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Preparations for the wedding began immediately. Sango and Miroku decided they were going to marry on the night of the next full moon, which was only a week away. The following morning, Annie, Sango and Kagome left to the get the dresses for the wedding. The wedding was going to be held there on the shrine and then the after party would be at the club. When Sango came out of the dressing room, Kagome and Annie almost burst into tears. Sango wore a strapless, Ivory White, floor length gown. The top of the gown was closed with Corset lacing and it hugged Sango’s figure tightly. She found a pair of White Satin gloves that went to her elbow. Sango looked in the mirror and she frowned, Kagome raised an eyebrow as she spoke, "What’s wrong Sango, The gown is beautiful."

"I know it is, Its just, the tux Miroku will be wearing will be the same color as the blue on his monk robes. I wanted to tie my dress in but I don’t know how." Kagome thought for a moment and then she smiled. She walked over to the woman who worked in the store and she told her what Sango wanted. The woman smiled and she handed Kagome several strips of blue satin and a long wide strip as well. Sango raised an eyebrow as she walked over, "What are you going to do Kagome?" Kagome smirked and she tucked the fabric into her bag, "Oh don’t worry about it. It’s my wedding gift to you and it’s a surprise."

Since Kagome was the only bridesmaid Sango had, Kagome picked out a dark blue spaghetti strapped gown with gloves to match. The girls left the store satisfied with what they wanted. That night Annie joined the group in the living room, "Ok we need to plan this out, How Many people will be coming to the wedding Kagome?" Kagome sat up and she began to count on her finger’s "Well it will be us of course, then Yuka, Eri, Ayumi and Hojo. Then whoever you have invited mama plus Shippo and Kilala." Annie nodded and she wrote down the names. "Ok and what’s going to happen after?"

Kagome leaned back into Inuyasha and she smiled, "after the wedding is over, Sango and I will change as will Inuyasha and Miroku. Then the party is going to be held at the club. Well the reception if you want to be formal, and then that night, Sango and Miroku are going to have the bedroom to themselves and Inuyasha and I will sleep down here." Sango turned red and she threw a pillow at Kagome, who caught it and laughed.

Kagome spent the rest of the week closed up in her room working on the wedding gown. When the morning of the wedding arrived. Kagome could hardly contain herself when she went to wake Sango up. She ran in and she pounced on the bed, "Come on Sango get up, Your getting married!" Sango laughed and she slowly opened her eyes. Kagome stood and she let out a tiny squeal "Stay right their ill be right back" Kagome ran from the room and a few minutes later she returned with Annie, and a large box. She knelt on the floor and she handed the box to Sango.

When Sango opened the box she immediately broke into Tears. The corset Lacing’s on her gown were now the color of the blue in Miroku’s tux. Kagome lifted the dress out of the box revealing the strip of blue fabric at the bottom of the dress. Sango stood and she pulled Kagome into a tight hug, "Thank you so much. No one has ever done anything like this for me before." Kagome smiled and she wiped away her tears, "ok we don’t want to crush the dress." Sango laughed and she pulled back. The girls walked downstairs and they ate breakfast in silence. Inuyasha and Miroku had left earlier to get ready in Grandfather’s gift shop.

After breakfast Kagome and Sango went upstairs and they began to get ready. Kagome looked like a princess in her dress. The top half hugged her figure perfectly and the skirt flowed down to the floor with a slight train. She slipped her heels on and she went to help Sango. Sango had just pulled her gloves on when Kagome walked in. She smiled and she sat down so Kagome could help her with her hair.

Kagome pulled Sango’s hair back and she twisted it into a loose but elegant bun. She pinned it back with several jeweled pins and a comb lined with small blue flowers. Several loose Tendrils framed Sango’s shoulders and face. Annie came in a few minutes later holding something. She smiled when she saw her daughter, "You both look beautifully have something for you Sango." Annie pulled out a small gold chain, On the chain was a gold locket with Sango’s name carved into it in elegant writing. Sango smiled and she took it, "Thank you so much."

Sango smiled and she hugged Annie tightly. Sango clasped the chain around her neck and she smiled. When Yuka, Eri and Ayumi came in and saw the girls they all began to squeal. Meanwhile Inuyasha stood in front of the mirror admiring his new robes. They were exactly like his fire rat except they were the color blue. He turned and he smirked when Miroku walked out in his Tux. "I feel so so…. Different" Inuyasha laughed, "Yea it takes a while to get used to the clothing here."

An hour later Miroku stood in front of the sacred tree with Inuyasha on his side. Kagome’s grandfather was going to perform the ceremony. When Kagome walked into View Inuyasha smiled brightly. Kagome walked until she reached her spot and she faced the house. Sango walked out and Miroku’s mouth fell open. Sango walked Slowly and she smiled when she reached Miroku. Miroku grabbed her hand and they turned towards Kagome’s grandfather.

