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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own the song or Inuyasha

Sango and Miroku walked in Silence until they reached the shrine. They stood in front of the well house not sure of what to say to each other. Miroku finally ended the silence by sighing, "Sango, You had every right to get made, You had every right to leave. I am nothing but a womanizing lecherous Monk…But I love you and…If you choose to give me another chance, Then I want to stay In Kagome’s time with you." Sango looked at Miroku as he spoke, She put her head down and her body shook with silent sobs. She looked at Miroku and she smiled, "Do you really love me?"

Miroku smiled and he answered her by pulling her close and kissing her Gently. Sango wrapped her arms around Miroku and she smiled into the kiss. Kagome stood in the background and she managed to smile as she watched Sango and Miroku walk inside. Kagome pulled her jacket tighter around her and she walked over to the sacred tree. Kagome knelt on the ground and she leaned into the tree. She closed her eyes and she let out a sigh. Within Minutes Kagome had fallen asleep. Inuyasha walked up and he frowned, He knelt in front of Kagome and he gently lifted her up.

Annie, Sango and Miroku stood to the side as Inuyasha walked into the house holding Kagome. He walked upstairs and he laid her on the bed, He then took the Fire-rat shirt off and he laid it over her. Along with the bead’s of subjacation. Sango stood in the doorway and she watched as Inuyasha gently moved the hair away from Kagome’s face. Inuyasha then jumped onto the windowsill and he opened the window. He jumped out without ever looking back. Inuyasha walked to the well house and he stopped, He looked back at Kagome’s window and he smiled.

The next morning Kagome woke up to find herself alone, She slowly stood and she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Annie stood when Kagome walked in and she smiled, "good morning my dear," Kagome smiled and she sat down. When Miroku came followed by Sango Kagome smiled, "I knew you two would make up." Sango smiled brightly, "Miroku is going to live with us now, We were waiting for you to wake so we could go get him clothes." Kagome nodded and she walked upstairs to change

Once Kagome had changed into Jeans, Boots and a T-shirt, Sango walked into the room. Sango then handed the fire-rat and Beads to Kagome. Kagome ran her fingers over the cloth and she closed her eyes to keep the tears from falling. Miroku walked in and he looked at Sango. Sango backed up and Miroku walked up to Kagome. Kagome kept her head down, Suddenly her knees went weak and Miroku caught Kagome as she went to fall to the floor. Kagome buried her face in Miroku’s chest and she started to sob. Miroku held her close and he began to rock back and forth.

Once Kagome passed out from exhaustion, Miroku laid her on the bed. Sango came in and she frowned, "I don’t understand, if she loves Inuyasha then why is she pushing him away?" Miroku sighed and he faced Sango, "She is doing it because she can’t stand to have her heart broken again."

Kagome spent the next few days in her room or out by the well house. She kept telling herself that Inuyasha would come for her. He always came for her no matter what horrible things she would say to him. On the morning of the 5th day Kagome finally turned her back on the well. She knew Inuyasha would not be coming back. She was now forced to go on with her life.

That night Kagome stood in her room getting ready for the club, She wore tight black pants, Knee high lace up boots, a tight red tank top with a see through black shirt. She brushed her hair and she pulled it back into a loose Bun. Over her clothes she put on a calf length black leather Jacket. When she walked downstairs Sango’s eyes went wide, "Wow Kagome…." Kagome managed to smile and she walked out of the house. Sango frowned and she sat at the table. When Miroku walked into the kitchen he suddenly stopped. Sango stood when Miroku’s eyes went wide. She turned around and her mouth fell open. Inuyasha stood before them, A single tear fell down his face, "When did she start wearing so much black?"

Sango sat Inuyasha down and she told him how Kagome would wait by the well hoping he would come back. Then Miroku stepped in and he frowned, "Inuyasha Kagome is pushing you away because she can’t handle having her heart broken again…." Inuyasha put his head down and he sighed, "Take me to the club. I want to hear her sing." Sango nodded and the family left for the club. They walked in and managed to sit down right as Kagome walk on stage. She took the microphone and she began to sing,

Don't.. don't you wish we tried
Do you feel what I feel inside
You know love is stronger than pride
Don't.. no don't
Let your anger grow
Just tell me what you need me to know
Please talk to me don't close the door
Cause I wanna hear you.. wanna be near you

Don't fight.. don't argue
Give me the chance to say that I'm sorry
Just let me love you
Don't turn me away.. don't tell me to go

