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Update 10-14-09

Hello everyone.

It was time that I update my profile page, so I did. _

This is just a heads up of the projects I plan to start/work on within the next few months.

I will continue working on Remnants of the Spider, thought the detailed editing I wanted to do will probably fall by the wayside. I just am not finding the motivation to stick with it so I will begin reposting all of the chapters within the next few days until it is caught up.

I have also come up with another story concept that I will start writing soon. This one will be called Absolution's Pursuit. I have not yet written the summary for it, but I have created a pretty detailed outline. I will post the summary as soon as it is completed.

I am also seriously considering creating a doujinshi based on Detrimental Desires. It is a fairly short story so it will hopefully not prove to be a huge undertaking. It will be available on deviantart, which I have set here as my home page.

Well, that's it for now. I'll keep you guys updated if anything changes.
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