Bondage Love by Fire and Ice goddess

This is a challenge not for those under the age of 16 to 18 years of age.  

1) Main Pairings  Only pick one paring

  • Kagome with Sesshomaru
  • Kagome with Inuyasha
  • Kagome with Koga
  • Kagome with Bankotsu 

 2) Second pairings 

  • Kikyo with Naraku
  • Kikyo with Kagura
  • Kikyo with Inuyasha
  • Sango with Miroku
  • Sango with Inuyasha
  • Sango with Koga

Any kid of Your own characters can be involed with any character. 


3) The name is bondage love. Think about using whips, chains, balls, sex toys and make others to make it very Bondage. 


anyone that is the ages of 16 or 17 use minor sex scene to have bondage sex. Be more creature then your older 18 years old.

Langauge is allowed and violence. 



Categories: Action/ Adventure, Romance, Adult, Angst/ Drama
Characters: None
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