SessRin OneShots by Ravyn Skye

A collection of short oneshots for the romantic pairing of Sess/Rin. Rated 'T' so far, but subject to change as I add more chapters (stories) to this collection.

CH1:After centuries building them up, Sesshoumaru's walls come crashing down; Rin is waiting on the other side to welcome him to freedom.

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1. Behind Walls by Ravyn Skye

Behind Walls by Ravyn Skye
Author's Notes:
Author: Ravynskye
Title: Behind Walls
Rated: T
Words: 441
Summary: Suddenly, the walls came tumbling down.
A/N: 'Kirei' means 'beautiful'


Behind centuries old stone walls he hides himself and his heart. Cold and distant, he watches from behind his barricade, as the girl laughs and dances, open and vulnerable to the world.

And, he envies her.

She hands him a flower and he peaks outside his fortress to steal a moment of happiness; without giving the blossom a glance his eyes meet hers and he whispers, "Kirei," softly.

Behind mud walls of her lonely hut, Rin's eyes cry silent tears of loneliness as she waits and waits for his return.

And, she loves him.

On her fourteenth birthday he finally comes back, and, his heart steadfastly guarded against any response she could give him, he offers the choice… Return to a life of wandering, or stay behind her mud hut walls, living her life in relative safety and comfort.

Rin chooses the only option that has ever presented itself in her mind, and she goes back to carefully standing guard outside the fortress of his heart; like a soldier at her post, she waits outside the barrier of his self-imprisionment, for the day when he can be liberated.

Each moment with her is an eternity that is over far too soon, and it isn't long before he realizes that she is fleeting… But, it isn't safe out there. When his father ventured out from his inner world, into the unknown realm of love and humans and whatever else it is she could represent, he met only disgrace, dishonor, and his eventual demise.

The winter months have come and they've taken refuge behind the paper-thin shoji walls of his shiro.

The wind whips hard, blowing out the candle light, ripping through the rice paper and his girl shivers in the cold, teeth chattering as he silently watches her sleep and he feels his own walls – his solid, safe, sturdy and heretofore believed to be impenetrable walls become as flimsy as that shoji.

Something inside him breaks, and he moves to lay behind her, wrapping her in warmth.

Hours later he's fast asleep, and she wakes, rolling over and somehow unsurprised to find him curled around her body… And she enjoys the scant moment s she has to see him so unguarded, before her raised heart rate rouses him as well.

One golden eye slivers open and before he can stop her, a small palm lands on his face.

"What are you afraid of?" Rin whispers.

That one question, and his walls came tumbling down.

He, for once, answers honestly, "You."

She sighs and pulls him closer, and behind those flimsy, unreliable, and now tattered rice-paper walls, Rin allows him to conquer his fear.

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