It's nearly 2020!
It's almost a new year. I went ahead and pre-paid half of the hosting bill for the next year for IYFF. That being said, with good news, that means only $250 needs to be raised for next year.

We are one of the very few InuYasha fanfiction websites left. It's amazing how long this site has been up. Nile and I, as well as the rest of our mods here, thank you so much for supporting this site. We'd like to also thank one of our largest supporters last year, SonofZhon2.

That being said, if you'd like to keep this site up, you can donate via PayPal to (You can read more details at if you'd like.)

Have a happy holiday and hopefully a fantastic new year!

--Lydia - Raven Clover on 19 Dec 2019 4:19:04 PM 0 Comments