Don't.. don't give up on trust
Don't give up on me.. on us
We could just hold on long enough
We can do it.. we'll get through it

Don't fight.. don't argue
Just give me the chance to say that I'm sorry
Just let me love you
Don't turn me away.. don't tell me to go

Don't pretend that it's ok
Things won't get better that way
And don't do something you might regret someday
Don't give up on me

We can do it.. we'll get through it

Don't fight.. don't argue
Just give me the chance to say that I'm sorry
Just let me love you
Don't turn me away.. don't tell me to go

Don't fight.. don't argue (Don't give up on me)
Give me the chance to say that I'm sorry (say that I'm sorry)
Just let me love you (Don't give up on me)
Don't turn me away.. don't tell me to go

Don't fight.. don't argue
Give me the chance to say that I'm sorry
Just let me love you (don't give up on me)
Don't turn me away.. don't tell me to go
When the song ended Kagome bowed and she walked off the stage. She kept walking until she made it outside. She doubled over and she took in a deep breath. She looked up at the sky with eyes full of tears. When it began to snow Kagome put her head down. Inuyasha quietly walked up to her and he frowned, "Kagome?" Kagome jumped and she looked up, When she saw Inuyasha, She blinked a few times and her mouth fell open, "Inuyasha? What are you doing here?"

"I needed to see you, I needed to make sure you were alright."

Kagome nodded and she stepped back, "I’m fine." Inuyasha leaned into the wall and he sighed, "yea I can see that…Tell me Kagome is it true…Are you pushing me away even though it hurts because your scared of being hurt again." Kagome nodded, "Inuyasha, I just don’t think I can do it, I loved you so much, and so hard. Every time you ran to Kikyo a piece of my heart died and now, Its just now starting to heal…I’m sorry"

Kagome put her head down and Inuyasha’s ear drooped so low they almost disappeared into his head. Then he stood and he walked over to Kagome, he pulled her to him and he held her tightly. Kagome struggled at first but then she slowly wrapped arm arms around him. Inuyasha buried his face in her hair and he breathed in deeply. He held to him as if his very life depended it on it. Kagome closed her eyes and she buried her face into his chest. Inuyasha lifted Kagome up bridal style and he walked back to the shrine.

When Sango and Miroku walked into the room they stopped. Sango smiled at the scene in front of her. Inuyasha lay on Kagome’s bed with Kagome curled up next to him. His arms were around her. Sango and Miroku slept in the living room in order to give them privacy.

The next morning Inuyasha woke before everyone else. He slowly wrote a letter to Kagome and he left it on her bedside table. He leaned down and he kissed her lips softly. Inuyasha then left and he went back through the well. A few hours later everyone was gathered around the table when the heart-wrenching scream echoed through the house. Miroku and Sango ran as fast as they could up to Kagome’s room. When they ran in, Kagome was knelt on the floor sobbing and holding the paper. Sango knelt and she took Kagome in her arms while Miroku read the letter.

"By The time you read this I will no longer be in your time. I do love you Kagome and I’m sorry it took me this long to realize it. I will not come back to see you. It kills the both of us, So I am respecting your wishes and I am staying away. But I want you to know that I will always be here, I will always be on the other side of the well waiting for you.

Goodbye Kagome


Sango looked down and she held Kagome as tightly as she could. Kagome was sobbing uncontrollably by the time Miroku knelt down and he took them both into his arms.

When Kagome finally calmed down she stayed in a trance for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until dinner when she showed signs of coming to. Suddenly she stood and her eyes went wide, "Something’s wrong in the feudal era" Miroku stood and he nodded, "I can feel it to" Sango and Kagome ran upstairs to change. Kagome changed into tight jeans, boots and long sleeved red shirt. She grabbed her jacket and she threw it on. She then grabbed her bow and arrows. Sango put her demon slaying uniform on and she grabbed her weapon. Miroku was already changed when they came down. The three ran to the well and they jumped in.

When they arrived on the other side they weren’t surprised to see it was snowing. They climbed out of the well and the listened. When Kagome heard Inuyasha’s screams. Her eyes went wide, She ran in the direction it came from and she let out a scream when she saw Kaede'’ village on fire. While Sango and Miroku went to help the other’s Kagome battled the demon responsible.

When she had slayed the demon Kaede and the others came out smiling. When their smile’s faded Kagome became worried. When Kagome heard the growl, She slowly turned around. Her bow fell from her hands and her eyes went wide, She was staring into the demonic eyes of Inuyasha…He was now nearly full transformed…..

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