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            I arrive at the Higurashi shrine, searching for where I pray, when I notice an open building. Of course being a cat demon has it’s negative qualities. I go over not being able to resist the cat curiosity in me, and I see an open well. I look down to see what’s in it and I bend too far over and I fall in.

             A blue light engulfs me and after what felt like forever, I’m sitting at the bottom of the well. ‘Well that was strange.’,  I thought.  I jump out of the well and find myself, not at the shrine, but in a forest. ‘Why am I in a forest?’ I walk a ways and I sense something I haven’t sensed since my parents died.

             I walk closer and I find myself in a village. ‘What the?’ my senses tell me that whatever I’m sensing is in one of the huts. I go closer to the hut and then I hear a voice. “Who’s there?” it was a rough voice. “You can come in”, said another voice. It sounded like it belonged to an elderly lady.

             I go in and I see a strange sight. I see one half demon, two full demons, and four humans. One of the humans in a middle school uniform. “Hello.”, said the girl in the school uniform and she smiles. I smile back a her shyly. “What’s your name?”, asked the little demon boy. I try to speak but nothing comes out. Everyone loos at me questioningly. I try again and it’s very quiet, but the half demon and the demon hears me. “She said her name is Ai.”, said the half demon.

           “Ok, so your name is Ai. My name is Kagome.”  “My name is Sango and this little demon cat is Kirara.”, said the girl who doesn’t look too much older than Kagome and she points to the tiny demon. “My name is Shippo.”, said the little demon boy. “My name is Miroku.”, said the human guy in the purple and dark blue kimono. “My name is Inuyasha.”, said the half demon. “My name is Kaede. I am the head priestess of this village, and don’t worry, I won’t purify you.”, said the elderly lady. “Nice to m-meet you.”, I stuttered out. “Aww, are you shy?”, asked Kagome. I nod my head.

           “Why are you shy?”, asked everyone. I tell them what happened a few days ago. “Poor girl. I’m so sorry.”, said everyone. “It’s ok. I’m doing better, I guess. I’m still trying to get used to being alone.” “I know how you feel, but my whole family is dead. Well, except my brother, who’s being controlled by a Shikon Jewel shard in his back.” “Oh, I hope you get him back to you soon Sango.”, I said. “Thanks, I hope I do too.” “Where are you from?”, asked Inuyasha. “Tokyo. Why?” “I knew I smelled something familiar on you. So you’re from the same place Kagome’s from.” “You’re from Tokyo too?” “Yes.”

Chapter End Notes:
sorry. i cut it from my microsoft word. at least the words are readable. lol.
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