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Chapter two- His Sister (part 2)


“Here it comes” Yelled a Hanyou warning the others with him and pulling out

Tessaiga to battle with the bear demon they were perusing for the last 2 days.

They had finally succeeded in cornering the demon in the east side of the village in which they found Kiwi, The demon was fast, cunning and very strong.

This current mission had started on the very night they rescued Inu’s sis. The news had spread on the village that Inu tachi had killed the snake youkai and had asked them to kill the other youkai that was tormenting their village.

So they had agreed to help, Inu a little reluctantly cas he wanted to get back to hunting Naraku.

 Kiwi said that she would go too she really wanted to meet this Naraku person they all seem to despise so much of, Inu was okay with it,

But… Kaasasa-san had worried a lot too much, it was not only her but the whole village that lord Sesshoumaru would kill if anything were to happened to Kiwi.

Kiwi any how calmly explained that it will be okay and that Inuyasha is her brother too so there really was nothing to be afraid of, and in case Sesshoumaru came to tell him that she went with Inuyasha then no problem.

After a little bit more argument Kaasasa let Kiwi go with them but they had to defeat the demon first and restock supplies for their travels.

And that is how Kiwi too ended up in this battle with them (the protagonists). She was on Inu’s back where Kagome traveled when they were on a hurry.

“Hiraikotsu!” Sango yelled as she threw her giant boomerang at the Demon they were pursing from top of Kirara, they were in the air. Sango was in full demon slayer outfit.

The fast youkai it was it dodged her attack with ease, pissing off the already pissed of Hanyou more.

“Kaze no Kizu” Inu yelled wielding his sword and sending the wind scar at the demon, his attack grazed the demons leg but since it moved the wind scar only left a scratch.

Just when Inuyasha’s attack died down Sango’s hiraikotsu came hurtling through the air and cut off one of the demons legs making it slow, so it couldn’t dodge attacks as faster, but yet it was still pretty fast-for a demon with only three legs.

 “I’ll use my wind tunnel please cover yourselves” Miroku yelled at the others warning them to take cover before opening his wind tunnel.

Kirara landed behind Miroku –Sango on her back- Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo were already behind him and once everyone was secure he unleashed the wind tunnel, but the demon was too strong and stood its ground.

After trying for sometime he stopped seeing as that was not working either, as soon as he closed the wind tunnel the demon attacked a blow the sent everyone of them hurling through the air and landing a good 5 feet away.

Inuyasha recovering first sprang back to his feet and attacked with his Kaze no Kizu again and the demon barely dodged it, but somehow dodged the attack.

The others too recovered fast and got up to their feet too. Kiwi who was with them ran forward towards Inuyasha not noticing the danger heading straight for her.

“Kiwi-san, watch out!” Kagome yelled out seeing the demon heading straight towards the little girl running to her brother, Inuyasha’s speed didn’t match with the demons so he wouldn’t make it in time to save his sister.

Hearing Kagomes warning yell Kiwi turned around and thankfully when the demons claws came towards her she ducked and the demons attack didn’t get her.

Inuyasha who was running towards his sister when he heard Kagome yell grabbed her from the ground where she was standing and placed her firmly in his shoulders, only right after the demon attacked.

“Watch where you’re going” Inuyasha scolded her still looking at the demon ready to attack anytime.

“Gomen, can I have a try at helping you defeat that demon?” Kiwi questioned her brother confusing the other seeing as how she didn’t seem to have any powers, but to their surprise Inu just shrugged his shoulder in the ‘go ahead, try if you want’ way.

“Arigathou (thank you)” Kiwi said “Shippo-chan, Kirara-san please cover your ears” Kiwi said covering Inuyasha’s ears with her two small hands. Then she sang a soft, low lullaby.

It was soo sweet coming from her small childish soft voice that it even made the humans sleepy, the demon who got sleepy as well staggered dizzily as its steps flattered and it slowly drifted off to sleep.

“Blacklash wave!” Inuyasha yelled killing off the demon in one strike. “omedethou (congrads) Inu-kun, you killed the demon” Kiwi yelled in triumph as she released his ears and punched the air in victory, then she fell back from his shoulders.

Inu with his fast reflexes caught her in one turn and ended up scrawled on the floor himself -Kiwi on top of him.

The others came running to Kiwi’s aid, thinking that Kiwi had been injured by the demon that they just killed.

“Is she okay?” asked Shippo, trying to get  a glimpse of kiwi’s sleeping face, to see if she was hurt while Kagome digged around her bag trying to find her first-aid kit to put on Kiwi.

“Ah… She just fell asleep. Happens every time she sing a lullaby to a demon or to a human” Inuyasha replied not looking too concerned for his sister, after all there was nothing to worry about.

Kagome dropped her search for the medicine, now interested into why that was kiwi fell asleep for her own lullaby, it just was not usual it was unusual.

Kiwi slept peacefully on top of Inuyasha just the way he had caught her when she fell, “Why is that?” Kagome questioned him curious as to why she fell asleep for her own lullaby.

“Why is what?” Inuyasha asked not getting what Kagome was talking about, he didn’t know what she was thinking any way. “You know, why did she fall asleep for the lullaby she sang?” Kagome asked Inu, her voice said she was a bit irritated at the Hanyou.

“That I don’t know you’ll have to ask her about that” was how Inuyasha replied as if obnoxious to her anger.

“I see” Kagome replied as she got up, with the others to go back to village, they still had to restock on the food and all that. Inu too got up carrying Kiwi gently as to not wake her up Shippo who had stayed with them ran after Inuyasha.

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