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Summary: This is a challenge to make an angst fanfic. The plot can be in the modern era or feudal.

The time of the shard hunt takes no less than 5 years to complete when Naraku is defeated and the jewel is whole once again. Kagome gets sucked back to her time after Naraku is defeated (if you can include the fight scene of his defeat... awesome) a wish on the jewel. InuYasha mourns for a long time, and decided to continue slaying evil demons as they once did during the shard hunt.

Several years pass, and he comes back to find that Rin has been living in Kaede's home. She looks so much like Kagome. Rin will be at least 18.

He ends up with Rin. You have to write about how his relationship develops with her. How they finally get together. Also, afterwards... when Rin dies prematurely, the time the passes between her death and seeing Kagome once again. By the way, you also have to include that Kagome is Rin's re-incarnation, and Kikyo's.

This is to illustrate InuYasha's loneliness. He seems to lose everyone he loves too early to one thing or another.

This cannot be a one-shot. It must be at least 5 chapters and the chapters have to be at least 1500 words (not including author note) If a challenge is met, I will create a graphic recognizing your achievement and post it to your story's table of contents and also to your profile. Also, your story will be plugged at the IYFF Yahoo! Group so others can see. If your entry is very good, your fic might become a candidate for future featured fanfics.
Categories: Adult, Angst/ Drama Characters: Inu Yasha

Your challenge is to represent Inuyasha who's losing himself.

Your challenge is to show him slowly turn to the dark side as he loses himself.

The reason he's losing himself is up to you!

It's up to you who pulls him back in the end, but I'd prefer anyone other than Kagome.

Minimum of 1000 words per chapter.


Categories: Angst/ Drama Characters: Inu Yasha

I challenge you to write a poem about InuYasha's ears. If you do well with this, Ill put your name in myfuture stories and chapters, telling readers to read your fanfiction. :) Happy writing!


*Has to be at LEAST 200 word count.

*Must be Sango decribing them.

*You have to decribe the fuzziness!!! :3

Whatever title you want!

Categories: Poetry Characters: Inu Yasha

Use your imagination to create a fanfic in which Kagome falls in love with another man and Inuyasha's heart is captured by an OC (in love, not literally captured).

Categories: Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Inu Yasha

The challenge is to create in a modern AU setting.

In this setting, kagome never falls through the well, but meets Inuyasha after the sacred arrow either is removed or wears off. Create a romantic fic, you can have demons be either known of within human society, or you can have them remain in the shadows.

Categories: Romance Characters: Inu Yasha, Kagome Higurashi

This is another highschool fanfic, bit it absolutely Must Be a NON-AU. Translation, the fanfic must be in the universe of the actuall series, from there it can be AU-ish, but it still takes place of the realm of the anime/manga.

All characters must be included, i.e. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara. They must also wind up in Kagome's time as well. The pairings will be canon, but it doesn't have to be that way at first. Have as many love triangles as you wish (food for thought), as long as the end result is canon. Why they're there and the major conflict is up to you, as the author, to decide.

If you can find some way to insert some SessRin in there you'll get some major Kudos, but that isn't all that necessary.

It can be any rating, but if you want to minimise as much OOC as possible then it would probably be best for a T/PG-13 rating or up (that way I can have some yummy lemons).

I don't know what prize to give for the winner, but I'll think of something since I highly doubt that anyone just wants a pat on the back and a "You're awesome!" speach.

Categories: Romance Characters: Inu Yasha

Remember the eighth episode, the one with the Toad Prince? This event could not have taken place more than a couple of weeks after Inuyasha gains the Tetsusaiga for himself in episode 7. But what I am curious about is how our favorite half-demon is capable of wielding the sword so skillfully in episode 8.

From what I have been able to gather, Inuyasha was probably far too young to so much as lift a sword when his mother died. And surely no one taught him swordsmanship, since he was so despised as a child. So, it confuses me that he is as skilled as he is so early in the series, because I have been told that mastering even the basics of the Japanese sword takes months.

So, I challenge you to tell the story of how Inuyasha became the swordsman he is in the canon, no matter how crude his style is to many of his opponents. How did he learn this skill? Is it something he somehow learned in the time between episode 7 and episode 8, or did he have a teacher of some sort?

There are no limitations at all for this challenge. I just want to see your ideas 

Categories: General, Action/ Adventure Characters: Inu Yasha

Alright, all I'm looking for is a cute confession scene. NO SEX!! K? K. You can choose from one of these pairings:


  • Miroku/Sango
  • InuYasha/Kagome 
  • Sesshoumaru/Rin(if you make it so sesshy is the one confessing,that would be AWESOME!!!)
  • Kouga/Ayame
There's no word limit,and I'm just looking for a one-shot. Well, hope you respond!



Categories: Romance Characters: Ayame, Inu Yasha, Kagome Higurashi, Kouga, Miroku, Rin, Sango, Sesshoumaru