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 Hello, some of you might know me from multiple other sites under the same name, RavynSkye or Ravyn Skye.  A very long time ago, I was also known as Plumespixie and Plumespixie2, but that seems like a lifetime ago, now. XD;

 I'm just posting my stories here, because it's a new place to post, and possibly a new audience.

 I'm a Sesshomaru/Rin 'shipper and fanaticaly devoted to my pairing, although I won't get into any 'wars' over it... Basically, I know a lot of people don't like this pairing, but I do, and I don't think it's completely insane to think it might be a possibility after the end of the canon.


 However, if you would like to know more about how and why I support my pairing as being a possible future outcome after the end of the canon, I will be more than happy to explain my main points to you:

Please note, that I am NOT saying that a romantic relationship between Sesshoumaru and Rin is the ONLY valid interpretation of them... Just that a romantic relationship is ONE of the valid interpretations. 

1) RT does not have anything against lolicon, and is, in fact, a supporter of lolicon (or at least, the right to write lolicon pairings in anime and manga) as evidenced by her showing up in Tokyo to protest a law that was purposed which would ban the production of lolicon in Tokyo. (SEE: )

Also, lolicon is defined as 15 and under in romantic relationships, and Kagome is 15, while InuYasha is 250 years old at minimum. (Sesshoumaru is 19 in 'human years', according to his Japanese Language character profile, and as shown in the InuYasha companion guide book, released in English as well.)

2)The mythology (which, RT is clearly very knowledgable about Japanese mythology due to her level of detail in depiction mythological creatures/legends in InuYasha, even down to the myth that tripping and falling in the woods is what would provoke wolf demons (ookami) to attack and kill you and that is how Rin died) of the Inugami/Inumochi stating that male dog demons are able to be 'tamed' (only by human females, known as Inumochi, or 'dog-witches') into being protection spirits by offering them food (Rin offered Sesshoumaru food, and considereing she had to bring more each day, and there were no 'leftovers' from the day before, we can infer that Sesshoumaru WAS in fact eating it, although his pride would never allow him to admit that aloud), and those male dog-demons become incredibly attached/bonded to their human women, and oftentimes romantically. Women with an out-of-control possesive dog demon would actually have to have them exorcized sometimes, to get them to leave them alone because the male dog-demons would kill would-be husbands, out of jealousy.

3) The fact that in the Japanese language character profile for Rin, it is stated openly that Sesshoumaru LOVES Rin, and the kanji used is that of Shitai, which means 'to love deeply, to adore, to YEARN FOR' - this is NOT a paternal or familial or even a platonic kind of love. It is *almost* always used to indicate romantic feelings for someone, and frequently used for romantic feelings that one must wait to act upon (such as in the situation where two people were engaged to be married, but had to wait to be married in order to be together, or a woman waiting for her husband to come back from war, etc.,) which COULD, in THEORY indicate that Sesshoumaru is waiting for Rin to grow up before he acts on his romantic feelings for Rin.  (殺生丸を慕い行動を共にしている人間のz90;z90;z90;Can be viewed HERE at Showtime's official IY page under the Sesshoumaru-tachi grouping:

4) The fact that the class difference would not mean they could not be together, as women could marry above their class and the man would retain his station with no dishonor.  The fourth Tokugawa shogunate's mother was a merchant's (the lowest class in Japanese society at the time) son.  His father was the 3rd Tokugawa Shogunate, and he married a common girl, and it was accepted.  It was unusual, but at least 3 times in notable history, a nobleman took a common woman as his wife. (You can see this information in this documentary (not sure which part it is, but it's here somewhere:

5)Literary Precendent: The adult man/young girl (in waiting, until she was about 13, which was marrying age in sengoku jidai era) romantic relationship has been a staple of Japanese literature since literally the FIRST novel in recorded history, 'Tale of Genji', which featured a nobleman who found a nine year old girl on a battlefeild, saved her life, kept her with him for about a year (where, he fell in love with her, amidst his womanizing), so then he gave her to an old woman* to raise her and train her in the ways of women and how to be his 'perfect wife' and he came to collect her for marriage when she was 13 years old. Genji/Murasaki is a classic romance story in Japan (yes, it's romance, depsite the fact Genji starts out as quite a bastard, it's generally accepted that he learns to love due to Murasaki's gentle heart, and because of his love for her, he stops womanizing and being such a bastard by the end).

*People who do not understand Japanese language frequently misinterpret this old woman to have been her actual grandmother, because 'obaasama' is used, however Japanese language uses familial titles even for unrealted people, who are of the proper age that they could be the person's grandma/uncle/older brother/older sister/daughter/neice etc.,  Any random teenage boy a little girl meets can be called by the title 'oniisan', and a young girl would call any random old woman she meets 'obaasama', even if they are unrelated. 

6)The age difference would not only be fine, but EXPECTED in samurai culture.  The male/male version of Adult/Child sexual relationships was known as Wakashudo (the way of young men), and the gender neutral version of adult/child relationships was known as 'bi-do' or 'The beautiful way'.(which, again, you can read that little bit of info at the link I provided).

You can find more information on the systematic practice of pederastic relationships (in the male/male version (the most noted type of pederasty, although it happened between men and young girls as well), the child made sure for about five years that the adult was 'worthy' and then started a sexual relationship with them when the child was around 11 or 12 and it didn't end until age 18 or 19 formally, but oftentimes it remained a life-long realtionship) in noble Japanese culture HERE: 

And, all this information aside, the bottomline is that This is FAN fiction, and we can do what we like, and it's all in good fun, y'know?


If you don't like something, just DON'T READ IT.  

There is no reason to bitch about it. Write and read YOUR OWN pairing, and just leave the other pairings alone. (You don't see me going around to Sess/Kagome fics/sites/authors and bitching, so all you who dislike Sess/Rin, go ahead and just IGNORE ME!)  

Now, if after reading all that you don't think I'm a nutjob and would still like to contact me (for more in-depth info on the Sess/Rin pairing, or for requests, or just to chat/whatever), you may do so at:


My webpage: 


 Or any of the other contacts listed below. 

Hearts and Hugs,

RavynSkye  ( formally Plumespixie )

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