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(2 months later)

Kagome sat at the table with her family, She sighed as she put her head down. Inuyasha had started going back to the feudal era in order to check on Kaede and the village. Every time he left Kagome was scared that he would not return. When the door slid open Kagome smiled as Inuyasha walked into the room. Her mate sat next to her and she grabbed his hand. Sango smiled, "How is Kaede doing Inuyasha?" Inuyasha shrugged, "She’s alright, Not much change. I told her the good news and she was of course very happy."

Sango smiled and she looked at Miroku. The family had recently found out Sango was pregnant. She was about a month along now and Miroku was completely ecstatic. Kagome was happy to but She had also been doing a lot of thinking lately. She wanted to marry Inuyasha but she didn’t know how to ask him. For him to just take her as his mate, it was a deeper bond that marriage. Kagome just shrugged and she finished her dinner.

The following morning Kagome woke with a sick feeling in her stomach. It had been the same thing every morning for the past two months. As she sat on the bathroom floor trying to breathe, a thought hit her. She didn’t understand how she could not have felt it before…She was pregnant. Her hands went to her stomach and she smiled happily. She was going to be a mother and Inuyasha a father. She stood and she went downstairs. As she prepared to tell the family Inuyasha stood, "I need to go back to the feudal era, I’m getting a bad feeling about something and I want to go check it out."

That night Kagome stood in front of the well house with Inuyasha. Since proclaiming her as his mate, he no longer allowed her to go through the well with him. He felt it was too dangerous. Kagome held Inuyasha close and she tried to fight back the tears. She knew she had to wait to tell him about the pup, his mind was on one track and that was checking out the feudal era. She smiled as she leaned up and kissed her mate gently.

Inuyasha took the fire-rat off along with the beads and he handed them to Kagome. He knew it made her feel better if he proclaimed he would indeed be coming back. He closed her hands over the beads and he smiled, "Ill be coming back for these" Kagome smiled and she nodded, "You better". Kagome then leaned in and she hugged Inuyasha tightly.

Inuyasha reluctantly pulled back and he walked over to the well. He jumped onto the side and he looked at Kagome. He smiled and he jumped in. Kagome watched as the blue light engulfed her mate. She then sat down under the sacred tree and she began to wait for him, Like she had done so many times before.

Chapter End Notes:
The first part of the true to your heart series is now over....Trust me people more will be coming....
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