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Author's Chapter Notes:
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      The inu-gang continued towards Kaede’s village, meeting many youkai along the way and defeating them all. Some had jewel shards, some didn’t. All were defeated.     

      They arrived at Kaede’s village a week later with several new jewel shards. To everyone’s relief, the village was fine.

      “Welcome back, all of ye.” Kaede greeted them.

      “The village is fine?” Miroku asked.

      “Hai. Why wouldn’t it be?”

      “Well, a youkai is after us. A very powerful youkai. His aura is more powerful then Naraku’s.” Miroku replied.



      “Did he have any Shikon shards?”

      “No, Kaede-sama, he did not. But even without any jewel shards, he was very powerful.” Kagome replied.

      “We think he may be coming here.” Sango said.

      “I see. Well, we must prepare the village in case the youkai attacks.”

      “Oh, one more thing. He said his name was Hijigokumaru.” Miroku said.    

      “Really? I’ve never heard of him. Let us inform the village and prepare for the attack.”

      That said, they all went outside. Kaede and Miroku went to alert the villagers, along with Shippo. Sango went to check the weapons, and seeing that there wasn’t enough for the village to fight with, decided to make more. Kirara, of course, followed Sango. Inuyasha was about to follow Sango, and Kagome was about to follow Kaede and Miroku, when the 2 felt a familiar presence approaching the village.

      “What is Sesshomaru doing here?” Kagome wondered.

      “Who knows? We should go see what he wants though.” Inuyasha said, placing his mate on his back and running towards Sesshomaru. He stopped when they were several feet away and let Kagome down.

      “Yo, Sesshomaru. Why the hell are you here?”

      “That is none of your business, Inuyasha, but this Sesshomaru shall tell you. You will need help fighting Hijigokumaru, will you not?”

      “Thank you Sesshomaru.” Kagome said.

      Suddenly there was a bright flash of light, and a strangely dressed person stood in their mist.

Chapter End Notes:
i will try my best to update agsin soon. i know this was a short chapter, but i felt like it should end there. i have already started writing the next  chapter, so hopefully it will be up soon. i wonder who the strange man is? ...... try and guess. i want to see if anybody gets it right..... until next time  :D
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