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Challenges by fanficlover

 who can make the longest ADULT  inuyasha/kagoma  story

  stick to the past   this is NOT an A/U   you can add a char. if you want  but inuyasha and kagome are the stars  

 rule one-  story must have at least 5,500 words a chap.

 rule two- story must have at least 50 chaps.

 rule three- inuyasha and kagome must start out at the age of the manga   and live up to 1000 years old

 rule four- you can not skip more than 5 years every 4 chaps.

 rule five- story must have large amounts of lemons/lime every 2 chaps.

 rule six- kagome must have a least 10 hanyou kids and 3 human kids(yes you can mate the humans to a demon or hanyou)

      thay can live in the past or in kagomes time

 rule seven- kagome must have a bow made of inuyashas fangs (powers are yours to pick) it must be made by totosey

 rule eight- story must be single spased

 rule nine- kagome must have a firerat 

  this is one story not two or three  if you wish to make a secound limet rules aply

 this story can have yuri


Categories: Adult > Yuri, Action/ Adventure, Adult, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome Characters: Kagome Higurashi

im am challengeing every one to wright a good yuri

min chapters/ 15

min words per chapter/ 4500

characters/ kagome, sango, rin (18 years or older) or any of your fav female characters

male characters/ any

and NO AU plzz

Categories: Romance, Adult Characters: Kagome Higurashi