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Summary: Kagome Higurashi hasn't been sleeping well. She's having strange, shadowy dreams about a snowstorm. In the dream, she's being chased. And whatever is chasing her, it's getting closer. A detour into the Arctic Circle during a school trip may yield some answers, but what happens when she goes missing in the middle of the night?
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Summary: Kagome, a sweet young wolf demon with dark powers, and her campanion Hukle, a dog demon, go to future japan and find out where she truely belongs.
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Summary: Just a normal Inuyasha fanfic
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Summary: Words forgotten.

By Camille Lynn

This is a love story between Inuyasha and Kagome. This is my first time every writing a love story in Anime. So please feel free to leave comments on what you think about it. And if you have any tips please share always looking for a way to better my writing skills.

Note; I have no clue if I will be turning these into chapters ,but I will leave a comment at the end saying if I am or not. Or if you guys want me to write more I will <3

-Camille Lynn-

As Kagome leaped into the bone eaters well she could hear her ma wish her much love. Kagome was spending more time on the other side ,The jewel was all fully put back together and everyone was still thinking about what they should do with the jewel. They couldn’t let it be broken like it once was and if it where to fall into the wrong hands all hell would brake out . Inuyasha always wanted to be a full demon but now his mind was set somewhere else . His long dream of being a full blooded demon came to a end. He was shown how to care about people, to trust his friends, and count on them. And he knew that if he where to take the jewel he would lose everything , he would lose Kagome forever.


Kagome pulled her self out of the well , jumping out she had her bag locked in her arms. She looked around , the gang seem to be off doing something. She sat on the ledge of the well , hoping the gang would soon show. Kagome pondered in her thoughts as she waited.

Why would Inuyasha deny the jewel that’s what he wanted, He always wanted to be a full demon. His eyes seem to be locked on that jewel that day , when everyone asked him what he wanted to do. But he simply shook his head and placed it down. He didn’t give us a reason , he didn’t speak of the jewel since. Am I the one holding Inuyasha back from following his dreams. Or is it of Kikyo ,how she wanted him to become human? It’s been several months since her soul was put to rest, she was no longer wondering this earth in pain. Inuyasha hasn’t been the same. He seems closer to me but than he seems more far away at times. I know Inuyasha still loves Kikyo but they where fifty years ago. Am I selfish to want what they had ? Am I being selfish in hoping Inuyasha will move on ? Some times I cant help but have so much jealousy in my chest ,but than agen I feel sorry for Kikyo. Am I really her carnation ?

Kagome seem to snap out of her thoughts when she seen Inuyasha walk out of the forest .He quickly made his way over to Kagome and looked at her for a moment he seem to be happy. There was a long silence before Inuyasha spoke. And when he did he his voice was so calm , he wasn’t angry with her taking her time at home as he normally would be angry .

“How was your time,,at home”

Inuyasha seem to have a hard time with last part. He didn’t like that she had a home some where else .But he knew that there was more people who also cared about Kagome . But he didn’t like it when she was out of his sight. If she was gone he would also be gone. He never told Kagome that , but all the times he got upset with her taking so long on the other side. Was more care than she would know, he always got worried though he always tried to tell him self he doesn’t worry .

“The same as always, Gramps always talking about those demons and ma always making sure I have goods to bring to you. And my friends asking where I have been and how am I always sick”

Kagome smiled and rolled her eyes , showing him that it all went smoothly. But she was leaving out one part that she had to talk to Inuyasha about, but how would she tell him. It’s been pushing a lot down on her chest . She had to tell him before it ate to much of her away and then her braking down. She looked up into Inuyasha’s eyes. The sun shining down on her, his eyes such a lovely color she seemed to get lost.

Inuyasha had a puzzled look upon his face, what was wrong with this girl, why did she have such dark eyes , there was something behind them. He blinked and squinted down at her, than took a small step back.

So did your mom give you some snakes to eat this time ? Or did you cook .?”

“Well yes she did, there’s a lot of lunch , where is everyone?”

