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Story Notes:
I do not own Inuyasha or the gang Nor do i own the Songs featured in this story

Kagome sat on the windowsill with her knees pulled up to her chest. She let out a sigh as she leaned into the wall and she rested her head on her arms. This window was the closest thing she would ever come to freedom. Since the age of 5 Kagome had been the ward of King Naraku. Her parents had been killed in a senseless blood bath, Some said the King who at the time was a mere prince, had feelings for the mother and when he laid eyes on Kagome, he took her in for that very reason. Kagome was now 16 and she was blessed with the beauty of her mother, Raven Black locks that fell to her waist, Chocolate brown eyes, and a curvy body. She had also been blessed with her mother’s acting skills, and she appeared in local plays to pass the time. She had never been outside the palace walls. She spent countless hours sitting on the windowsill watching the moonrise. Kagome frowned when her servant walked into the room. Kagome had saved Sango when she was 8, Sango was to be sold to a ruthless king in a far away land. Kagome threw herself upon the king and begged for him to release Sango to her. The two girls were now the best of friends. But Sango coming into the room could only mean one thing, The King was wanting to see Kagome.

Kagome frowned and she stood, Sango walked over to young woman and she stood silent while Sango braided her hair and placed a cloak around her shoulders and over her nightgown. Kagome then left the room and she walked to Naraku’s bedchamber. She was led in and the door was slammed behind her. Kagome knelt on the floor as was custom. Naraku laughed, "My child rise and come here." Kagome stood and she walked over to the king where she knelt on the ground once more. Many women thought Naraku was handsome, Almost 200 years old and yet he appeared no older than 20. Naraku stood and he walked in circles around Kagome as he spoke, "You are now 16, a suitable age for marriage. You will be joining me for dinner every night in the hope that you will see that my love for you is real." Kagome nodded and she stood, Before she could leave the room Naraku began to speak again, "There is a new servant coming into the castle tonight…he will be waiting in your room, Show him around and give him his jobs. He is your servant." Kagome nodded and she bowed. She walked out of the room and she felt tears gather in her eyes. By the time she made it back to her room, Sango had a good idea of what was going on. Her fears were proven to be true when she saw the tears slowly sliding down Kagome’s face. Sango held her arms out and the young woman fell into them and she began to sob.

Sango held Kagome to her and she tried to comfort her the best she could. When the door began to open Kagome quickly regained her composure and she stood, Naraku stepped in with someone by his side, "This is the new servant, he will be your personal servant and bodyguard." With those words Naraku left the room, Kagome swayed and Sango managed to catch her before she hit the ground. The boy removed his hood and he knelt next to them, Sango’s eyes went wide and she smiled, "Inuyasha!" Inuyasha smirked and he nodded, "I came as soon as I got your letter…. Miroku is fine. Waiting as usual." Inuyasha looked down at Kagome and their eyes met. Kagome smiled softly, "I’m Kagome…" Inuyasha smiled and he nodded, "I know all about you Kagome, Were going to get you out of here." Kagome smiled and without thinking she reached up and hugged Inuyasha tightly. The Hanyou was taken by surprise but he smiled and hugged her back. When Kagome pulled away her eyes fell onto Inuyasha’s ears…. She smiled and let out a giggle, "I like your ears" Inuyasha turned a bright red and he smiled. At this point Sango couldn’t help but break into fits of laughter.

The following morning, Kagome was happy to find out, Naraku had left on Business and wouldn’t be returning until dinner that evening. This gave Kagome free reign in the castle and the ground until he returned. Kagome walked outside with Sango by her side, She smiled when she saw Inuyasha sitting under a Sakura tree. Inuyasha went to bow and Kagome raised her hand, "Inuyasha no…When we are alone you do not have to bow, its only when we are around Naraku." Inuyasha nodded and he smiled. Sango frowned "Speaking of Naraku, he sent the dress he wants you to wear tonight." Kagome sighed and she walked to her room with Inuyasha and Sango close by. When she saw the dress she fell into a fit of sobs. Sango frowned when she saw what dress it was Inuyasha was confused as hell. After Kagome cried herself into an exhausted state. Sango and Inuyasha went for a walk out in the gardens. "Sango I don’t understand, why did Kagome cry so hard.? Sango sighed and she sat down on a bench. "When Naraku was just a prince, He fell in love with Kagome’s mother. Well his father forbid it and he sent his soldiers to destroy the village. Naraku saved Kagome and he took her in as his ward…. But the bad thing is…now that Kagome is old enough to marry Naraku wants her for himself. She hasn’t left the castle since she was 5. You are the first guy Kagome has come into contact with since she was 5." Inuyasha frowned and he let out a sigh.

That night Inuyasha stood by as Sango helped Kagome get ready. She came out in the dress and Inuyasha smiled. The dress was light blue edged in white lace, the sleeves went to her shoulders and her hair was pulled back with a white bow. She slipped into her heels and she stood ready. When Naraku came in he smiled, "Shall we." Kagome took his arm and they walked out of the room. The dinner was held in the King’s personal chambers. Kagome slowly ate wishing this dinner would hurry up and end so she could get back to Inuyasha and Sango. At the thought of Inuyasha, Kagome couldn’t help but smile. Naraku raised an eyebrow, "Um Kagome if your finished eating could you follow me please." Kagome snapped out of her trance and she nodded. She stood and she raised an eyebrow as Naraku grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him. She was shocked to find they were walking into his bedchamber. Kagome began to tense up as Naraku closed the door behind him.

He walked up to Kagome and he smiled, "You have turned into a true beauty Kagome…. Just like your mother." Kagome glared at the mention of her mother, "Please sir, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t speak of my mother in such a way." Naraku placed his hand on Kagome’s cheek and he smirked, When he leaned down to Kiss her Kagome pushed him away. "Contain yourself sir…I am leaving." Kagome made it to the door and she grabbed the doorknob. Naraku grabbed her and he forced her to turn around, he slammed her into the wall. Kagome let out a whimper and She looked at the king. Before Naraku could do anything A knock came at the door, "Please excuse me sir, the prince of the next Kingdom has arrived." Naraku smirked, "You will be let go this time…" Kagome growled, "Never lay your hands on me again." Naraku glared and he backhanded Kagome hard enough to send her to the floor. Kagome looked up and she tried to stand but fell back to the floor. Naraku laughed, "When im through with you, not even a dirt Hanyou would want you…" Naraku opened the door, Kagome stood and she walked out. She stumbled down the hallway and into her room.


Inuyasha and Sango stood when the doors opened. The saw the handprint on her cheek and Inuyasha growled. Kagome closed the door and she let out a sob. Inuyasha ran to her and he wrapped his arms around her. He sank to the floor and he held Kagome as she sobbed. "W…w...What am I going to do…I need to get out of here." Inuyasha looked at Sango and he sighed, "I promise Kagome, I won’t let anything happen to you…I’m going to protect you." Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and she smiled, She then curled her fingers around Inuyasha’s wrist and she fell into a fitful sleep. Inuyasha stood with Kagome in his arms and he walked over to the sitting area. He sat down and he kept Kagome in his lap…. When Sango came back in a few hours later, Inuyasha had fallen asleep holding Kagome tightly to him. Sango let out a sigh, She was happy for them but she also knew…Only bad could come from this.

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