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Story Notes:

I don’t own InuYasha or any of the other characters.  They are the sole property of Rumiko Takahashi.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Sadness and the some happiness.

As the sun slowly started to set, the last of its rays shown up on a figure seated beneath the Goshinbuku.  The figure was wearing a long sleeved sailor fuku and a short green skirt with her arms wrapped around her knees.  She had her face buried into her knees while she cried out her broken heart.  Kagome had seen them together again and knew she couldn’t take much more.  After sitting there for a few more minutes, she made a decision to go home for good.  She made a quick detour to Kaede’s hut before heading back to the bone-eaters well.

InuYasha was making his way back to the village when he passed the Goshinbuku and smelled the scent of salt mixed in with Kagome’s scent.  She must have seen Kikyo and I together, he thought to himself.  He ran the rest of the way to Kaede’s hut.  When he got there, Sango handed him a bottle of jewel shards.  He knew instantly what happened and ran back toward the well.  When he reached her era, he jumped up to her window and entered her room.  She was on her bed crying into her pillow.

“Kagome, please listen to me.  What you saw wasn’t what you think happened.  I was telling Kikyo that I choose you.  I wanted to tell you after that I love you, but you left.”

She turned to look at him with teary eyes, “You love me?  I love you too, InuYasha.” They both stood and she jumped into his arms planting a kiss on his lips.  As the kiss deepened, they both could clearly hear the death of her broken heart.  Once they heard this, they knew their lives would get better from here on.

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