Happy Holidays!
Great news! One last donator came in and covered the last $150. This is amazing! I've got 1 IY fan art commission to finish, but just wanted to get the news out that we're going to be up for 2018, and ad-free. I'm hoping that sometime in 2018, to make the site a little more mobile friendly. Right now, it's been about time, so let pray I get that so it will be easier to view the site on most device widths.

--Nile on 29 Dec 2017 11:52:06 AM 3 Comments

is this account connected to if it is why has it gone down 

- holly101 on 16 Jan 2019 4:36:27 AM
- holly101 on 16 Jan 2019 4:57:14 AM
Holly, we rarely remove members unless they violated any rules. I've asked the other mods and they've let me know that they've not culled any members in about a year and a half. I went to check and your profile is at . So, your profile is not down.
- Taiyoukai_Nile on 20 Jan 2019 5:37:20 AM