she spoke, "Sango was a Demon Slayer. One of the best in her Village, Her brother was put under Naraku’s spell and Sango watched as her entire family and then her brother were killed in front of her. Sango agreed to marry the Monk Traveling with us, But Miroku would ask every young woman to bare him a son, it did not matter that Sango was standing next to him, and Shippo has no family, he as adopted me as his mother. His family was killed by a demon."

Annie put her head down and she sighed, she looked at Kagome and she opened her eyes, Kagome let out a sob and she flung herself into her mother’s arms. Annie held Kagome and she began to rock back and forth. She heard movement and she looked up to find Sango standing in the doorway wearing one of Kagome’s Nightgowns. Annie smiled and she opened her other arm to Sango. The fact that Annie was accepting her made Sango break into tears, She walked over to them and she dropped to her knees. Annie spent most of the night in the living room holding the girls. When Kagome’s grandfather and Souta came downstairs they found Annie asleep in a sitting position, Kagome and Sango were asleep with her heads in her lap. When Annie woke she smiled to see the girls coming to as well, Annie took them into the kitchen and she made them breakfast. As they ate Annie came up with a plan, "Sango? I want to adopt you as my daughter, Kagome already thinks of you as a sister and I know Souta would love to have another big sister." Sango smiled as she swallowed her egg, "I would love that very much."

That afternoon Kagome and Sango sat in her room. Kagome smiled as she pulled out a box, "Mama had this made for me, I was going to wear it on my 16th birthday but I was in the feudal era." Kagome handed the box to Sango and she smiled. Sango opened the box and her eyes became glossy, a few minutes later Sango was dress in a Knee length white and Pink dress, The sleeves went to her elbows and around her waist was a pink sash that tied into a bow on her back. On her feet were pink Mary Jane shoes. "Its beautiful Kagome"

Kagome dressed in Jeans, Knee length Boots and a tight red sweater. She handed a jacket to Sango and they walked downstairs. Kagome smiled when she saw Shippo dressed in Some of Souta’s clothes. She picked Shippo up and they walked out of the shrine. The walk to the courthouse was a short one. When they got to the steps Sango became nervous. Kagome reached over and she grabbed Sango’s hand. The family walked into the courthouse and by that Afternoon Sango and Shippo had been adopted into the Higurashi Family. Sango as the newest Daughter and Shippo as Kagome’s son, Afterwards the Family when shopping for the things Sango and Shippo would need. They got clothes, books, School supplies. The family didn’t return to the shrine until that night.

After dinner Sango and Kagome sat in Kagome’s bedroom. Sango smiled as she began to brush her hair, "I really like your time Kagome. I’m so glad I’m going to be here permanently.

(Back in the Feudal Era)

Inuyasha stood over Miroku, his eyes on fire, "HOW COULD YOU LET THEM LEAVE MIROKU!" Miroku frowned and he stood up "They didn’t want to stay Inuyasha, how could I ask them to. Kagome looked heartbroken, as did Sango. They took Shippo and Kilala. I don’t think they intend on coming back"

Inuyasha growled as he took off into the forest with Miroku close behind him, "How could I have been so stupid…Kagome please…..Please don’t forget about me, I’m coming"

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