Kagome really wasn’t all that interested in knowing where everyone was she had to talk to Inuyasha and maybe this could give them that time. A good lunch and a talk ,seems perfect. The only problem is that how would Inuyasha react. She held her breath for a moment .

“There out at the water fall cleaning up, You want to go get them?”

Inuyasha said calmly to her , but with a questioning look on his face .Kagome shook her head side to side quickly. She held her bag in her arms , And let her breath go.


“No we should eat, I need to speak with you”

Inuyasha nodded and let Kagome walk, he followed behind her wondering what she had to speak to him about, Was it good or bad, Hopefully it wasn’t something bad . But knowing Kagome things always can turn out bad even if everything seems alright. Kagome sat underneath the tree and started to pull out packs of food. Inuyasha sat in front of her sniffing the sent of the food, sticking his nose up till he found some noodles. He shoved a mouth full in him ,gulping loudly he wanted to know what Kagome had to say.

“So what do you need to speak to me about?”


Kagome sighed and for a moment she didn’t speak she held her breath once more and looked down at the pack of food in her hands. How was she going to say this to him, Would he feel the same or would he just not care? She didn’t want to ruin anything she couldn’t have him give up on her ,and she didn’t want to put him on the spot. But it had to come out if she liked it or not there was no more beating around the bush. Because things had to be done .

“Inuyasha.. , I just now finished high school by the skin of my teeth . And the jewel is together and whole. Since school is over for me I need to make this decision. I can’t be going back and forth between your world and mine. It is becoming to much and every time I leave I put my family at risk because people tend to ask questions. “


Kagome spoke very calm ,but she had to force everything out , because this wasn’t easy to say to him. She could only say so much at one time if she where to force her self to keep speaking the tears would start to come. Her fear was eating at her , there was much more to be said. She took a minute to her self and than decided to push on with what she had to say.

“I don’t want to put my family through this much more. Inuyasha, there are many things I want to say but I can’t find my self saying them just yet. But what this all comes down to is .. Is…I need to stay in one world. “

She spoke more quickly this time and slowly took her eyes off the food and looked up to take a small peek at Inuyasha’s face. His eyes locked on her, he seem so still so quite , for the first time he really didn’t have anything to speak about. The silence is what hurt the most, she didn’t know what Inuyasha was thinking or how he felt. All she knew was that he was just there not saying anything, at all. Kagome turned her head to look some where else wondering if he was going to say anything or do something.


Kagome felt regret inside of her but she knew that the regret of saying what she said had to be said no matter what. And they couldn’t push it off much longer. But she wished it didn’t half to be like this. She wanted to stay with Inuyasha, or Inuyasha stay with her. But they both didn’t know how each other felt .Inuyasha set the noodles down and still no words came from him. A few moment went by and Inuyasha spoke.

“What do you mean one world, are you leaving everyone ? !”

The anger kicked up in his voice, like always Inuyasha was still being the hot head guy that never understood anything she had to say . Kagome looked at him , and with a hint of tears colleting in the side of her eyes. She tried as hard as she could to blink them away.

“Inuyasha , I don’t want to but I half to choose either this world or my world. And if I choose this world I lose my family, if I choose my world, I lose you…..But if I stay in my world I will half to get a job ,and I wont be able to come back over here as much. I wouldn’t be able to call off. ”


Kagome put her head down so Inuyasha couldn’t see her eyes, he seem to still have a angry side to him. He stood up ,and looked down on Kagome who wouldn’t look up.

“I wont step in your way no more Kagome, Live your life..”

Inuyasha spoke in a low tone. He stepped around her and started to walk down the path. His white hair flowing and him just pushing him self to keep walking. Kagome seen he was walking off , She scrambled her self up and tried running after him. Her hand reaching out for him, but she couldn’t run fast enough.

“Stop! Inuyasha ! Wait! . I want to be with you please don’t leave!”

Inuyasha stoped dead in his spot with his head to his side, a tear slowly came out of his eye but was hidden by his hair. Kagome’s eyes steaming tears with her hand reaching out, her chest feeling as though it was going to cave in. Inuyasha took a moment and kept walking as though heard nothing. Kagome fell to her knees and felt the tears over whelm her. She looked down on her hands that seemed to be in such a tight fist.

