It's that time again! Need your support for IYFF
It's that time of the year. is going on 10 years, and we're needing to raise $500 for keeping it up and hosted in 2017. We've done pretty good keep the site up with little downtime over the last 10 years. Your donations have kept our site without advertising of any kind, which is what the community voted on years ago.

We've been grateful for all the help, but it's a new year, and we're hoping to get the hosting fee paid before it's due in March of 2017.

If you've found any value in the website (even a little bit of entertainment) throughout the years, please considering donating.

You can find out more at or donate via PayPal to donations AT inuyasha-fanfiction DOT com (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a . and make sure there are no spaces)

Again thank you, and we hope to keep this site open for it's 10th year!

--Raven/ Lydia on 14 Nov 2016 12:14:47 PM 0 Comments