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I love writing and am doing scholarships for it and going to college for it, psychology and Spanish and even Japanese. I will do two years of college in japan and am already saving up for it. I also live a Japanese cultured life and even dress and look a little Japanese too its just who I am. Oh and my Name is Rin Charles.
Fanfiction: Inuyasha
Adultfanfiction: i like it
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Series by LadyRin18825
Summary: Rin finally decide to live with Sesshomaru, but she soon runs away and when she returns she is different in many ways. Sesshomaru want to know why she ran away once he finds out he feels guilty it was his fault . . . but they try to forgive and forget see what he did that was so bad and if they can put it past them and move on. They learn they never can forget but just try to make the better of things and learn that things sometime work out despite a terrible past.
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Characters: Rin
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Summary: Ten years have passed since Rin and Sesshomaru first met, They slowly began to develop feeling for one another. They don't really know what to do with these feeling, but they slowly learn how to be together. Some people and demons are surprised just like Rin and Sesshomaru were at first, but they too learn to accept their love.
Parent Series: Rin\'s Inner Strenght
Categories: Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Rin
Characters: Rin
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