I’m such a fool , I just pushed Inuyasha away, was this the last time I will see or hear from him?! This can’t be happening, why me. Does he not see I love him , I want to stay here with him. Why cant he see, Why is he so thick headed ,he doesn’t want to understand…. At all.

Kagome stood up , maybe she should see everyone one last time before she goes back home. She cleaned her face off and went off the water fall. She was trying to act as though everything was fine, but truly it wasn’t. Kagome walked around trees and remembered before she got to the water fall to see everyone she had forgot her bag. She sighed and took a turn and quickly retrieved her bag and rushed to the water fall. Kagome came out of the trees to see Sango , Miroku and shippo sitting at the water side laughing and joking. Kagome walk to them and Sango was the first one to spot Kagome.


Sango called out to here with here hand waving and a smile on her face. Miroku smiled and Shippo rushed into Kagome’s arms. He snuggled close and jumped back. They all seem to be in a good mood. Everyone seem more relaxed ever since the jewel was all together .Kagome took a spot right near them and they chatted, as hard as she tried she couldn’t hide her hurt and her pain. No one asked because they knew it had to deal with Inuyasha , it always has and always will be. Kagome sat there trying as hard as she could to keep the tears back. Where could of Inuyasha went dusk was creeping in and she hasn’t seen him .She seem to be worried, though Inuyasha could handle him self just fine. Kagome stood up stretching her legs and let her bag stay on the ground. Kagome looked at Sango and her eyes spoke for her, Kagome walked away Sango understood she needed time to be alone .

Inuyasha sat on top of tree, his back leaning on it he watched the sun slowly sink lower. His mind was on one person, Kagome. How could she be so selfish , how could she just pack up and leave just like that. How could she do that to me. Doesn’t she understand what she means to me. Doesn’t she understand its not fair .She is probly already home by now, I wont follow her home. I wont she wants that ,she’s waiting for me. But this time will be different I will show her .


Kagome wondered around with her arms holding each other, it started to get colder out. She let the tears run down her face since she was alone ,No one could see how upset she was. Kagome kept walking though her feet where hurting from all the sticks and rocks. Bushes hitting her knees, leaving small cuts. She used her arm to shield her face. Un able to see Kagome felt her self falling to the ground tripping over the ground. Her body laying on the ground she tried to get up but her arms seem to have no strength .She curled up and felt her legs in pain. She closed her eyes and felt cold drops upon her warm skin, she peeked her eyes open and seen the rain starting to come down. Her eyes closed the coldness of the rain cooled her warm skin .She drifted off and soon found peace, she dreamt of Inuyasha.

Inuyasha took a deep in hail trying to collect his thoughts the moon slowly arising and feeling the rain come down harder. Sheltered by the tree leaves he watched the rain drops roll off the leaves. It seemed so peaceful right there but he felt so alone. The air seem to have a weak sent of human blood ,it was a light touch. Jumping from the tree he landed softly upon his feet, his head held high sniffing around. The blood seem to grow stronger in his nose. Kagome popped inside of his head ,his heart raced he soon took off to follow the sent. All that was on his mind was Kagome, what could happen to her. He was foolish to leave her alone, if something where to happen to her he wouldn’t be able to deal with him self. Pushing bushes and branches aside he laid his eyes on Kagome who seem to be sleeping peacefully . Her skin upon her knees to seem cut and bleeding slightly, her hands tucked under her head. She was wet from the rain.



Inuyasha didn’t give it any time he rushed to her side and held her shaking her with in his hands looking down at her. Kagome opened her eyes , she smiled slightly and felt him bring her to him in a long embrace. He closed his eyes as his hand rubbed her head. He didn’t speak, he pulled back and looked her in her eyes. His bangs covered his eyes but seem to peek out time to time. Kagome’s hurt showed on her face, it hurt so much to see him look at her this way.

“I fell,..Im sorry.”

Kagome said softly ,she was shaking slightly from the cold .The rain dropped on them, Inuyasha taking of his top rap and put it around her. And held her in his arms to keep her warm.



