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Chapter 6: battle and aftermath

     Kagome knew she couldn’t dodge the attack in time and she tried firing an arrow at it. It worked, to everyone’s surprise. The attack dissipated before it reached kagome and she ran to the others. They turned back to the demon and continued to fight.

 Hijigokumaru shot another energy ball, at Inuyasha this time. He used the bakryuu-ha, and sent the attack back at the demon. Kagome shot her sacred arrow so the attack was a purplish color. It hit Hijigokumaru head on and there was an explosion.

The demon rose into the air, injured a little, but not enough to slow it down. Koga attacked it with the goraishi and Sesshomaru attacked with the bakusaiga. The youkai growled and hit them with its tail. They flew backwards at least 50yds, blasting through several trees. They slowly got up, injured greatly. Sesshomaru growled and put his sword away. He transformed into his true form and attacked again, with the same result as before. He didn’t get up this time.

 Sango and Miroku were both caught by the tail as well, but Kirara caught them and carried them to safety. Ayame met the same fate as Koga, but not before she cut the demons side, injuring it greatly.

 Only Inuyasha, kagome, Shippo, and Kourou were left. Shippo got on Inuyasha’s shoulder, and kagome on his back. The wizard dodged the tail and fired a spell at it, cutting the tip off. Hijigokumaru roared, furious and turned on the wizard. He was knocked to the side as well.

Now only Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo were left. Shippo and Inuyasha were glowing red with their youki (demonic energy) and Kagome was glowing pink with her mikoki (spirit energy). They moved towards Hijigokumaru and Kagome shot an arrow with youki and mikoki, blinding the demon in one eye. Hijigokumaru was so furious his eyes were glowing red!

 Shippo used foxfire on the other eye, so the demon was blinded. He could still smell, however. Quite well, in fact. He turned towards them and shot the biggest energy ball yet at them. Inuyasha used bakryuu-ha, kagome firing another arrow with Inuyasha’s, Shippo's, and her own power. Shippo made the arrow into a flaming arrow. The arrow with three auras, and on fire, hit at the same time as the bakryuu-ha, killing the demon.

 Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo collapsed, because they had used so much energy. Kaede had been protecting the villagers, but when she felt Hijigokumaru’s aura vanish, she headed towards the battle as fast as she could. She got there and saw Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo lying on the ground, passed out from lack of energy. They were injured as well. Sesshomaru and Koga were several feet back into the trees, injured seriously. Ayame was in the opposite direction of Sesshomaru and Koga, in the same condition. Miroku and Sango were injured, with Kirara watching over them. They were in the forest too, but not as far back as Sesshomaru and Koga. Kourou was lying near Ayame, injured as well. The villagers arrived and gasped when they saw the condition of the 10 fighters.

      “Bring them to my hut, I will treat them there.”

     “Hai, Kaede-sama.”

     The friends were brought to the hut, where Kaede bandaged their wounds and cared for them. Miroku and Sango were the first to wake, after 3 days. Kaede told her what had happened after the battle. They waited for 2 more days, before Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo woke up, a total of 5 days after the battle. The wizard woke up 7 days after the battle. Koga, Ayame, and Sesshomaru woke up after 10 days.

 Everyone was stuck in Kaede’s hut for 2 more weeks, before they were well enough to walk around, and even then they were only strong enough to go a little ways. It took 2 months before everyone was completely healed and fit again.

 Kagome went back to her family for a day, explaining what happed, before she returned to the feudal era. Sesshomaru, Koga, and Ayame left after they were strong enough, but Kourou stayed and helped around the village.

 The inugang occasionally left to exterminate a youkai, and slowly collected jewel shards. A year after the battle with Hijigokumaru, they found all the jewel shards and the jewel was purified. The well closed, and kagome decided to stay in the feudal era, because she knew she would live long enough that she would one day see her family again.

Chapter End Notes:

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