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3 days later…

Inuyasha was waiting impatiently at the bone eaters well for Kagome to return.

“Damn it. She’s been gone for three days already! Where is that Kagome?!” He thought allowed as he placed his hands on the rim of the well.

“Would you quit complaining?” Kagome’s voice rose from the depths of the well. “And help me out?”

Inuyasha held his hand down the well for Kagome’s. As he hoisted her up he groaned loudly.

“God damn it Kagome, your bag is heavy! Or have you put on weight?” He said looking at her body.

“Inuyasha!” Kagome yelled at him. “SIT!”

As his face hit the ground Sango, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo appeared from the trees.

“Inuyasha, you don’t tell a lady she has gained weight.” Shippo lectured as Inuyasha began to get back up.  “And Kagome looks as skinny as ever.”

“Thanks Shippo.” Kagome smiled to the fox demon standing next to Sango for protection.

“Ow.” Inuyasha complained.

“What is it now?” Kagome asked annoyed.

Inuyasha lifted his hair to reveal Myoga sucking blood right from his neck. Inuyasha smacked the flea flat and held him in his hand in front of him.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Myoga.” Inuyasha said unsurprised.

“Must you be so rough on an old flea?” Myoga asked popping back to size.

“What are you doing here Myoga?” Kagome interrupted before Inuyasha could snap back.

“You didn’t run from trouble this time did you Myoga?” Sango asked with a sigh.

“Not exactly… I actually came to get Lord Inuyasha.” Myoga answered and looked at his master.

“Came to get me?” Inuyasha asked confused.

“Yes, I have something I need you to see…” Myoga confessed to him. “Your friends may come with you, but I need you to come with me at once!” Myoga ordered.

“Since when do you call all the shots around here you little pest?!” Inuyasha yelled as he went to smack Myoga again but Kagome caught his hand.

“Inuyasha! Maybe you should listen to what he has to say first before being to conclusive!” Kagome barked.

“Hmmmph. Fine. What is it flea?” Inuyasha said clearly annoyed but scared that Kagome may make him sit again.

Myoga then sat cross legged in Inuyasha’s hand and the gang crowded around him as he spoke.

“Sounga has returned to this world.” Myoga informed them.

“What?!” Inuyasha exclaimed.

“Wasn’t Sounga the sword that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru sent back to hell where it came from?” Miroku asked Myoga.

“Indeed it was.” Myoga confirmed.

“Then how is it that it has come back from the netherworld then?” Sango asked.  

“Totosai travelled to the Netherworld and retrieve it.” Myoga began to explain.

“What?! You let that sword back into our world?!” Inuyasha bellowed as he smacked the flea.

“Master…” Myoga said trying to recover his strength from the blow, “It’s true owner lives in this world. The one who can actually subdue Sounga lives in this world.”

“It’s rightful owner?” Kagome asked questioningly.

“Yes. Totosai has cast it into dormancy until that rightful owner takes hold of it. However, there is another who wishes to possess Sounga.” Myoga informed them.

“Naraku.” Inuyasha said under his breath.

“Precisely.” Myoga confirmed.

“We have to get to that sword as soon as we can.” Miroku concluded.

“Right.” Inuyasha said as he nodded his head in agreement.

“Myoga, take us to it.” Inuyasha ordered.

“That’s where I’ve been trying to take you in the first place!” Myoga exclaimed. “The owner is already on their way!”

“Then let’s move.” Sango said as she, Miroku, and Shippo climbed on top of Kirara and Kagome jumped onto Inuyasha’s back.

As Inuyasha ran full speed in the directions Myoga gave him, Kirara followed. Soon they came to a forest that had a bare spot in the middle of it that was completely vegetation free. In the center, sat Sounga, the 3rd phantom sword. As the gang began to examine the sword a females voice was heard in the trees.

“Shoga, why did I have to wait so long for it?!.” The voice yelled aggravated as it became louder.

“I’m not sure why he wanted it this way…” Shoga replied.

“Well, I think it…” The voice went silent as a female demon walked out of the trees and caught sight of Inuyasha.

As the two locked eyes, Inuyasha and the female demon’s mouths dropped and the gang was in shock. They all thought the same thing, ‘she looks just like Inuyasha!’

“Who the hell are you?” They both barked in unison as they regained their senses.

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