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Inuyasha healed quickly as expected, but Kagome healed faster than any human Ashrah had ever seen, she figured it had something to do with the fact that she was a priestess.

“We have to get moving if we don’t wanna lose the trail on Naraku.” Miroku stated as the entire gang gathered outside of Kaede’s hut.

“Take care now young ones. Naraku may be weakened by the last battle ye fought, but he is still strong.” Kaede warned.

The gang nodded as they began heading west. As usual, Inuyasha was leading the pack, but now, instead of being alone, his female clone walked next to him, both of them with the same look of annoyance and impatience on their face.

“Is it just me, or are those two actually being nice to each other now?” Sango asked Kagome as they rode on Kirara’s back together.

“I have definitely noticed it. Wherever Inuyasha goes, Ashrah almost always follows.” Kagome said as she looked at the two look-alikes.

Ashrah looked back at the two whispering girls, “You know I can hear everything that you are saying… right?”

Kagome and Sango both blushed and looked away. As the day grew into night, the gang stopped to make camp. To the girl’s delight, there was a hot spring close by.

“We are gonna go take a much needed bath.” Kagome said as she began walking in the direction of the hot springs.

“Don’t even think about peaking you perverted monk.” Sango glared at Miroku as she walked with Kagome. Shippo clung to Sango’s leg as she walked.

Ashrah looked up as the girls were leaving; she had been helping Inuyasha collect firewood since she was obviously the strongest in comparison to all of her human friends. She then ran up to the girls cutting them off. She had a very strange look on her face, almost of embarrassment.

“Um…” She stuttered, “Do you think I could join you…?” She asked nervously.

Sango and Kagome looked at one another. “Of course!” They said in unison as they looped their arms through Ashrah’s and began walking again.

Inuyasha and Miroku looked at them dumbfounded as they walked away. “Women.” They both muttered under their breath.

The hot spring was exactly what all of the girls needed.

“Ahhh, this feels so good!” Kagome exclaimed as she gently submerged herself under the water.

As Ashrah began entering the water, she noticed the huge scar across Sango’s back. Curiosity took over and she couldn’t help but ask.

“Sango?” Ashrah asked her name as if she were a child asking her mother for just one more cookie.

“Yes?” Sango replied sweetly.

“Your back… What happened to you?” Ashrah asked with mere curiosity across her face.

Sango submerged herself before she spoke. “My brother… My brother did this to me.”

Ashrah looked shocked. “How could he do such a horrible thing to his own sister?”

Sango smiled lightly, she knew Ashrah didn’t understand. “He didn’t do it… Well… His body did but his mind didn’t.”

Ashrah raised a brow. “I don’t follow.”
Sango then began explaining how Naraku had controlled and still does control her brother Kohawku and made him kill his family and even try to kill her.

Ashrah shook her head, “That’s awful… That is the same demon that tried to kill you and Inuyasha… isn’t it Kagome?”

Kagome nodded her head.

“Well… I can see why you all hate him so much…” She concluded.

The girls nodded together as Shippo swam over to Ashrah.

“Ashrah, what happened to you? Why didn’t Inuyasha know about you until now?” Shippo asked in his sweet little voice.

Ashrah looked at him and then to Kagome and Sango. “Well… I might as well share my story as well.”

Ashrah explained to them what had happened to her in the birthing room the night her father was murdered. The girls sat quietly listening to every word. Shippo hugged onto her when her story was finished.

“I know how it feels to lose a momma and a papa. My parents were killed a few years ago… That is why I started travelling with Kagome and Inuyasha.” Shippo said as he hung onto Ashrah.

Ashrah hugged him back lightly. He reminded her of what she thought having a little brother would be like. Just as she began to speak again, a sudden world wind began blowing the trees and bushes around the hot springs. Sango and Kagome ducked to their necks in the water and Ashrah followed suit.

“Hey Kagome!” They heard a male voice yell.

Soon a wolf demon was standing at the edge of the hot spring waving at Kagome. As he caught sight of Ashrah his eyes widened and he began growing furious.

“Hey mutt! What the hell do you think you’re doing bathing with Kagome!?!” He screamed from the bank of the hot spring.

Ashrah raised an eyebrow to Kagome. Kagome was shaking her head lightly as Koga continued to yell from the bank.

“Okay, if you’re not gonna come out of there; then I will come and get you myself.” Koga then jumped into the water and headed straight for Ashrah. As he approached her, she raised her hand up, exposing her breast distracting Koga, and at just the right time for Koga to run smack into her fist, breaking his nose, just in time for Ginta and Hakkaku to witness the scene.

“Who the hell are you calling a mutt you mangy wolf?!” Ashrah spat at him as he recovered himself.

Suddenly all that was heard was Inuyasha’s laughter from the other side of the hot spring, Miroku giggling along beside him. Ginta and Hakkaku looked between Ashrah and Inuyasha dumbfounded. When Koga finally collected himself, he looked up at Ashrah, her breasts now fully exposed, she was most definitely not a man.

“Who the hell are you? And why do you look so much like that flea bitten mutt Inuyasha?” Koga spat at her.

“My name is Ashrah. And I am Inuyasha’s twin.” She glared at him.

Koga looked at Inuyasha then back to Ashrah and passed out, falling back in the water. Ginta and Hakkaku rushed to save their leader from drowning.

Inuyasha continued laughing hysterically as the wolf demons pulled Koga to shore.

Miroku walked to them quickly, “Would you like to eat dinner with us?” The boys agreed without a second to waste as they lifted up their leader. “Koga has been running us around all day without a bite to eat.”

“Great, we can all eat dinner together.” Kagome said.

“Now can all the males,” Sango continued.

“GET OUT OF HERE?!” They yelled together as all of the boys darted off back to the camp.

Ashrah looked at them both as they got out of the water to get dressed, “What the hell just happened?”

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry if this one is a little rusty, I haven't wrote in soooooo long 0_0
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