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It was the brink of sunset when Lady Kaede saw the gang approaching her small hut. Kirara carried a very fragile and unconscious Kagome on her back and Ashrah carried her much bigger brother in her arms as Miroku and Sango led the way.

“Lady Kaede!” Miroku called out. “We are in urgent need of your help!”

“Good heavens child! What has happened?” Lady Kaede asked the young monk.

“Naraku…” Miroku concluded, but Lady Kaede did not hear him because she was staring at the Inuyasha look-alike in front of her.

“I’m sorry Miroku, I must being getting more senile than I thought. I swear I see two Inuyasha’s.” Lady Kaede said as she wiped her eyes.

“I am not my brother.” Ashrah said sternly but with a tad bit of gentleness when talking about her brother.

Lady Kaede look stunned as the girl spoke.

“We’ll explain later. Right now these two need URGENT care. Naraku would have killed them if it hadn’t been for Ashrah.” Sango rushed.

“Oh yes! Of course! Bring them in at once!” Lady Kaede said as she held open the doorway for them.

Ashrah hesitated looking over the hut and the old woman.

“Come child, I will not harm ye or Inuyasha.” Lady Kaede spoke softly. “I can see ye have become very distrustful of humans, but I assure ye I am a friend.”

Ashrah looked at the old woman with a plain expression of shock across her face that quickly turned to annoyance.

“Hmph, you don’t know me.” She said as she stalked into the hut.

“Yep, ye both are definitely related.” Lady Kaede mumbled under her breath with an annoyed look.

Ashrah laid Inuyasha gently down on a bed next to Kagome.

“Ashrah?” A small voice rang through the silence of the hut.

“Huh?” Ashrah replied as she looked down at the small fox demon in front of her.

“Inuyasha and Kagome will be fine with Lady Kaede. We can all rest easy tonight.” Shippo assured her as he tugged the bottom of her kimono.

Ashrah quietly followed Shippo in front of a small fire burning in the middle of the hut, where Miroku and Sango were already fast asleep. As Ashrah sat on the edge of the fire Shippo joined the two lovers and began to nod off himself.

“Ye have been through a trouble past, haven’t ye child?” Lady Kaede said in a soft voice as she tended to the wounds on Kagome’s body. Ashrah’s body stiffened at the comment, but she made no comments.

“Life is a hard road for anyone.” Lady Kaede continued.

“Hmph. What do you know? A human can never understand the hardships a half demon goes through.” Ashrah said with a salty tone. “You are never accepted. Not by demons, or humans. You’re on your own.”

Lady Kaede continued to bandage Kagome’s wounds as she spoke softly.

“Ay, I know the life of a half demon is harder than the life of those of pure bred. Your brother has made that very clear.”

“He doesn’t know what it is like. He knew mother… I was on my own from the very start.” Ashrah said as she placed her chin on her knees.

“He has been through more than ye may believe.” Lady Kaede defended as she began bandaging Inuyasha.

“Hmph. I see he has made friends with humans.” Ashrah said slightly bitter. “You will all betray us eventually.”

“I see, ye have a grudge against humans.” Lady Kaede concluded.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ashrah said slightly raising her voice. “Every time a human came into my life, they betrayed me!"

As she raised her voice Inuyasha stirred slightly. Ashrah hurried to her feet and to his side. Inuyasha opened his eyes slightly and grimaced.

“Where… where am I?” Inuyasha managed to whisper.

“You are at an old lady’s hut.” Ashrah said with a worried tone.

“Lady… Kaede…?” Inuyasha asked as he looked at the old woman.

“Ay, child. Rest, ye are horribly injured.” Lady Kaede said as she placed a cool cloth on his head.

“These are just scratches.” Inuyasha shifted his gaze back to Ashrah. “Where… where’s Kagome?”

“She’s beside you…” Ashrah said quietly. “She is badly hurt as well.”

“What… What happened to Naraku?” Inuyasha asked as he tried to sit up to look at Kagome.

Ashrah pushed him back down slowly, “You need to stay laying down. You may heal quicker than humans, but you are seriously injured.” She lectured as he laid back down. “He disappeared when he came in contact with the Dragon Twister.”

Inuyasha let out a small moan when Kaede tightened a bandage around his left arm.

“I think the best thing for ye right now is to get some sleep Inuyasha.” Lady Kaede informed as he began to nod off again. “That goes for ye too young girl.”

Inuyasha nodded as he began to drift off. “Thank you for saving Kagome’s life.”

Ashrah nodded as he fell unconscious once again. Ashrah then walked to the fire once again and laid down.

“Get some rest child, ye are safe here.” Lady Kaede said as she finished the rest of her bandaging.

“Ashrah… My name is Ashrah.” She said as she closed her eyes.

“Ay, get some sleep.” Lady Kaede said as Ashrah fell asleep, Sounga tightly in her grip.

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