Come On Feel The Noize by Dirtdevil76
Summary: This takes place in 1988.Shikon High known for it's Cliques.Inuyasha is a New Waver he listens to all the new wave and punk music.Kagome is a Rocker she's into the hair bands and Heavy Metal bands.They both have there different cliques but what happens when they get together well all hell is going to break loose!
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I do not own Inuyasha wish I did but I do not

1. Chapter 1-Kagome Higurashi and Inuyasha Taisho by Dirtdevil76

Chapter 1-Kagome Higurashi and Inuyasha Taisho by Dirtdevil76
Author's Notes:
This was on my Inuyasha-Fiction account and I got over 20 reviews on it and well I was wanting to put it on here for you guys to read so Read and Review!!Plz!
(Kagome Higurashi had just woke up her alarm clock has rung it was 6:10)

Kagome:Here come's another day of higher education yawn

(Kagome got up and went looked into her closet and put on her Bon Jovi t-shirt and her favorite pair of jeans then went over to her brother Sota's room and knocked on the door)

Kagome:Hey butthead it's 6:12 get up for school!

Sota:I'm up i'm up

(Kagome went into the bathroom and got moose and put it in her hair and puffed up her bangs and hair then she put on her make up and walked downstairs to eat breakfast which her mom Sophie has already cooked)

Kagome:Hey mom

Sophie:Oh hey Kagome

Kagome:What's for breakfast

Sophie:Bacon and egg's

Kagome:Yum I love bacon

Sota:If you eat to much bacon you'll get fat

(Kagome throws a piece of bacon at him)

Kagome:Shut up
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~With Inuyasha*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

(Inuyasha was sleeping intill his phone rang and it was his girlfriend well ex-girlfriend Kikyo Priest)

Inuyasha:Kikyo what do you want

Kikyo:Hey baby I just wanted to wake you up it's 6:15 and I don't want you to be late for school

Inuyasha:Kikyo stop calling me that we're not going out anymore your going out with Naraku

Kikyo:I know but I just love calling you that


(Inuyasha hangs up then gets up and puts on a black and blue t-shirt and shorts then walks downstairs where he see's his older brother Sesshomaru who is a college freshman)

Inuyasha:Yo Sess what are you doing here should'nt you be at Shikon University?

Sesshomaru:My classes don't start till 9

Inuyasha:Oh ya I forgot about that...

Izayoi:Morning honey

Inuyasha:Morning mom

Izayoi:So what do you want for breakfast

Inuyasha:I'm not hungry

Izayoi:Are you sure

Inuyasha:Ya i'm going to head off for school

Sesshomaru:Hey you want me to ride you since i'm heading that way since

Inuyasha:Yes I know Shikon High is a block away from Shikon University and sure i'll take a ride I feel like walking home today anyways


(Sesshomaru got up grabed his keys and they started walking out the door)

Sess/Inu:See ya mom

Izayoi:See ya boys

(Sesshomaru and Inuyasha then go walk to Sesshomaru's car and Sesshomaru drive's Inuyasha to school)
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I hope you liked the first chappie!
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