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 ^_^ : Cheese, smut, kitties, the sun, Sesshoumaru, vampires, writing, SessKag, reading, shojou manga, dinosaurs, dragons, cars, and diet coke.  These things make a happy Riti.  (^w^)/

 >.< : Onions, spiders (but I don't kill them), Bush (the president, lol), people who claim they are writers but it looks like they never finished school, bad grammar, animal abusers, and people that hate (ie: homophobes, racists, sexists, etc...).  These things make for an unhappy Riti.  >:((


A little about my writing:

I am FAR from perfect.  I may not be the most exciting writer (I need to work on that), but I really try to have correct spelling and grammar.  Also (this is a big pet peeve of mine) - please - if you are going to correct me, make sure you are right.  I try to be as canon as possible (unless I'm writing AU), which means I use Japanese words and spellings.  I also stick to what I know of the MANGA, not the anime.  Anime is NOT canon in InuYasha.  Only the manga in canon, which means the movies aren't canon either.  The movies technically never "happened", because Rumiko-sensei didn't make those.  WAY too many times I have had girl ask me, "What about Ayame??"  Ayame doesn't exist.  It was a character that Sunrise made up to make the story more interesting.  ALSO - occasionally I contain spoilers.  I read the manga as it comes out, so if something is written in my story that seems off, it might be because you don't know about it yet, so don't blame me. 


I'm putting my disclaimer here:  Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Kagome, Kouga, Kikyou, Naraku, Kagura, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Kohaku, and Rin do not belong to me. They are (c) Takahashi Rumiko. If they did, I would be rich, and therefore could afford a subscription for this account. Plus: Why would I write fanfiction about my own characters? If I did, it would just be fiction. Duh.

All other characters including: Sayuri, Nikki, Jason, John, Trent, Matt, Joey, and Ian are (c) ME.
I make no profit from these stories and only write them for my own and my fans' pleasure.


Thanks, and enjoy!  -Pita


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