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Story Notes:

I don't profit or own copyright to InuYasha.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Inspired by a username with the same title. I’m not good at writing. I’m not good at lj. New and joined through the lj site at http://community.livejournal.com/iy_fanfiction/

Yura yawned as she was awakened by the power of the Shikon no Tama.

‘It’s been years and I have not seen his hair. Lord Sesshoumaru would be so pleased if I were to become stronger. He might allow me to brush his hair, just like his daddy had long ago,’ she mused, as she stretched and rose from her bed of black hair.

She could feel the juices of her pussy gather, and she squeezed her legs together to relish the feeling.

She followed her sense of the jewel and was surprised to see a silver-haired half demon.

‘He looks like the Old Dog General,’ she sighed to herself. ‘But he hangs with a mortal girl. Pity.’

She noticed that the girl dressed strangely, and sensed the jewel calling her from the girl’s neck.

She went back to her lair to contemplate how she would retrieve the jewel, but kept getting distracted by the images of the half demon’s hair. She sat at her vanity and brushed her short locks.

‘I’m tired of being surrounded by all this black hair,’ she pouted.

“Oh me, oh my, his pretty silver hair. I must have it,” she said out loud to herself, and then grabbed something from the vanity top.

‘Oh Inu no Taisho, if only you were alive,’ she thought, and then brought the article to eye level. ‘This is the very hair I got from my comb when you had permitted me to brush it. Ah, heavenly.’

She brushed the hair across her face and down to her bosom.

She stopped and frowned.

“If only I could’ve brushed his other hair against my own. That would’ve been divine,” she said with a pleasant shiver, and then resumed caressing herself. "I love pretty silver hair."

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