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Story Notes:
Iie means no, okaa-san means mother and otou-san means father. just in case you didn't know.
Author's Chapter Notes:

sorry about any confusion you may have had. i finally was able to fix it. well, enjoy the first chapter and i finally have the second chapter up. :)

                A girl is born to haruka and Mai Takeshi. "Let's name her Ai.", said Mai. "Hai, that is a good name for her.", said Haruka. I was born with cat ears and a cat tail. The doctors were a little surprised about the ears b/c mom and dad don't have ears like mine. "Must be a little deformity or something", said one of the doctors. "I don't care, I think they're cute.", said mom.

               Ai is a demon cat born to a demon family, her parents are both an only child so she has no aunts or uncles and no other family members alive except her grandparents. they live all the way in Hokkaido, near the tip of Japan. Ai lives in Tokyo, the middle of Japan, sort of the middle. 5 years pass and I enter kindergarden. Today's the first day of school. I always have my tail and ears show b/c if i hide my tail, i'll be really uncomfortable with that.

         My ears always show b/c i don't like keeping them pinned on my head all day. I go up to a girl and ask, "Will you be my friend?" She says "You're a demon, why would they let a demon to come to school?" The teacher hears this and says, "She just wants to be a normal girl, don't you Ai?" I nod my head, i don't want to talk anymore at school unless i have to answer a question.

          Fast forward to when i'm in 10th grade, i'm 16 and it's a few days after my birthday. Me and my parents go for a walk and a demon hating guy who's drunk comes up to us. "Please leave us alone, we didn't do anything.", pleaded mom. "The fact that you exist in this world is enough to get rid of you." He takes out a gun and tries to kill me first but my parents defend me.

        "Trying to protect your kid huh? I'll let her live for now." Then right in front of my eyes, my mom and dad are gone. "Iieeeeeeee!!!!!!! Okaa-san, otou-san!" "Let that be a lesson that demons aren't welcome in this world. You'd be better off in the feudal era. they don't have guns like this world." He leaves. Now i stop talking, period. After my parents' funeral, which only i and my teachers attended, one of my teachers comes up to me and said that i could pray for them at the Higurashi shrine.

Chapter End Notes:

Iie- no    okaa-san- mother     otou-san- father

sorry, i spelled the japanese word for "no" wrong.

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