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Info about me:

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Yes, I'm 13. But I can still create IY fanfics just as well as the next person. But people diss me because they think I can't create good fanfics because:

A) 13 year olds are bad at lemon (this is a FACT)

B) Most 13 year olds they know are horrible authors

C) I'm up against so many other experienced writers

And if I think of more reasons, I'll tell you lol.

I've been an author since I was little. I always enjoyed creating stories and recently (as in last year) I decided to create FanFictions. People really like them and I'm glad. All you R and J lovers (Romeo and Juliet) I love yhuuuu <3

Pretty short bio but oh well, you don't need to know EVERYTHING about me ^^;



*If you haven't read R and J yet, please read it and tell me what you think! Any questions, just ask*

Ja ne~ 

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