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Date: 11 Aug 2012 4:17:23 PM Title: Chapter 4

my favorite story of yours :D LOVE IT!!!!!more..more..MORE! :D

Author's Response: This is kinda one od my own favorites, too! You have a good taste ;P Thanks for commenting! <3 But alas, I have no current plans to continue this one but I'm sure that you'll like my other stories, too! ;)

Reviewer: Kuronohime Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 Jul 2011 8:51:14 AM Title: Chapter 1

twilightmiko, I must have been on mushrooms or something when I answered to your review since I just now realized that I was talking about a whole different story of mine (Inuyasha Gone Succy) :D

But yeah, by all means I don't want to advocate rape or glamorize it (as such many ignorant writers do when they (for example) think that Sesshoumaru raping Kagome is just his way of saying "I love you").

Anyway, Kagome was wholly willing to sleep with Inuyasha. Her initial hesitancy was due to their lack of protection and for the fact that it was her first time. But had she wanted for Inuyasha to really stop, he would have, out of love and respect for her, however painful would it had been for him.

Reviewer: twilightmiko Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Oct 2010 9:37:06 PM Title: Chapter 4

isnt what inuyasha did rape? i mean she said no and he pretty much ignored her. i would have sit his ass until his back broke :P dumb hanyou.

Author's Response: Weeeell, he didn't go all the way through with it. :D But yeah, in real life, that kind of behaviour would be pretty unacceptable. But in this case his craziness was caused by the succubus poison. Thanks for reading! :)

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