Touching Up With Plagiarism
IYFF does not tolerate plagiarism. However, we do not drastically remove or ban people for life from websites. Recently, I asked DanaRose, one of my mods to step down and have removed the one fanfiction that had been reported as plagiarism.

To report plagiarism, please do not just say someone stole someone's work. You must include links, quotes to places and certain scenarios. Remember, the IY fandom has been around for awhile and for those who have only been writing and reading in this fandom the last 5 years, there are so many stories that the plots are so similar, and yet none of the authors ever read each other fanfics.

We need proof that the author deliberately took exact plots and even word-for-word proof. Yeah...sounds like an essay, but plagiarism is a serious thing and needs to have serious proof. IYFF will have a specific email address -

--Nile on 15 Jan 2010 8:33:31 PM 0 Comments