Penname: Cresent Rose [Contact] Real name: Corrina Rose
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Name: Not your business.

Age: I'll tell you if you can guess.

Height: ...I'm short, alright, stop rubbing it in.

Hair Color: Changes when I get bored.

Eye Color: My eyes change between green, gray, blue, and any combination of the three.

Personality: I can be the sweetest person you ever met or your worst enemy. I'm a little rough around the edges. Usually, I can tell wether I'll like someone the instant I meet them. I tend to be a bitch if you piss me off. I am extremely over-protective of my friends and family. Hurt them and you die. I know I'm not a fighter and I can't beat a lot of people in a fair fight, but who said I have to play fair?

So, yeah, I love to write. I am obsessed with Sesshoumaru. If I could find someone who looked like him...Let's just say you're better off not knowing what my twisted mind can come up with... I would do lot's of naughty things to that boy...^_^

Beta-reader: No
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