Happy New Year!
Like the updated theme? Just in time for the new year! FINALLY!!!!

This would be our 7th year open. We actually need some moderators... from people who are active that are active. We'e had some kerfuffles in the past with some mods that thought they were more important than other members of the community, and some that just wanted the status.

SO, we need 2 mods that can help moderate the site here at IYFF and a 3rd mod that would be interested in helping to handle the social media aspects of the club.

Although InuYasha, the manga and anime are over, there are tons of new fanfics each day... and it would be cool to get the word out that we are solely dedicated to InuYasha and as spam free as possible.

Outside of the moderator issue... I need help on changing up our recommended fanfics that are showcased on the site. Got any good ones to suggest? Let me know.

--Nile on 30 Dec 2013 10:31:01 PM 4 Comments

Although I am sad my suggestion for a fan art theme was taken, I do like the new fan art.  Very nice.   

To make choosing a moderator more fun, you should have the nominess engage in some sort of drinking game where they watch a season of Inuyasha and every time Kagome says they have to take a shot of vodka.  Whoever stays sober the longest is the winner.  


I naturally recommend Legacy of Hate for the recommended fanfics.  

- SonofZhon2 on 01 Jan 2014 11:13:01 AM
im interested in being a mod! i love fanfictions, and am active in reading, and writing new things
- KrissMeSlowly on 01 Jan 2014 11:23:41 AM
Hmmm that is strange I thought I included the word "sit" in my first post but obviously not.  Anyway, the drinking should revolve around taking a shot of vodka whenver Kagome says "sit!"
- SonofZhon2 on 01 Jan 2014 12:13:18 PM
- Taiyoukai_Nile on 07 Jan 2014 2:02:06 PM