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I am a girl who is obessed with the show inuyasha. I love to draw kagome and use her for my own manga fan fictions. Recently i have gotten hooked on sessxkag fics. Blue fire girl and a few others have helped that. However noone should have called inuyasha as their guy, he is so mine. So just to warm you stay away from him."growl"

I have several friends that all love Inuyasha. We also watch Naruto so I highly recommend it!

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Challenges by Kagome higurashi

This is where you must write a story about Sesshomaru and Kagome getting thrown into another dimension and have to find a way out. the rules are simple

Rule #1: must have Sesshomaru & Kagome fall in love ;)

Rule #2: has to be at least six chapters, with 700 words per chap.

Rule #3: at least one lemon

Rule #4: and, have Inuyasha fall for someone else, but NOT Kikyo.

Categories: Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Sesshoumaru