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Hi, I'm am a 17 year old who is in love with fan fiction and The Inuyasha manga,

and am currently writing my first fan fic.

I love writing and hope to write a whole series for my main character Midori and her friends.

I'm also a cat lover and have two male, black cats named Midnight and Eclipse.

P.S. I probabily will only update about once a month, but I will let you know if I update sooner!!!

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Challenges by Mikoangel

This Challenge is for Iun No Taishou/Izayoi Romance, and must be the main focus of the story, also the story must be at least 10 chapters long and least 1500 words a chapter, the characters: Sessomaru and Takemaru are main characters and must have some kind purpose in the story. ( I would also like you to write some of the trials the Inu No Taishou/Izayoi went through to the point of Inuyasha's birth)

And don't forget to keep it in the Feudal Era!!!

                                          ~~~Happy Writeing!!! Bye.~~~

Categories: Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Inu no Taishou, Izayoi, Sesshoumaru, Setsuna no Takemaru