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There are some scenes in this that are rather perverse and if you don't like that kind of thing then I suggest that you don't bother reading this.

I don't know what I would call this story but you really need to read what I am about to say so that you can understand what I am trying to do here.

Basically this is a N/K/S story in a sense but not exactly. Confused? Don't worry so am I. So here is how this works... The first chapter will be posted exactly the same under N/K and S/K sections, the second chapter will be different under the N/K category than the chapter under the S/K category and the third chapter will be the same under both listings. Is that as clear as mud?

What I mean by the second chapter being different in each category is that the second chapter is a lemon between the respective pair of that particular category. So if you read this story and want to read the lemon between S/K then you have to go to the S/K section to read it under the title Sesshoumaru's Subjugation and visa versa if you read this story under the S/K category first and want to read the lemon between N/K.

Now you may ask why I do this? The answer to that is "I... don't... know." However I figured that this is a good way for all N/K (which there are very few of)fans to get their N/K fix and the same goes for the fans of the other side. Plus this way if you don't like a particular paring here then you are not subjugated to read it when you don't like a one of the parings. (Which is generally N/K... Poor Naraku; the poor guy just can't seem to get a break!)

But I digress. If none of this makes sense to you then just read the story and at the end tell me you want to read the S/K lemon and I will point you in the right direction or you can just hop over to my profile and click on the story with the similar name with only the name change of the main character.

So I hope that explains how this story works and that you find it entertaining. Much lover for you all. Keva

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Published: 16 Dec 2008 Updated: 16 Dec 2008

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