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Updated September 15 (12:23 AM), 2013

Hi everyone! I'm new to this particular website, and I love to create fanfictions of my favorite anime stars! The Inu-gang, DUH! I've never really created an InuYasha fanfiction-- they've always ended up deleted because after reading some of the ones of here, I feel mine are too awful to post. Thanks for reading my little bio and remember: InuYasha forever!

That was a cheesy way to end my biography but I have nothing else to say. *shrugs*

**Yeah, I'm never going to update 'Disappearance' lol. I just don't have that passion for it anymore. I have another account on this site and I rarely go on this one. I'm glad people still read my fanfics, it means a lot to me!! Ja ne~**

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