Terms of Service
This is the Terms of Service for InuYasha-Fanfiction.com.

InuYasha-Fanfiction.com is a free service to use in the spirit of fandom.

Users are expected to:

- Conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous.*
- Follow the Rules of the site.
- To not spam or create off-topic entries.
- To not manipulate the site in a way that could be damaging and hinder others from using.
- To not share work created by others unless it is a collaboration (InuYasha-Fanfiction.com site does allow co-authors) nor claim credit over another person's work.
- Be at least 13 years and older when using this website.

Users who cannot follow these simple expections could see the following depending on the severity of the violation:

- Suspension of account.
- Termination of account.
- Report to both internet provider or email host.
- Banning of IP from site and server.

Plagiarism is taken very seriously. However, as it has been taken lightly and some toss it around like a rag, all reports are considered seriously before action is taken. Those found to have plagiarized will be terminated and permanently banned. There are no strikes.

To make any reports, please use the Contact form and list the author, title, and url address.

*Wankage (Wank) is not permitted at InuYasha-Fanfiction.com nor be tolerated if found it is going on outside of the community ("behind the back".) If you are a user found back talking the management or other members of InuYasha-Fanfiction.com, you will be removed from the website. This is not high school. There is a Contact form where you can make site suggestions. The owners and moderators are open to ideas and willing to discuss them. Any member that has been suspended due to this violation can only be re-instated if a public online apology is given.