“Kagome, Don’t leave me here to live alone..”


Inuyasha spoke hiding the hurt in his voice .


“Inuyasha, I’m not going to leave you, We need to talk about this”

Inuyasha nodded and picked her up, and carried her while he spoke to her.


“Not right now, You need to rest. I’m taking you home so you can rest up”

Kagome didn’t fight with him she leaned her head on his chest and let him carry her. Inuyasha walked to the well and jumped down with Kagome in his arms. She stayed silent while he took her home, was he staying with her ? Or would he be going back home. Inuyasha leaped on his roof sliding the window smoothly so he didn’t wake anyone in the house. Kagome crawled out his arms and stretched her legs, they felt like jelly. She would wait till morning to tell her mom she is home, she didn’t want to awaken her. Kagome grabbed a towel and dried her hair and she reached for her pjs and headed out the room. She quickly changed into them and put her hair into a pony tale . She grabbed Inuyasha top rob shirt off the floor, she looked at it for a moment. The sent of Inuyasha was still there she loved his sent. She held it in her arms tightly and walked back to her room. Her eyes met Inuyasha’s she smirked and held out his piece of clothing, he seem to hesitate for a moment and his hands opened and grabbed it slowly. He felt her hand, but didn’t move his for a moment they stood there locked eyes in a stair. A soft gentle look Inuyasha’s eyes so soft the hazel in his eyes where memorizing under the light. Inuyasha pulled his hand back taking his clothing he quickly placed it on him agen . Kagome crawled under the blankets and rested her head while she watched Inuyasha sit on the floor leaning upon the edge of the bed. Kagome looked at him for a moment and spoke trying not to yawn.


“Why do you always sit on the floor?”

Kagome asked while sleep was slowly making her drift off . Inuyasha looked back at her to look her in her eyes to speak.

“To guard you”

Inuyasha spoke softly he couldn’t be to loud if he was he would awaken the family in the other rooms. Inuyasha kept a lock on Kagome, his eyes never seem to leave her, And Kagome’s eyes seem to be the same way. With a faint smile she seem to be able to speak on last thing before being taken over by her tiredness.


“Your more than welcome to join me on the bed”

Kagome drifted off not being able to hear what Inuyasha had to say. She slept in peace while Inuyasha turned his head and closed his eyes. His sword in his arms and his head down. The moon light peeked through the shades of her window down on him. He drifted off him self for a while.




It seemed as though darkness had over whelmed him his body in pitch black , A little light a head he couldn’t make out who was standing there. The light grew closer and stronger till he had to shield his eyes. He peeked out to see her face, Kikyo..

The words couldn’t come out she stood there peacefully as the light surrounded her in a way. Her face seem to have a soft touch to it. With a small smile upon her face her eyes where staring right in his. Inuyasha felt frozen , he felt his heart beat pound harder every moment .Kikyo was laid to rest she had felt no more pain, no more anger with in her. She was free at last from the world and finally could forever stay in peace. Hew bows where gone ,there was no more need to fight .


“Inuyasha ,Listen to me ,I come for a reason. I look down on you , as though I am your guardian . Please Inuyasha don’t let go. Come with me and we can be at peace. You will have no need to fight anymore. Inuyasha..”




Inuyasha couldn’t speak her name, he reached out his hand to see if he could feel her.Her hand slowly rose her fingers grasped his softly. Her eyes never seem to leave his, his face seem to be in shock , could this be happening. Could this be real? Inuyasha pulled Kikyo into his arms and for a moment the embrace felt real. He missed holding her, the way he once had. Till she was taken from him , His feelings never really seem to end with her. His heart always raced when he heard her name, or laid eyes upon her face. She rested her head upon his chest and for a moment there was silence. She embraced him back she closed her eyes. She seemed as though she never wanted to let go. She used to feel so much hate for him, believe he had betrayed her at one time. But all those feeling of hate where erased from her soul. Deep within her she could only feel the love she always had for Inuyasha. They where going to leave peacefully together at one time, that’s what she wanted that’s what she had came for was to take him with her. But she knew he would half to give up his life to spend forever with her. She felt her heart beat , for the first time in fifty years she felt it . And her eyes grew open when she knew he had also fallen in love with Kagome, her fingers tightened on his back and she closed her eyes. Tears fell down her pale face, She pushed her face into his chest. She didn’t want to let go, not yet , not here, not now.


