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I’m Suniko.

I’m a 26 female born on Halloween. MUHAHAHA I’m an internet and anime junkie. :P I love to read and do some writing of Fanfic mostly Inu Yasha fandom.

HELP!!! I need a beta!!!

If you only want to do one chapter that would be GREAT!!! Every little bit counts know. If you are interested you can email or leave a review. My email is Well that’s one of my emails. I do have hotmail but that account is for my friends.

 Humm… What else could I say about me?

 Well I am from a small country town. Population of 1,400 as of date. For 10 years of my life I lived in Denver CO. There I went from miss goody-goody-too-shoe that was clean as preachers sheets Christian to fuck you and FUCK GOD! The night of my first cussing at god I've been a bat out of hell. I have done little of EVERYTHING.

Now I’m calm down from my wild ride and truly look at myself. Like in one of my proems “Do I have any regrets? Yes and No. But it made me who I am”

I started with poems then I start writing fanfics. I was never good at grammars and spelling while I was growing up. Because I was one of those kids that were sent to special ad because of my hearing thus it had an effect on my speech. Through surgeries and therapy I can hear just find. Then I undergo years....YEARS... of speech training that I can past it off as an southerner accents.

Back then any special ad children was branded as failures. I have gone out and prove them wrong. I was able to go to a real high school take regular classes just like anybody else. I graduate from high school with beta honors. And I have graduate top of my class in college. The only thing that I have most problems is sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.

 As of now I’m working on that problem by writing fanfics. I have hundreds of stories that I play out in my mind. All I need to do now convert them from my brain to paper.

Well that’s my history.

  My life quote is, "The worse mistake a person can make is repeating the same mistakes."


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