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Author's Chapter Notes:

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the inugang meets old allies and tries to figure out what happened.



     Inuyasha and Miroku looked around for everyone else but they didn’t find them.  

     “Where are we?” Miroku asked.  

     “In the west, Sesshomaru’s territory.” Inuyasha replied. “Speaking of that bastard, here he comes.”  

    “Half-breed what are you doing in this Sesshomaru’s territory?”

      “Keh. Why the hell do you care, bastard?” 

    “This Sesshomaru cares because you were not here before, but you suddenly appeared in this territory.” 


     “Sesshomaru-sama, we don’t know what happened. We were fighting a whale-like youkai that called himself Hijigokumaru and we suddenly found ourselves here.” Miroku said.    

      “Is that so? Well, sit down and tell this Sesshomaru about it.”  

     They sat down, and Miroku proceeded to tell the story.      “So, you don’t know what happened?”

      “That’s right Sesshomaru-sama.” Miroku replied.

      “Come to this Sesshomaru’s castle and we will discuss this further.”     

      Inuyasha was surprised that he would be invited to Sesshomaru’s castle, but he said nothing and followed Sesshomaru and Miroku as they went to the castle.




     Kagome and Sango looked around at their surroundings.

      “Where are we?” Sango asks.

      “I don’t kno-“

     “Yo, Kagome. What are you doing here? And where’s mutt?”

      “Hey Koga-kun. We don’t know why we’re here. We were fighting a strong youkai that called himself Hijigokumaru and then we found ourselves here. I don’t know where Inuyasha is. Or any other members of our group for that matter.”

      A whirlwind appeared and Ayame came out of it.

      “Hey Kagome, Sango. What are you doing here?” 

     “I just asked that.” Koga said. 

     “Oh. Well, I still want to know.” 

     “They say they were fighting a youkai named Hijigokumaru and they suddenly found themselves here.” Koga told his mate.


      “Do you know of him?” Sango asked. 

     “Aye. And I think I may be able to figure out what happened to you.”

      “Really? Thanks so much, Ayame-chan!”

      “Its nothing, Kagome-chan. Come back to our cave with us and I will see if I can help.”

      Kagome and Sango followed Ayame and Koga back to the cave. 




 Shippo and Kirara looked around at their surroundings.

      “We need to find the others Kirara.” 


      Shippo sniffed the air. “I can’t smell them but I do smell a village nearby. Maybe they can help us.”


      Shippo and Kirara headed toward the village.




     Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sesshomaru arrived at Sesshomaru’s castle.

      “Come inside, and we will talk.”

      They walked past the guards and into the castle.

      “Fetch us some food from the kitchen and bring it to my quarters.” Sesshomaru ordered a servant. The servant hurried off.

      Sesshomaru led Inuyasha and Miroku to his quarters. They went in. Inuyasha and Miroku sat on the couch and Sesshomaru opened the door and popped his head into the hallway. He told one of the many servants that were scurrying past to bring him the best scholars in the castle. The servant hurried off. 

     Sesshomaru sat down on the chair opposite Inuyasha and Miroku. Just then there was a knock at the door.

      “Come in.” Sesshomaru called.

      A servant came in and set some food down on the table, then left. A minute later, another knock at the door.

      “Come in.”

      The best scholars in the castle entered.

       “Now that we are all here, we can figure out what happened and why you appeared in this Sesshomaru’s territory suddenly.”

      “Sesshomaru-sama, what is going on?” A scholar asked.

      “This is Inuyasha and Miroku. They suddenly appeared here and wanted to know what happened. Inuyasha, Miroku, this is Chikao (1), Hideaki (2), and Toshihiro (3).” “Hello Inuyasha, Miroku.” 

     “Hello, Toshihiro-sama.” 


     “Well, what happened that made you appear suddenly in Sesshomaru-sama's territory?”

      “I don’t know Toshihiro-sama. We were fighting a youkai and then we found ourselves here.”  

      “Do tell.”   

       Miroku proceeded to tell the story of how they got there once again.

       “Well, it would seem you were somehow transported here. I would say with magic, but I would have to look in the records of past occurrences like this to make sure.” 

     “This has happened before? And what do you mean about magic, Toshihiro-sama?”

      “I am not sure, but I believe I read somewhere before about similar occurrences and magic.”

      The other two scholars nodded and agreed. 

      “Shall we meet again in a day?” Toshihiro asked. 

     “Sure, Toshihiro-sama.” 


    The 3 scholars bowed to Sesshomaru, then left the room. 


Chapter End Notes:


(1)         Chikao means clever, wise.


(2)         Hideaki means wisdom, cleverness.


(3)         Toshihiro means intelligent + wise. 


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