Happy Thanksgiving!
Just wanted to pop on to let everyone know - Happy Thanksgiving. Also, I wanted to mention that we've only got $150 to raise for the site to stay up and ad-free for 2018. For December, if anyone donates over $50, I will do a custom fan art piece. I'm best at InuYasha, Sesshoumaru and Kagome. However, I've done others as well. If you do, please specify that you'd like a custom fan art piece in your donation note, as well as up to 2 IY characters that you'd like in your piece.

--Nile on 24 Nov 2017 7:20:38 PM 3 Comments
Good, I'll have to ask for one. 
- SonofZhon2 on 25 Nov 2017 9:11:55 PM
Also, can I get my original profile, Sonofzhon, deleted?  I don't think it is necessary. 
- SonofZhon2 on 25 Nov 2017 9:21:35 PM
Done. Removed the other account.
- Taiyoukai_Nile on 27 Nov 2017 1:31:36 AM