"Today we gather beneath the sacred tree, to join to souls as one. Sango and Miroku have been through the toughest of times. But their love has remained true. Miroku and Sango have written their own vows. Miroku you first lad, "

Miroku smiled and he turned to face Sango and he took a deep breath, "Dearest Sango, when I met you, I was nothing but a womanizer. But you showed me how to truly love someone and you showed me what it’s like to be loved back…I’m going to spend the rest of my life making you the happiest person on the earth." Sango smiled as Miroku slid the ring onto her finger. She took a deep breath and she began to speak, "Miroku, when we first met, I had been raised and taught to do only one thing, and that was to slay demons. When I joined the group you welcomed me with open arms and you never once gave up on me….It was you who taught me how to truly love someone. My heart is yours….for all eternity"

Sango slid the ring onto Miroku’s finger and she smiled. Kagome’s grandfather smiled, "Now your souls are one. Forever will you be at peace with each other. Miroku you may now Kiss Sango…Your wife"

Miroku smiled and he kissed Sango gently. The family began to clap as Sango wrapped her arms around Miroku. Once the wedding was over Inuyasha walked up to Kagome and he smiled, "You look beautiful" Kagome smiled brightly and she walked back to the house with Inuyasha. Once inside Kagome went upstairs and she changed into a blood red, knee length, halter style dress with black heels. She took her hair down and she shook it free of any tangles. Sang changed into tight black pants, a blue halter-top and heels. She took the pins out of her hair and she smiled. Inuyasha changed into jeans, a button up red shirt and boots while Miroku wore black jeans, a blue button shirt and boots. The girls came downstairs and the family took off for the club.

When they entered the club Sango and Miroku were met by applause and cheering. David laughed when Sango jumped about a foot in the air. After they cut the cake, Sango led Miroku onto the dance floor, She held him close and she smiled as David put on a song for them to dance to. Kagome stood in the background smiling as she watched them. Inuyasha walked up to Kagome and he smiled as he held his hand out, "May I have this dance." Kagome smiled and she took Inuyasha’s hand. She was led onto the dance floor and she smiled when Inuyasha pulled her close. Kagome was quite surprised at how well Inuyasha could dance. When the music changed to fast, Inuyasha tried to leave. Kagome smirked as she pulled him close, She turned her back to him and she began to move her hips in beat with the song. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow and he held Kagome closer.

The party wasn’t over until well after midnight. Kagome, Sango, Inuyasha and Miroku smiled as they walked out of the club and into the snow. Kagome smirked as she picked up some snow and she hurled it at Sango. Sango began to laugh as her and Kagome engaged in a snow ball fight. The guys soon joined and within minutes, The group lay in the snow panting and laughing. Kagome started to shiver so the group decided to go home. Annie, Souta, Shippo and Grandfather would be staying in a hotel for the night. Sango had chosen to stay at the shrine, since it was her first home in a long time. As Sango and Miroku disappeared upstairs, Kagome smirked. She fixed some hot tea for her and Inuyasha, and they settled down in the living room.

Kagome smiled as she sat on the air mattress positioned in front of the fireplace. She looked at Inuyasha and she smiled, "Inuyasha, are you happy here?" Inuyasha moved to sit on the mattress and he smiled, "Of course I am, as long as I’m with you, I am home." Kagome smiled and she sat her cup down, "Inuyasha I’m so sorry I pushed you away, I thought if I kept you away, then we would heal and we would be able to go on with our lives. But it seems I was causing us more pain. I love you and I want to be yours…for all time." Inuyasha smiled as he leaned in and kissed Kagome gently. Kagome reached up and she grabbed Inuyasha by his mane and she pulled him down with her.

The next morning, Sango walked down the stairs pulling her robe on. She smiled and she turned to get Miroku. Miroku and Sango quietly walked into the living room and the both smiled. Inuyasha and Kagome were curled around each other, It was clearly visible that both were naked under the thin blanket that covered them. Kagome had her head on Inuyasha’s chest, She moved and her hair fell back to reveal Inuyasha’s mating mark on her shoulder just above her pulse point. Sango knelt down and she tapped them both on the shoulder. Inuyasha’s eyes flew open and he sat up slowly, "what’s wrong?" Sango smiled when Kagome opened her eyes, "I hate to do this but, Annie will be home soon with the other’s and I am sure the both of you would want to be fully clothed when she comes in"

Both Inuyasha and Kagome turned a dark shade of red. When Annie walked in a few minutes later, The group was huddled in front of the fire place smiling….acting as if nothing ever happened.....

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