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“So Inuyasha has a twin sister?” Hakudoshi asked Naraku as he healed himself inside of a barrier of demonic energy.

“Yes. I knew there was something odd when Sounga mysteriously reappeared in the world of the living.” Naraku concluded.

“So what shall we do?” Hakudoshi asked with a pissed off expression across his face.

Naraku smirked as he looked out of the window of his castle, “Do not worry Hakudoshi. I have a plan for the girl and her demon sword.” He watched as the sun began to sink and the darkness took hold of the sky. “Fetch Kagura. The moonless night will buy Inuyasha and his friends some time to relax… for now.”

As Hakudoshi left the castle in search of Kagura, Naraku sank below to slumber until the moonless night had come to an end.


“Damn that mutt being a half breed.” Koga said angrily as Inuyasha’s friends began setting up camp as the sun began to set.

“Koga, Inuyasha cannot help that he loses his demonic power.” Kagome said as she looked off into the distance that Inuyasha had run to scout for Naraku before losing his demonic powers.

“It’s still incredibly irritating.” Koga said impatiently as he tapped his foot.

“It’s not as though we exactly care for this night to come along either.” Ashrah said as she gave Koga an annoyed glare. “Being a weak human is not exactly our idea of fun.”

“Hey! Not all humans are weak!” Sango said frustrated with them both.

“When compared to the strength we have, being human is torturous.” Ashrah said with a sigh.

Just as Koga began complaining again, Shippo came running as fast as his little legs would take him to Kagome and Sango. “Kagome! Sango!” He yelled as he jumped into Kagome’s arms.

“What is it Shippo? I thought you went with Inuyasha.” Kagome said with a worried expression on her face. “Where is Inuyasha?!” Kagome exclaimed worried.

“Don’t panic Kagome.” Inuyasha’s voice came from the bushes in front of her. “He is just excited about what he found.” Inuyasha then appeared out of the bushes, still in his half-demon form.

“I found a spring just a few meters away from here! It’s all covered with shrubs and bushes so we can bathe in peace!” Shippo squealed excitedly.

“Two hot springs in a matter of five days?! What luck!” Sango exclaimed as she gestured Shippo to lead the way.

“Please Shippo. Show us the way.” Ashrah spoke up as she walked over to the girls.

“Why do you have to go with them Ashrah?” Koga said as she was walking away.

“Why do you care? I may be half demon, but I am also half human, and a woman. I like my baths.” She said as the girls disappeared into the trees.

“Women.” Koga muttered.

“Hmph. Tell me about it.” Miroku agreed.

Just as they approached the hot springs, Ashrah felt a pulse within herself.

“You and Inuyasha should change into your human forms soon. The sun has set.” Kagome said as she looked behind her. To her surprise, Ashrah looked completely different from how she had two seconds before.
“You’re a little late for that.” Ashrah said with an irritated expression across her face.

“Wow…” Was all Shippo could say when he looked back at her. “You look like a princess.”

“Lady Izayoi?” Kagome asked confused.

“Kagome? Who is Lady Izayoi?” Sango asked looking back to see Ashrah’s changed appearance. “Wow… you sure look different.”

“Lady Izayoi was my mother Sango…” Ashrah looked at Kagome. Her once golden eyes were now an ice blue. That was the only difference between Ashrah’s appearance and her mother’s.

“You look almost exactly like her Ashrah…” Kagome said as she snapped out of her daze.

“Really?” Ashrah looked down at her reflection in the hot spring.

“The only difference is your eyes.” Kagome concluded. “Your mothers were brown.”

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful blue.” Shippo said looking into Ashrah’s eyes.

“Indeed. You are beautiful as a human Ashrah.” Sango said as she slipped into the steamy hot water.

“Thank you.” Ashrah said undressing herself and walking into the spring to join her friends. “Hang on. Kagome, how do you know what my mother looked like?”

Kagome then began explaining the incident between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru the day that Inuyasha received Tetsaiga.

While the girls bathed, Inuyasha and Koga were continually fighting. Even though Inuyasha was a human, he did not show any signs of fear towards Koga.

“Amazing. Even without his demonic power, Inuyasha still has no fear of Koga.” Ginta told Hakkaku.

“He is a stubborn one that is for sure.” Hakkaku concluded.

“You honestly think you can defeat me in that pitiful little human form?” Koga asked as the two men were face to face.

“I don’t need demonic powers to defeat your scrawny ass.” Inuyasha said drawing Tetsaiga from its sheath.

“Your sword won’t even transform!” Koga began laughing. “It couldn’t cut wet paper in that form.”

“We’ll see about that!” Inuyasha yelled as he jumped at Koga.

“Inuyasha SIT!” Kagome yelled as the girls began returning to the campsite. “Can you stop fighting with him for just one night?!”

“What was that for Kago-“ Inuyasha stopped speaking as he caught sight of Ashrah. “Mo… Mother…?”

Ashrah looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “Don’t kid yourself Inuyasha. Mother died long ago.”

Inuyasha was dumbstruck. But no one’s face changed more than Koga’s.

‘She is beautiful…’ Koga thought to himself.

“And Koga thought Kagome was beautiful.” Ginta whispered to Hakkaku.

“Yeah… Inuyasha’s sister reminds me of a human princess. She is stunning.” Ginta agreed.

“Forgive me Ashrah.” Miroku interjected. “But would you do me the kind honor of baring my children?”

Before Sango had the chance to strike him with Hiraikotsu, Ashrah slapped Miroku across the face as hard as her human hand would allow.

“Pervert.” They all muttered.

The sight of Ashrah had Koga in a daze.

“Hey wolf boy!” Ashrah said walking over to him. Her raven black hair blowing back as she walked. Her ice blue eyes locked on his. Koga looked down at Ashrah who was now directly in front of him.

“Stop staring and close your mouth, flies will crawl in there.” Ashrah joked as she punched his stomach only to retaliate with a shriek of pain.

Koga kneeled down to her, gripping her hand with his own. “I am sorry.”

Ashrah looked up at him with a slight blush across her face. “Um… It’s okay… It was my fault… really.”

“Oh gross!” Inuyasha yelled. “Just give them some privacy.” He then walked away to the fire, Kagome at his side.

Miroku nodded as he pulled Koga’s two wolf minions to their campsite along with Shippo.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Ashrah asked Koga as he tore a piece of his clothes to wrap around her broken hand.

“I am really not sure.” Koga replied as he finished wrapping her hand.

“Let me guess. I look like a human, so now you are bewitched by the way I look. Right?” Ashrah concluded as she pulled her hand to her chest.

“Maybe, but maybe not.” Koga replied with a husky voice.

The faint blush that crossed Ashrah’s face was now apple red. “Well, thank you for wrapping my hand, but it will be completely healed by morning when my demonic energy returns.” Ashrah then rushed back to the campsite completely unsure of what just happened.

Koga just laid in the grass beside where Ashrah had been just moments before, lost in his own mind and thoughts.

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