Consider Supporting InuYasha-Fanfiction
Of course, you wonder why such a page exists. This site is funded by Nile (Taiyoukai_Nile) and hosted on a server she leases. InuYasha-Fanfiction has been open since August 2007 and already has around 14000 members and over 1700 stories, and over 750 episode screenshots (as of January 2019.)

However with circumstance beyond control (job issues), is in dire need of help funding-wise. InuYasha-Fanfiction currently is VPS account. It costs $500 per year to host. Please note that our admin is already dedicated $175 out of her own pocket... this is outside of the amount needed (so the amount is around $675 per year.) There are plans to develop more of the website and upgrade it, but that costs time and money as well. We already have 5 moderators graciously volunteering a few hours a month to make sure all the stories categorized properly and to provide feedback to Nile in order to solve any problems or cultivate any project suggests. Since then, we have opened the InuYasha Fanfiction Yahoo! Group, iy_fanfiction on LiveJournal, and The InuYasha Fan Club on DeviantART, which are side additions to the site community.

We want to keep this site free from banner ads and text links. Unfortunately, the last company used for text link ads was filled with malware and it had to go. Also, selling the site to someone else who can monetize it with excessive advertising is not feasible, or respectful to our members. Our long time members have expressed that this site should remain advertisement-free.

One of the solutions is to ask regular members for some support and this seems to be a good request. If you like the site and the site's connected that we run, your donation would help keep this site alive.

As for June 17th, for the 2019 year, we have raised $500 out of the $500.

We will keep the tally updated. We're grateful that you have enjoyed the site and want to keep the content up for everyone to enjoy. It's all thanks to you all.

What kind of support is welcomed?

SOLUTION #1 $5, $10, $20, $50, or more in donations are accepted. Despite being a fan, it is important that you do not spend more than necessary. This has been a huge issue in the past and for that reason, we will always lists our contributors and how much was given in the month. We will post them HERE at the IYFF Supporters page. All donators will receive a special banner for their profile and can post it in their stories and LJ accounts --if so desired---. (Note: If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that. If you do not post a name then the donator name will remain blank. The biz name is Host Solutions for the paypal, so please if you see that, you are not in the wrong place.)

If paypal form does not work, you can send to via paypal.

What will donating do for
Well, if anyone is wondering, donating or doing any of the above will help by keeping the site open and able to expand into new areas. If the site is gone, then it will be yet another website lost. While the InuYasha manga and anime are complete, the series is in the top 5 for most written Fanfiction, and still well-read. While there may not be constant submissions, sometimes, there can be 20 or more on this website at one time, just reading the fanfiction.
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