“You love her don’t you Inuyasha .”



Kikyo said with the hurt over filling her voice the sobs came through along with the pain. Her head left his chest and she looked up with tears flowing in hers. Inuyasha looked down at her with pain twisting his face. His breath grew short.


“You love Kagome don’t you Inuyasha”


Kikyo spoke once more Inuyasha had lost all words to say at that time. He tried to hold on but he felt his hands slowly start to lighten on there grip.



Inuyasha said in his head, did he love her? Was he truly in love with Kagome and Kikyo . He closed his eyes and his head fell down his hair covering his eyes .


“Kikyo , I love you”


Kikyo had opened her eyes and she felt a smile beneath her face. She held it back her face tilted to the side. She got closer to his face she seem to freeze . She looked up into his eyes and for a moment she held her tongue .


“Than come with me Inuyasha ,Live with me forever in peace, You wanted that fifty years ago. You promised me Inuyasha. We where in love, I loved you everything as you did for me. You cared for me as I did for you. I healed you as you did for me. Inuyasha I love you.”


Kikyo spoke with a soft gentle tone. She tilted her face and leaned up and pushed her lips upon his. Her eyes closed and she stood there with her lips on his. Inuyasha’s eyes slowly closed as she did ,and he kissed her back. But as he closed his eyes Kagome’s face appeared in side of his head. Her smile and her big brown eyes, her long black hair and her toned skin. Inuyasha pulled back he put Kikyo at arms length though that was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He couldn’t, he shouldn’t, he did, and regret over whelmed him. Kikyo’s face turned from a loving face to a hurtful face. Tears collected in her eyes, she knew , she finally under stood. She turned her back and started to walk into the light, Inuyasha stepped forward with his hand reaching out ,he didn’t want her to leave. He had loved her but his feelings for Kagome he couldn’t deny any longer.


Kikyo stopped for a moment her head turned to the side and for the last time they’re eyes met . The light glistened upon her, it became more brighter, it seemed as though it was slowly drifting away.

“Inuyasha…I love you ,follow your heart”

With that the light grew to strong for Inuyasha’s eyes .It filled Kikyo and when Inuyasha opened his eyes she was gone. And the darkness took over him once more. He stood there for several moments his eyes flickered , the silence seem to get louder in his ears. He seem to blink , he held his one hand and seem to look at it. Was she really there or is this just all a dream.


That voice ,that cry, Inuyasha looked around fast his blood pumping. Kagome, her voice was un smooth with fear and was crying out for help. His eyes focused in and seen Kagome running, but not getting closer her hand reaching out, tears down her face, and her hand reaching out. She kept calling for help ,Inuyasha soon started to run to her, but she didn’t see him or hear him. As hard as he tried he couldn’t reach her ,and she couldn’t reach him. Soon she fell down upon her knees ,blood dripping from her hands and her eyes widened. Inuyasha seem to be in pain, he kept running but it seemed as hard as he tried he couldn’t reach. Kagome seem to kept running with tears in her eyes she kept calling Inuyasha’s name her fingers seem to be tightened but still reaching out. Could she see him or was there a wall of darkness in front of her. But for a moment she stopped and stood there she pulled her hand to her chest and looked at it. She looked around quickly , what was she looking for. And in a blink of a eye she seemed knocked off her feet ,falling into the darkness. She was silent but than her lungs filled and cried out, Inuyasha tried as hard as he could to reach her but she soon disappeared. Inuyasha fell flat on his knees his eyes shaken and his hand still reaching out into the black around him. He try to catch his breath his heart pumping ,what was going on , his feelings where turned left and right.

