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Okie well my real name is'nt Yumi it's just my anime name and I want to be called it!
Hum well I love the band Kiss hehe ME LOVE PAUL STANLEY!I also love Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.I'm only 14 b-day september 29th.

Fav Bands:KISS,Motley Crue,Bon Jovi,Poison,Jonas Brothers,and Aerosmith.I do also like Marilyn Manson and KoRn

Fav Animes:Inuyasha,Naruto,Bleach,Full Metal Alchemist,Pokemon,Ouran High School Host Club,Vampire Knights,and Code Geass

Fav Anime Guys:Naruto Uzumaki,Miroku,Renji Abarai,Edward Elric,and Ash Ketchum

Fav Songs(Top 5):

1.Detroit Rock City(KISS)

2.Home Sweet Home(Motley Crue)

3.Livin On A Prayer(Bon Jovi)

5.Nothin But A Good Time(Poison)

Fav Movies(Top 5):


2.Back To The Future

3.Pretty In Pink

4.Detroit Rock City

5.Sixteen Candles
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Stories by Dirtdevil76
Inu Karaoke by Dirtdevil76 Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Ever wonder what the Inu-gang would sing for Karaoke?Well your wondering is over hehe here's Inu Karaoke!
Categories: General
Characters: Inu Yasha, Kagome Higurashi, Kikyo, Kouga, Miroku, Rin, Sango, Sesshoumaru, Shippo
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 1505 Read Count: 13251
[Report This] Published: 26 Jul 2008 Updated: 26 Jul 2008
Summary: This takes place in 1988.Shikon High known for it's Cliques.Inuyasha is a New Waver he listens to all the new wave and punk music.Kagome is a Rocker she's into the hair bands and Heavy Metal bands.They both have there different cliques but what happens when they get together well all hell is going to break loose!
Categories: Romance > Kouga/ Ayame, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome, Romance > Miroku/ Sango, Romance > Other
Characters: Ayame, Inu Yasha, Inu no Taishou, Izayoi, Kagome Higurashi, Kagome's Mom, Kagura, Kikyo, Kouga, Rin, Sango, Sesshoumaru, Shippo, Souta Higurashi, Totosai
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 349 Read Count: 1633
[Report This] Published: 26 Jul 2008 Updated: 26 Jul 2008