Thanks and Site News
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I was thrilled with all the emails and messages people sent. I did not expect it at all! :)

We are going to be getting some changes to the website's layout soon. Same color scheme. It is about time for that to start. With the layout changes, we will be taking away the top banner and putting 6 - 125x125 ads in the sidebar for people to eventually purchase. These will help keep the site going. As for the text ads, I will be reducing them to 3 at the bottom of stories in the content area and pulling them from the footer. The sidebar will be available throughout the entire site.

I will be sending out the awards for our 2008 IYFF Award overall winner shortly. It has been hectic as I have been scraping to get funds going.

We will be putting a DeviantArt fanart group together. We might seek a mod specifically for that group to help out.

Please remember if you would like to read or write drabbles, or at least get your pen warmed up, our Drabbles community is at -

On Facebook? We are there too! Simply search for InuYasha Fanfiction and we are listed under that title. :)

--Nile on 24 Sep 2009 6:48:47 PM 1 Comments
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