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Author's Chapter Notes:

the gang meets up and finds out they were transported


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  Ayame, Koga, Kagome, and Sango got to Koga and Ayame’s cave. They all sat down.


 “Tell us the whole story.” Ayame demanded.


  Sango proceeded to tell what happened with Kagome occasionally adding things. When they finished, Koga and Ayame pondered what they had said for

several minutes.


  “Well, it looks like you were somehow transported here.  Maybe by magic. Ill have to check to make sure though.” Ayame said.




  “Yes. I’m not sure though. Ill have to check with someone.”


  “Who?” Kagome asked.


  “I’m thinking Myoga, or maybe Totosai. They know a lot of useful things if you can get them to stay on topic.”


  “How will you speak to him though? He lives in the east.” Kagome asked.


  “I could send him a message. It would only take a day for him to get here.”


  “That’s a good idea Ayame-chan.” Sango said.


  “Thanks.” She went into the back of the cave and wrote a message. She then grabbed her flower from her hair and vanished. She reappeared 10 minutes later.


  “He said he’ll be here by tomorrow night.”


  “Good. Maybe then we can get some answers.”



Shippo and Kirara arrived at the village.


“It’s a youkai!! Run!!” Someone shouted and there was hysteria.


“I should’ve known this would happen. It’s almost always does.” Shippo grumbled. “C’mon Kirara, lets get out of here.


     Kirara transformed and leapt into the air with Shippo on her back. Shippo looked around and saw-


“Totosai! Head over there Kirara.”


     Kirara headed towards Totosai.




   “Shippo? Kirara? What are you doing here?”


   “Don’t know. We just found ourselves here suddenly.” Shippo shrugged.




        “Where are you going Totosai?”


       “Koga and Ayame called me. Said someone was there and needed some

answers from me.”


        “Can we go with you?”





     Two days later, they arrived at Ayame’s and Koga’s cave. When Shippo and Kirara went inside with Totosai, they saw Kagome and Sango.








      Kirara jumped into Sango’s arms, Shippo into Kagome's.


      “What are you doing here kagome?”


     “Well, Shippo, we just found ourselves here suddenly and Koga and Ayame found us and led us here. What were you doing with Totosai?”


     “We found ourselves somewhere and we headed for a village but they ran at the sight of us. We were flying away when we saw Totosai and he was on his way here. We decided to join him and we found you!”


     “I’m glad you did, Shippo.”


     Koga interrupted them, “should we begin figuring out what happened? Or are you going to talk all day.”


     “Let’s find out what happened.”


     They asked Totosai many questions, and he guessed the same thing Sesshomaru had guessed:


     “It appears you have been transported.”


     But how is that possible?” Kagome asked.


     “Magic,” Totosai replied.


     They continued talking late into the night. Totosai took his leave.


     “Where do you think Inuyasha and Miroku are?” Kagome asked.


     “Well, it seems you all got transported to different regions. Kagome and Sango appeared here, Shippo and Kirara appeared near Totosai. It seems you were transported to someone you knew.” Koga said.


     “Then, Inuyasha would probably be in Sesshomaru’s territory.” Kagome said.


     “Yep.” Sango agreed.


     The girls shared a look. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had been getting along better since they decided to work together to defeat Naraku, but Inuyasha and Sesshomaru didn’t get along very well.


     “We’ll have to look for them tomorrow, Kagome-chan.”


     “I guess so, Sango-chan.”


     The girls had trouble falling asleep that night. Kagome worried about her mate, and Sango worried about her husband. They each worried about Sesshomaru fighting with Inuyasha and Miroku.



     The next day, Sango, Shippo, and Kagome set off on Kirara for Sesshomaru’s castle. They chatted along the way, clearly worried about Inuyasha and Miroku. When they got to Sesshomaru’s territory, Sesshomaru flew towards them.


     “What are you doing in this Sesshomaru’s territory?”


     “We’re looking for Inuyasha and Miroku.”


     Sesshomaru simply said, “Come, they are fine.”


     They followed Sesshomaru back to his castle. Sesshomaru led them to the rooms Inuyasha and Miroku were staying in.


     “Inuyasha is in that room, Miroku in the other. The youkai can sleep in that room.” He gestured at the rooms in turn and then left. Sango went into Miroku room, kagome into Inuyasha’s. Shippo and Kirara went into their room.



     Inuyasha heard the door opening and turned around.






     “How did you get here?” he asked hugging his mate.


     “It’s a long story. Let’s go to Shippo and Kirara’s room and we can meet Sango in there and then we will tell you.” Kagome said, kissing her mate.




     They headed over to the youkai room, after knocking on the door to Miroku and Sango’s room and telling them to come over to the youkai room and be quick about it.


     When they were all in the room, Kagome and Sango explained what happened to them, then Shippo explained what had happened to Kirara and him, then Inuyasha and Miroku explained what had happened to them. When everyone was finished they came to the same conclusion.


     “So, we probably were transported by magic.” Miroku said.




     “I wonder how Kaede’s doing. I hope the youkai didn’t attack them.”


     “I hope not Shippo, but we need to hurry back to the village so we can protect them if any youkai try to attack.” Sango replied.




They went back to their rooms to spend time with their husbands. They got up the next morning and informed Sesshomaru that they needed to leave. He let them go and they traveled toward Kaede’s village, but they had to stop for the night when it got dark. After they ate food, they went to bed.


Inuyasha was keeping watch in a tree. He heard a rustling noise and smelled something suspicious. He woke the other up and they quickly stood in a defensible position. A rustle in the bushes again, one they could all hear. A youkai stepped out. He was tall with red skin and 2 blue horns, with 3 eyes and holding a club.


“Give me your shards of the Shikon no tama.”




“Then die.” The youkai spit poison at them but they dodged it.


“Kaza no Kizu!”


 The youkai looked in shock at the attack coming towards him. “But, they are only humans and hanyou. How is this possible?!” was the last thing he ever said.


“Is everyone alright?”




 “We’re fine Shippo.”


They went back to sleep and the rest of the night passed uneventfully.

Chapter End Notes:
Yes, Inuyasha and kagome are mates, and Sango and Miroku are married. They finally battled a youkai!!! I was planning to have them travel separately, but it kind of turned out like this and I’m going with it. Please leave a review telling me what you liked/didn’t like, etc. I would like any criticism helpful or mean.
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