Inuyasha snapped from his deep , he awoken to a cold sweat tears almost in his eyes. Blinking them away he looked over at Kagome, she seem still to be sleeping in peace. His mind was racing with thoughts , he seem to be trying to make sense of the dream. Was Kikyo really there? How could that be, this was the first time he dreamed of her for a while and it always had the same effect on him.

Inuyasha stood up and placed his sword on the floor . He sat on the bed and his eyes looked down at Kagome, he put his fingers through her hair . He seem to smile a little and stayed there just watching her while he slept. She smirked a little feeling his fingers she yawned seeming like she was going to awaken. But she rolled over and stayed there. Inuyasha laid next to her and fell back asleep.

When the sun peeked through the window Kagome awoken from her sleep ,she felt more rested than she ever had for a while. She opened her eyes slowly to see Inuyasha sleeping. Her arm around him and her head on his arm. She smiled, when did he get there. She closed her eyes for a moment she didn’t want to move or awaken Inuyasha she wanted to stay like this for a while. Inuyasha was already awake but his eyes where closed , he felt how she did . His ears where flicking ,he heard her family down stairs getting breakfast together.


Inuyasha spoke in a low tone, Kagome heard Inuyasha speak, She opened her eyes slowly acting as though had just awoken by him. She looked up at him meeting his eyes since he was looking down at her already.

“Hmm ?“

Kagome acted as though she woken so she didn’t speak much ,she waited for Inuyasha to speak to her.

“Your family is up and down stairs.”


Kagome sat up stretching her arms and yawned she crawled out of bed while Inuyasha didn’t move a bit. She walked out of the room and down the stairs meeting her family who was cooking and chatting. They all seem to stop and look at her for a moment. Her mother was the first one to say something.

“Oh Kagome I didn’t know you where home”

“I came home in the middle of the night with Inuyasha I didn’t feel to good. I didn’t want to wake anyone so I had went to bed.”

Kagome’s mother had smiled while placing food down onto the table . Gramps and her little brother sitting down at the table waiting to eat.

“Oh alright, Nice for you to be home, Do you want to stay for breakfast.?”


Before Kagome could answer Inuyasha walked behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. And smiled to Kagome’s mom .

“Yes, We will be staying for a little while”

Inuyasha smiled friendly to her ,while her face looked shocked yet happy. She smiled happily to them and nodded .

“Let me get changed real quickly”

Before anyone could say anything she already darted up the stairs. She quickly changed into her clean uniform and pulled her hair out of the ponytail. And pushed it quickly jetting down the stairs to see Inuyasha and everyone at the table eating. Kagome got a couple things and sat next to Inuyasha quietly and began to eat. Her mother looked up to speak.

“So how long are you two staying ?

Kagome looked at Inuyasha who seem to be eating away, he looked up at looked over at Kagome and back to her mother. He gulped loudly, the food was great though he never really ate it, it was better than most the food he ate anyway.

“I think for a while, Kagome needs to stay over here for a while. There’s no need to rush since the jewel is whole and safe.”


Inuyasha said smiling over at Kagome ,he knew how much she enjoyed spending time in her whole world. Kagome looked over at him and gave him a small smile, she seemed happy with what he had to stay but she still couldn’t be going back and forth between both worlds so fast . She had to get everything in order and choose. Kagome’s mom smiled , and everyone seem to eat quietly and in peace. After the meal Kagome walked back up into her room while Inuyasha followed her silently. They didn’t seem to have much to say ever since yesterday and it seem to bug Kagome. Inuyasha was still thinking about his dream he had he was still lost from it, his feelings where all mixed up. Kagome turned around to seem him puzzled and lost.

“Inuyasha is everything ok?”

“Yeah , Everything is alright.”

Kagome walked up to him facing him and looking right up into his eyes her hand reached out to touch his skin. Her fingers rubbing agents his cheek , her hand went up and brushed his hair back. Her big brown eyes peered into his eyes his eyes seem to soften. His hand slowly went up and softly took hers.


Kagome said stunned she looked at him holding her hand she looked back into his eyes. He seemed closer now so close she could feel his breath agents her face.


I decided to put this into chapters (: . Leave reviews ,tell me what you think and if I keep going (:. Much love. -Camille Lynn

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